Epic Seven Ego Fragment Review

Epic Seven

In this article we’ll discuss the Gameplay, Art style, and Graphics of Recalls for Phantasmas. You’ll also learn about Recalls’ Recalls. You’ll be able to see what makes each of these games stand out from the crowd. After reading this article, you’ll be able to make a good decision about whether or not you’ll purchase this game.

Recalls for Phantasmas

In addition to the legendary sigil, players can now get Recalls for Phantasmas. The new abilities are great for improving your skills, and this event also rewards players with extra rewards. The following are some of the new abilities you can get through Recalls for Phantasmas in epic 7:

Art style

The Art style of Epic Seven is extremely unique and beautiful. The characters are meticulously designed and the colors used to depict them are very vivid and catchy. This makes the game very appealing to fans of anime. Moreover, the game contains many levels that will challenge you. The game also features five elemental boss battles known as Hunts. You can also find floored dungeons, labyrinths, and towers to explore.


The graphics in Epic Seven Ego Fragment are amazing, and are definitely eye-candy for anime fans. The game uses a very unique art style that features many detailed characters. Its colorful animations can sometimes be a bit overbearing, though. The game will look better with less color saturation. After all, you will only be using the Ego Fragment on the hero, not other people!


Epic Seven is an RPG where players take on the role of an heir to the Covenant. They are a punishment for ignoring their duties after the death of Orbis. Every time an Archdemon attacks, the world is reset and you start anew. Your goal is to gather as many Heroes as you can to survive and become the next Heir to the Covenant. You will earn XP and receive different items and abilities as you progress through the game.

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