What’s New in the Latest Epic Seven Patch?

The latest patch for Epic Seven has introduced some new characters and equipment. You can now use Fullmetal Alchemist characters as your main heroes. Some Hero balance changes have also been introduced. In addition, the PVP season is ending, which means that some Heroes have less health and have less mana. So what’s new in this patch? Here’s a rundown of the most significant changes. And don’t worry, you can still enjoy the game without paying a dime!

Characters from Fullmetal Alchemist

The highly popular mobile RPG Epic Seven may be working with the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist to bring its cast to life. This has left some players excited. The leaks that have been circulating about the collaboration should be investigated. Fans can expect more announcements to follow. Below is a look at some of the potential new characters from Fullmetal Alchemist in Epic Seven.

Arakawa, a former student of the Elric brothers, clings to the idea of the Elrics as her own children, and is violent when sparring with the brothers. She also disowns the alchemist profession and declares herself a housewife once Greed joins the State Military. Despite her adoration for her family, Lust has a dark side. She is the only female antagonist in the series, and is often portrayed as having an erotic talent.

The characters in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood are deeply human. The series has everything you love in an anime, from martial arts to sci-fi and adventure to a dystopia. You’ll be able to bond with the characters and fall in love with them. There are also a handful of deep, lovable characters. It’s a definite must-watch.

New equipment

The latest update to the turn-based RPG Epic Seven features a new area in the game’s main story, called the Fortress City Perland. This area also includes five new 3 Heroes, including Archdemon Mercedes and Blaze Dingo. All of these heroes have new Exclusive Equipment which bolsters their skills. To get the most out of your Hero’s new equipment, you should aim to equip all of them. To do so, you need to gather Ancient Coins, which can be obtained by completing Special Event Quests, or by claiming chests in the game.

Hero balance changes

Unlike previous expansions, Hero balance has been changed significantly in the new Epic Seven. The skills of Heroes have been redesigned to make them more powerful and useful. These changes include a change to how some Hero skills activate, and some new ones, such as Reflect, will only be active on certain Heroes. A few other changes include more effective way to use certain Hero skills, as well as additional changes. These changes will make the game more fun for all players!

A change to the skills of the two main heroes will affect the way they play together. Both Desert Wind and Everlasting Oasis will have their skill buffs combined with a new skill called Desert Storm. These changes will allow players to better use Desert Jewel Basar as a base. The skill cooldown will be reduced by one turn, and the bonus to immunity turns will be doubled. Bastet Roar will also have a shorter cooldown and more soul gained than before.

The change to the Heroes in the Epic Seven game is mostly based on cumulative stats. Although Hero sets are not mandatory, they can be helpful in getting an additional stat boost. One of the strongest Hero sets is the Speed set, which gives the greatest speed boost. It is worth a lot in stats, especially when you compare the speed bonus from the two sets. Another useful set is the Immunity set, which provides a single turn of debuff immunity, which is very helpful for PvP Heroes.

PVP season ending

The newest addition to the Epic Seven mobile game is a brand new PVP season. Epic Seven is a popular Anime-themed game where players can battle other gamers in real time. This new season has a variety of new features, including Guilds, which you can join in order to help each other in the game. Guilds allow you to donate resources and earn special crests. You can also test your skills in the arena, where you can fight against other players for rewards.

During the patch preview livestream, the team also revealed the introduction of Sharun, a new hero in the game. Sharun is a natural 5-Star Wind unit, a high shaman, and a member of the Soul Weaver class. He is a member of the Sharun family, which has served the Theranhad since its inception. When you attack, Sharun’s attacks have a chance to inflict venom, which increases the cooldowns of all your skills by 1 turn.

As Epic Seven is a battle game, players must develop a strategy in order to win. To help you with your strategy, check out the Epic Seven tier list. This list will give you an idea of which characters to play. The game has a large pool of characters, with over 100, each with different skills and abilities. The game is extremely fun for solo players, but the challenge can be a bit repetitive when fighting AI or human opponents. As the game’s difficulty increases, players may find it hard to keep up with higher tier players.


The game’s latest update will introduce new balancing features and allow players to ban two champions. Epic Seven is known for its unique balancing system. Players who feel frustrated with the current balance will be able to take the new survey, which will be released in sequential batches throughout the year. Interested players can check out the YouTube page for more information. Here is a brief overview of the new features. If you like the game, be sure to give it a try!

This turn-based RPG allows you to choose from four different heroes that are associated with one of five elements. Each element is vulnerable to the others. Heroes can also be different classes: thieves embody high damage output while low survivability, while soul weavers embody the healer role, offering resurrection to the team. For general PvE content, a balanced team will do best. Build a team with a tank, two damage dealers, and three healers.

This 2D JRPG has gained popularity in recent years. It features high-quality graphics, an addictive gacha summoning system, and turn-based combat. Epic Seven features a variety of characters, from original characters to guest heroes from popular anime series. Whether you want to fight monsters or become a legendary hero, you’ll find a way to do so in this game. For more information, check out the survey below.

Pre-registration for game

The pre-registration period for the next Epic Seven update is now open! This new update centers around the first official season of the World Arena, which will feature new rewards for players and special events. There will also be a new season of the PvP Guild mode! Regardless of the reason for the pre-registration, this is an exciting time to play Epic Seven! Here’s how you can sign up!

The official website for the game is available in English and Chinese (Traditional) languages. Pre-registration for the game is open for people all over the world! The site also includes a video introducing the characters of the game, as well as a new trailer that showcases gameplay and character skill animations. With more than 140 countries participating in the pre-registration phase, you will be able to get in the game before it even hits the market!

There are a variety of ways to get your hands on the new expansion, including pre-registration. The pre-registration period is open until the 4/28 (Thu) update, and it’s possible to sign up for as many as eight different expansions at once! Those who are already a part of the Epic Seven community should also check out their Twitch channel and official website to get a head start on the new content.

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