Re Zero Epic 7 Alchemy Stars

In the Epic Seven x Re ZERO collaboration, you can play as Ram, an older maid at Roswaal Mansion. Her artifact can be used in both events. Ram is a biting, self-centred maid who works at Roswaal Mansion. You can unlock Ram and many other heroes easily using LDPlayer and the Multi-Instance Sync feature. If you don’t have the time to play the game in one sitting, then you can earn heroes in as little as 5 minutes.

Artery Gear Fusion

Re Zero Epic 7 is a new RPG with mech girls that uses an energy system to make combat easier. This system is used in almost every battle in the game, and you’ll gain an overabundance of energy during the early hours of play. During this time, it’s best to spend this energy to push through the campaign and unlock additional modes of battle. You can also use it to conquer previously conquered levels.

The Artery Gear system is another new addition to this RPG. The system gives players more opportunities to earn resources and level their characters. This helps boost players’ growth and progression rate, and the new system also lets you customize characters and teams. Artery Gear Fusion also features a storyboard that explains the lore of the game world and introduces the major characters. You can use the storyboard to learn more about the game world, and it will also help you earn more resources and earn extra gold.

This RPG has an interesting concept. You can control mech women to fight Puppets and protect Earth. You can make use of different abilities and mixtures of abilities to win the battle. You can also customize your mech lady’s appearance to enhance her capabilities and make her stronger. There are more than 100 mech ladies to choose from. There are also over 100 unique skills and abilities. If you’re looking for a new RPG experience with mech women, then you’ll be glad you checked out Re Zero Epic 7 Artery Gear Fusion.

Alchemy Stars

Re Zero Epic Seven Alchemy Stars combines the classic RPG experience with the exciting mechanics of a Gacha game. The game features a wide range of weapons, unique tiles, and a variety of special abilities. The game is available on Android and iOS devices. It is free to play, but there are some restrictions on gameplay. In addition, the game requires you to have a subscription to access the extra features.

The game is a unique mix of technology and magic. Alchemy Stars features an interesting gameplay loop and beautiful splash art. It is still in its early stages, but reviews are already raving about its fantastic visuals. It also allows you to interact with the different characters and send them gifts to improve your relationships. The game’s story revolves around the clash of light and darkness. The Aurorians must defeat the dark creatures that live in the shadows. Meanwhile, the Eclipsites are tasked with destroying Caelestites.

The game’s side story displays how the game’s characters are linked to the Epic Seven. While the side story hasn’t changed much since the original release in August 2021, players can still grind for Aqua Crystals by playing event stages. Players will gain Aqua Crystals for every battle stage that they complete. To play a side story, players will need to have a blue stack installed on their PC.

Guests from Another World

For two weeks starting from August 5, the new side story for Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World will feature the characters from the Re: Zero series. During this time, players will be able to complete certain side quests and encounter special guests. Guests from Another World will also be available as a special combination of the Re: Zero game and the popular Epic Seven side story. These quests will feature new items and characters.

Rem is a new limited 5 Hero, who appears in Re: Zero as a five-star Soul Weaver and is a maid in Roswaal Mansion. Rem is a calm-hearted and capable maid, and is particularly adept at household tasks. The new limited summon, Rem and Azure Comet, will be available after the maintenance period. Rem is a younger twin sister of Ram, the protagonist of the game.


Players can summon Emilia in the global role-playing game Epic Seven during the second week of August. The game has two main characters: Rem and Emilia. Rem is a maid who serves at the Roswaal Mansion. She is the younger twin sister of Ram. The collaboration will last two weeks. Players can meet the Re:ZERO characters and read special side stories in the game. During that time, players can complete the side story and unlock Emilia.

The first collaboration between Re: Zero and Epic Seven was a livestream of the game’s content. The game revealed several new heroes and artifacts, and announced a collaboration with the anime IP. The collaboration will run from August 5th to August 19th, 2021. The livestream also gave fans a sneak peek at the new content that will be coming to the game. There will also be limited edition summoning banners for the collaboration.

Moreover, the game’s side story will display the connection between Re: Zero and Epic Seven. Players will have the chance to get freebies if they check in on consecutive days. To get extra energy, players can try the Hell difficulty. This difficulty level will allow players to get the maximum amount of side story currency. However, players must be aware of the fact that the difficulty of the game varies from chapter to chapter. The difficulty level of Re: Zero varies between the first and fourth chapters.


You can summon Emilia in Re Zero Epic Seven from 5 to 19 August. The maid at Roswaal Mansion is one of the main characters of the game. She is the younger twin sister of Ram. Emilia is also known as the ‘Fairy’ in the game. However, you can’t summon her until you finish the game’s side story. Therefore, you can’t summon her until you’ve completed the main story and side story.

This event will last two weeks, and you’ll be able to receive various items and event currency. For example, if you reach stage nine, you’ll receive a special illustration to use in your Art Journal. When you complete a stage, you’ll be able to unlock the next stage. However, don’t be alarmed because the first stage will be incredibly hard to complete. You will get a special bonus if you beat the first stage, but you’ll still have to work on your next one.

You can also play the new character Rem in Re Zero Epic 7 if you want to try out the game’s new content. This character will be available in the drop-down menu after maintenance is complete. She will also receive the new five-star artifact Azure Comet. The new artifact has high powers and is useful for a range of purposes. You’ll also be able to meet Re:ZERO characters in the game while you’re playing it.

Azure Comet

During the Re Zero Epic Seven event, players can obtain some new things, including the new hero, the Azure Comet. The collaboration between Re: Zero and Epic Seven is a repeat of the event in August 2021. These heroes will be obtainable through the ‘Rem & Azure Comet’ gacha. As for the Re: Zero artifact, Emilia, the Guardian Ice Crystals, and the Azure Comet will be available for purchase during the event.

Players can get the Artifact with a ‘Severed Horn Wand’ from the ‘Azure Comet’ drop-down character. Players can also obtain Rem, an Ice elemental Warrior, through the Drop Rate Up event. After the event is over, the Azure Comet will not be added to the covenant summons, but the player will have the option of buying it in the future.

When using this item, the comet will fall over your enemies, destroying them with a single hit. You can also use the Cerulean Crystal Tear and Raya Lucarian to increase your focus and protection. These three items will also increase your chances of receiving bonus effects when you use Azure Comet. The comet will also increase your Critical Hit Chance by 15%. As long as you have 18 intelligence points, this item will make you stronger.

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