Epic 7 Patch Notes

The latest Epic Seven patch notes are live! You can find them on the official website. These notes include important information that will help you play the game better. They are also live-streamed a week early on the official YouTube channel by hosts Mashuu and Geguri. The notes are released bi-weekly. Keep an eye out for them. If you haven’t checked them out yet, they’re well worth the time.

Changes in mission difficulty

A recent update to Epic Seven includes changes to the difficulty of the game’s Adventure Mode. This mode allows you to unlock content by completing various quests. In addition, it now gives you the option to choose your starting hero. Players who start out with this mode will likely be able to choose a 5-star hero on their first summon, as opposed to having to wait until the 20th or 30th summon to do so.

After the update, the amount of Cores players can earn from equipment extraction will double. Players will also be able to choose the main stats and sub-stats that they want. The new graphical update for the Forest of Souls will give the area a more modern look. The new skill effects will be more in line with the game’s theme. Additionally, players will be able to sell certain catalysts in the AP shop.

In addition to this new update, the game will also introduce a World Championship. The first E7WC is scheduled for 2022. The game’s developers have made some significant changes to help heirs, including adding repeatability to pets and bulk promotions. In addition, they’ve made changes to the game’s summoning system, and are implementing a new way for players to meet new heirs.

A number of changes have been made to the Collection Book. The game will no longer crash when the player accidentally overslots a unique schematic. In addition, the items inspected from the Collection Book Item picker can now be upgraded and favorited. Additionally, the Mini Map will display mission information after the big map has been closed. Moreover, the Epic overlay will now display the top 2000 scores.

A Gentleman Strikes in Broad Daylight will be a little easier than before. It will also lower the number of enemies along the way. The new Daily Commission, ‘Dangerous Haul’, will also lower the difficulty of the Narukami and Yashiori islands. A second change in the Weekly Missions will reduce the number of enemies a player has to face on their way to the end of the quest.

Another change to the mission difficulty in Epic 7 is the introduction of Ultimate Raids. These new levels are even more difficult than the normal missions, and they are designed to reward players with bragging rights, not progression. Unlike the previous versions, the Ultimate Raids cannot be run without syncing, so players can only take on as much as they can handle at one time. There are currently four Ultimate Raids available, with each offering a different challenge.

Changes in hero balance

The recent Epic 7 patch notes reveal some important adjustments to the balance of heroes in the game. The new balance will be implemented after the March 18 update. Among other things, the new heroes’ abilities will be affected. In addition, the Heroes’ Artifacts will receive changes. The update will affect the following heroes: Rick, Agustin, Hazel, and the Relic of the Void Tower.

The damage dealt by Chaos Blade and the Attack of Destruction has been increased from 100% to 120%. This new damage is also higher than in previous versions of the spell. While a majority of the heroes have been affected, a few are seeing some improvement. For example, Jax’s Arcane Surge now deals 150% to 200 percent of the enemy’s health. In addition, his Frost Rune has been increased from ten percent to fifteen percent and its cooldown has been increased from three to four turns. The new Ice Shield also grants the player an additional 20% Shield on each turn.

The new Hero Alliance has been added. As a result, the new alliance can now be joined by two or more Heirs. They can play on any server regardless of language or region. Moreover, the new Alliance Warzone mode now features the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions and Fund Settlement Act, which makes it easier to communicate with other players. This expansion also improves the game’s stability and overall performance.

Valéria’s ability “Valerie” was translated incorrectly and no longer displayed the effect properly. Valéria’s ability now converts 20% of her health into one hundred eighty damage on all enemies. The new ability also removes a bug that caused the ability to not display properly in the Battlepass. The changes also include fixing some other bugs, such as the Battlepass bug and an error when trying to buy a title.

The Hero Rating bug has been fixed. In addition, new heroes are being added to the game. The Hero Rating now shows a higher percentage when fighting a boss. Also, the Hero’s Hero stat is now updated to reflect the new gear. This update also adds an Advanced Summon Rate Up Event. This new event will boost the chance to summon Thor. It also adds a trigger limit. During this event, Thor summons will grant 1 stack of Moonlight after an Ally attack or out of turn Ally attack.

Changes in memory imprint information

The October/November update for Epic Seven will introduce Pets and changes to the Memory Imprint system. The changes are a result of fan feedback and are meant to make building Heroes easier and more fun. Players can acquire Pets in many ways, including purchasing them from the shop, obtaining Battle Pets, Lobby Pets, and special Pets. Players can also enhance their Pets to obtain additional benefits.

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