Guilty Gear Epic 7 Collaboration Features Revealed

Epic Seven

The upcoming Epic Seven x Guilty Gear Collaboration will offer many new features, including the unequip event, various buff events, and the Elphelt. We’ll take a look at some of the most interesting features of the collaboration in this article. Also, read on for more details on the collaboration’s celebration packages and the Elphelt. Aside from the Guilty Gears, the collaboration will include other items, such as the epic seven celebration package and Elphelt.

Guilty Gear Strive

If you want to get exclusive items, Guilty Gear Strive and Epic Seven have partnered up to create an event. This new event is called Scales of Juno and it will take place on 3/17 (Thu). This event will consist of a series of increasingly difficult stages. In addition, there will be new characters, such as Sol Badguy. You can also collect exclusive equipment like Ray and Watcher Schuri.

This event is only available during certain times in the game. The event is set to last from March 17 to April 7, 2022. Players will be able to earn resources for completing side stories, and will be able to “spark” collaboration characters by acquiring certain resources. The event will also feature log in bonuses and an exclusive re-release in April 2020. It is a limited time event that will give players a chance to get the exclusive characters of Guilty Gear Strive and Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 before the game launches.

Players who missed out on the previous event will also be able to try for the Dizzy and Elphelt in this occasion. The game will also feature a new five-star hero, Jack-O. This new hero, played by Hiromi Igarashi, is a Taurus. Players will have the chance to unlock him using event forex. The limited appearance of Jack-O is expected to be available for a small sum from the 24th of March onwards.

Players will be able to take advantage of several new features and abilities in this game. It will feature a turn-based battle system, PvP arena, and gacha elements. The game will also feature new characters. Players will also be able to play with friends in the game, and it’s important to note that all three of these new features make Epic Seven one of the most unique RPGs on the market.

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2

Originally released as an arcade expansion for the previous Guilty Gear game, Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR, the sequel to the first game features a revamped storyline and hand-polished visuals. The game features a cast of 23 playable characters and a new story mode. The game also includes some reworked gameplay mechanics that make it even more enjoyable.

While Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 has some flaws, it’s still a great game to play. For those who loved the first game, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 features a rebalanced roster and two new fighters. There is a more detailed story, but it’s not for the casual or unskilled player.

The gameplay in the game combines fighting with various weapons and super attacks. Players punch and kick their opponents to drain their life meters. Some characters can perform super attacks, such as shooting out of cannons and electrocuting their opponents. Combat is accompanied by sword slashes, cries of pain, and a few suggestive scenes. If you don’t like graphic violence, don’t play Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2.

Guilty Gear Collaboration

The Guilty Gear Epic Seven Collaboration is back! For the third time, the game developer is teaming up with Guilty Gear to create a special event. The event is set to take place between March 17 and April 7, 2022 and will feature four guerilla heroes. To access the event, players will need to complete Episodes 1 and 2 of the series. There are also new gear items available.

The first major update for the game is coming on Thursday, March 17. If you’re planning on playing the game on PC, you’ll need to install BlueStacks and use your keyboard. Once installed, you can enjoy the game. The Guilty Gear Epic Seven Collaboration is a must-have for any Epic Seven fan. It’ll bring new features, including the addition of new characters and summoning banners.

The collaboration will feature Baiken as an Earth elemental Thief, Sol Badguy as a Fire elemental Warrior, and Dizzy as a Water elemental Warrior. In addition to the new characters, there will also be new side stories and Challenges available to play. You can also get a free demo of the game, called Visitors from Another World, until May 23. This trial version features Guilty Gear characters and has been updated to include new characters, new side stories, and new challenges.

Besides the new characters, there will also be a series of buff events and unequip events. The new event will also feature Elphelt and Dizzy. Players can also get exclusive equipment from the game. The Scales of Juno will open on 3/17 (Thu), and the game will feature five new characters. This will be the first event of its kind and will feature varying levels of difficulty.


If you’re tired of killing countless enemies in Guilty Gear, you can now level up your Sol-Badguy. This powerful character is given to players after completing the Guilty Gear side story. It can also be obtained by grinding event currency. Once you have Sol, you can then improve him by promoting him and upgrading his memory imprint. This will make him more powerful and more effective than ever.

You can play as Sol-Badguy as a Fire elemental warrior. Besides this, Baiken and Dizzy will also be added in the game. The game will also feature a new side story called “Visitors from another world,” which will be available until May 23rd. The game will be free to play until then, so you should be able to take advantage of it.

The new update to Epic Seven will feature many of the characters from Guilty Gear along with some new ones. Players can also experience new side stories and battle mechanics. As a bonus, you can also earn rewards for completing challenges. There’s also a new version of the Guilty Gear character, Jack-O. In addition to new challenges, this new edition also adds new characters, including Pirate Captain Flan.

When playing as a fire DPS, you can go for the welfare 5 version. This version has very powerful damage and is best used for PvE. You can also increase his damage output by scaling with enemy HP%. Also, his max HP% damage is very effective against boss monsters. His debuffs are also a huge drawback when playing against Abyss bosses. So, you should choose a different character if you decide to level up Sol.


Dizzy is the sole ice unit in the collaboration, and her power renders all enemies useless. This powerful debuff significantly reduces an enemy’s speed, attack, and hit chance, making her the ultimate debuffer. She is a great choice for PvE content, but you can also use her on Wyvern if you’d like to take down the Labyrinth bosses and clear the Abyss.

Players can also find out if they can get Dizzy or Baiken through the event. The game’s official bio information shows that Dizzy and Ky are Ky’s “likes.” The two were originally listed as “dislikes,” but the latter has since been changed to “dearest friend.” Then in Xrd, Sin finally called Ky, “Dad.”

The birth details of Dizzy are unknown, but the character was found as an infant by an old couple without any children. The villagers became terrified of her as she grew, since she seemed to grow from an infant to a late teenager in three years. She was finally identified as a Gear after one of her villagers noticed that she had wings and a tail. While the story is vague on her exact origin, it has been speculated that it will take place later this year. The game is due to release in June.

While Dizzy’s basic attack does decent damage, the most annoying part of her kit is her S3 ability. Despite the weaknesses of her overall kit, Dizzy’s AoE attacks can trigger counters on strong units, while her S3 attack can target and debuff certain units. So, while Dizzy is not the best choice for PvP or PvE defense, she is still a very solid choice in a team that wants to counter the enemy.

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