Top Tips For The Ezera Epic Seven Update

The latest Ezera Epic Seven update is here! We’ll go over the Adventurer’s Path, the Wyvern Hunt, the Premium currency system, and the random main stats in equipment. Plus, we’ll talk about the Wyvern Hunt boss and how you can get the best speed equipment. It’s an exciting new title with great potential! Let’s dive in! Listed below are our top tips for the Ezera Epic Seven update!

Adventurer’s Path

If you want to be a good hero-collector in Ezera Epic Seven, you’ll need to learn how to farm two monsters and promote them to five stars. In order to farm two monsters, you’ll need to complete quests, collect catalysts, and level them up. Using these five monsters as fodder will help you loop back and forth from three to four.

The early game of Epic Seven is packed with early-game treasures and items. These rewards can be used to enhance the character’s gear and specializations. A mini guide below will help you understand the rewards for early tasks. Listed below are a few of these early-game items. Performing these tasks will enable you to level your character up quickly. After completing them, you’ll find yourself in better shape and equipped for battle.

In the Aspiring Adventurer’s Path, you can learn how to perform basic Hero Enhancing. The Labyrinth will also be helpful for you to gain useful gear. There are also weekly and monthly “Azamakalis” where you can find more valuable gear. By following the tips mentioned above, you’ll be on your way to a great hero roster. There’s no need to spend your time grinding to get these gears.

The Exploration of the different shops in Epic Seven will give you new items and unlocks for your heroes. You can use these items to customize your character and increase its stats. In addition to this, you can purchase some essential utilities like stigma or food and items. A good way to gain stigma is to farm it in Side Stories. Then, if you need it in the middle of a quest, you can simply buy it using the “Connection” system.

Wyvern Hunt stage

The Wyvern is the easiest of the three bosses in Ezera Epic Seven, and is a great pick for early-game play. Its Speed, Hit, and Crit sets make it a versatile choice for virtually any Hero. Other Heroes can benefit from Level 70/85 gear, especially for the Hunt stages. However, if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on gear, you can also use two 3-star Heroes to make the Wyvern your main.

A debuff is crucial to clearing the Wyvern. It needs at least 65% Effectiveness to survive. More Effectiveness doesn’t necessarily mean more damage, but it will increase the chances of landing a debuff. However, less Effectiveness will hurt your consistency. You should keep your debuffs above 65% Effectiveness, as this will make it easier to land them. Even if you land a debuff, you should still be aware of Wyvern’s shield phase. It can be broken for lethal damage and will lower the enemies speed.

While the Wyvern is an important part of the team, it should not be the primary tank. While a tank can make up for this, there are also other heroes that can be added to the team to increase its efficiency. In the case of an AoE tank, a Crozet is the best choice. This tank has good damage and survivability, and Crozet’s S1 has the added benefit of a 20% attack debuff.

The Wyvern 13 has a total of 233578 HP, 1941 Defense, 80% Effect Resist, and 243 Speed. A common tactic for this class is to always target the frontline tank. If the front unit is debuffed, the Wyvern will still attack it. It will use its AoE attack if the front line is undamaged, but will deal less damage if it is debuffed with two or three debuffs.

Another crucial Wyvern hunt is Wyvern 13. It will drop the Critical Chance Set and Speed Set. It will also drop converted mats for upgrading Lv. 85 gear to Lv. 90, which is extremely important as the Epic 7 changed Lv. 75 gear from the loot table. It is crucial to make room in the team for your DPS to do its best. A good Wyvern 13 guide will help you make the most of this tier of Wyvern.

Premium currency system

The Premium currency system in Ezera Epic Seven allows you to buy items and get perks in the game. You can use this money to buy different banners and Heroes or to upgrade your equipment. It also gives you a chance to earn more gold. While this may seem unfair, it’s actually a great way to make a good amount of gold in the game. In fact, you can earn as much as $800 per day using the Premium currency system!

Random main stats in equipment

In the Epic Seven MMO, players can increase their main stats by randomly applying different sub-stats to their items. The number of available sub-stats will be different depending on the equipment’s grade. Currently, a character’s base stats add up to around 15,000 CP before gearing up. A fully geared character may have anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 CP. Most new players’ first objective in the game is to optimize their gear, but the process can be difficult, especially if you want to get quality pieces.

In general, the equipment stats increase gradually until they reach +11, and then begin to increase sharply. At +15, they increase by 15%. This process is repeated for all 85 Pieces. The probability of rolling different stats is unknown, but chances are even for 2, three, and four. Rolling a five is highly unlikely. But it’s worth noting. This system is designed to reward players with high-level gear.

There are several different ways to increase the effectiveness of your equipment. A great method is to increase the amount of debuffs that are applied by your gear. A single Epic Seven artifact can add up to 150% crit damage. This is particularly helpful for DPS units, because the level-based crit damage scaling works well with the DDJ. You should also speed-tune your DPS units so that they can go after the defense breaker.

The game also has a permanent side story. You can access the Unrecorded History chapter after clearing stage 10-10 in Adventure mode. This side story contains higher level enemies than the game’s Episode one story mode. Using Epic Seven equipment with your hero makes grinding easier and more enjoyable. The game will reward you with gold, Molagoras, and Epic rarity catalysts.

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