Epic 7 Ezera – How to Get Free Ezera in Epic 7

The first thing to note about Epic Seven is its permanent side story. After clearing stage 10-10 in Adventure mode, the Unrecorded History chapter unlocks, detailing the fate of the main character Ras. This side story also features higher level enemies than the main story mode, which allows for a smoother grind. The Unrecorded History chapter also features Epic rarity catalysts that give you more experience per battle. So, if you’re looking for a way to earn a lot of experience and level fast, this is the way to go.


In Heroes of Epic 7, the best heroes to build a battle party around are the powerful ones. These heroes have the best skills and excellent stat growth, and investing in them can help you dominate battles later in the game. Mid-tier heroes have better stat growth and effective skills but are less useful than powerful heroes. They are not worth as much as powerful heroes, but they’re still worth having in your party. If you’re not a huge fan of powerful heroes, the B-tier heroes may be for you.

In order to increase the chance of acquiring epic heroes, you need to farm. Fortunately, this can be done with ease. There are several methods you can use in order to farm for free heroes. First, you can try rolling 30 times, but keep in mind that you cannot get back the results of those rolls. After thirty minutes, you can reset your account information and try again. Eventually, you will have a large list of heroes to choose from.

You can also get free currencies by attending live streams. The official website of the game hosts bi-weekly updates, and you can watch these streams to get free currencies. You can also learn about upcoming events and content updates from the stream hosts. During the live streams, you’ll be given free currencies, which you can use to buy more items and get the best gear. This is an easy way to get free currency, and this is the best way to earn them.

Game modes

Adventure mode: This mode of the game allows you to explore the world and complete various missions and quests while acquiring gold, experience, and catalysts. These resources can be used to unlock heroes, upgrade equipment, or improve skills. But, be careful not to get too carried away. This mode will require a lot of patience – it can be difficult to complete all missions within a short amount of time. As a result, it’s not recommended for casual players.

Adventure mode: You can play in the Adventure mode and complete the stage before moving on to the next one. This mode has more challenges compared to the base story, but you’ll get more AP per run. It’s a good way to meet the Ezera Adventure Points requirement in a short amount of time. Also, you’ll get to fight Spirit enemies, so you’ll have an easier time getting all three requirements at once.

Arena season: A new season of the Arena begins in April. The new season will feature a five-star covenant hero, Ran. He’s the master of Vildred in the past. Now he’s back in Ezera. The hyped trailer for this update also revealed his skillsuite and a new side story, A Single Flame Engulfing the Full Moon. In addition, the current Arena season is titled “Conviction” and offers new challenges in the form of quests and boss fights.


There are several ways to get free Ezera currency in Epic Seven. Some players are able to get it in the side story quests that require clearing a stage. Players can also exchange this currency for other items. The currency can also be obtained by defeating certain monsters and completing Reputations. The side story quests can be completed to earn coins, gold, and leifs for the players.

Story mode

If you have yet to play Epic Seven, there are several things you should know before you begin. Adventure mode is the game’s main story mode. To progress quickly through this mode, focus on completing the Mission Objectives. These objectives give you gold and experience, and they help you earn catalysts that are used to awaken your heroes and increase their skills. It also helps you complete the missions more quickly, which is great news for those of us who want to play the game over again.

A new addition to the story mode is the five-star covenant hero Ran. This character is the master of Vildred in the past. He’s returning to Ezera to complete Vildred’s quest. This new hero has a skillsuite and side story that was teased in a hyped video. The existing side story is titled A Single Flame Engulfing the Full Moon, and the new Arena season is called “Conviction.”

The base story is a great place to farm, but you’ll have to work hard to make enough gold to complete it. The best way to farm Ezra’s items is on the World difficulty, where you’ll get eight AP per run. You’ll also find more Spirit enemies, which is great for your AP. This is a good way to earn the Ezera Adventure Points you’ll need to buy the new enchantments.

Heroes you can get for free

If you’re looking for some free heroes to add to your team, you should consider picking up a few of the lower rarity heroes. While these heroes are not as useful as higher-level heroes, they’re still a great addition to any team. They offer complementary skills and party combos, and they’re also much cheaper. However, they have less than stellar stat growth, and their combat abilities aren’t the best. They’re also close to the bottom of the list when it comes to viability.

Another way to get free Heroes in Epic Seven is to farm. There are different regions in the game, and these regions have different currencies you can earn. These currencies can be obtained by farming or by 3-starring chapters. You can also earn extra commodities by doing mission objectives and completing story missions. Once you have enough gold, you can equip your heroes with certain artifacts, which will improve their combat abilities by 30%.

Hero collection is the key to the gameplay in this free RPG. Players can choose up to four heroes for their team and level up. The different heroes are ranked based on their stat growth, their skills, their utility in battle, and their niche uses. In addition, you can unlock new Heroes for free with special abilities that are available only to high-level players. Whether you want to play with friends or solo, you can make use of Epic equipment and Charms to improve your main hero’s stats and boost your skills.


When it comes to Epic Seven rerolls, there is no doubt that this game is among the best ones. Rerolling units is easy and fast, and it requires no need to reinstall the game or clear your data, unlike other MMOs. However, the best way to get some good rolls early in the game is to learn how to use the gacha system in the game’s Infinite Library. You are given 30 rolls that will yield 10 summons each. You can then use these ten rolls to summon different characters and artifacts. If you don’t want to wait too long, you can use LDPLAYER to reroll the game.

There are several reasons to perform a reroll. It may be the only way to get a certain unit that is hard to obtain through leveling. It may also be the best way to get a strong farmer with an AOE that will carry weak units. It will also help you get better cosmetics and multiple content. However, it takes some time and patience, so it is a good idea to plan ahead.

You can also use rerolls to get more powerful characters, which will help you win the game. Using this method, you can get the best characters at the start and get them in a good shape. By rerolling your characters at the right time, you will be able to make the best decision for your character. This way, you can make sure that you’ll have a more powerful character than your opponents.

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