Epic Seven Patch Notes

Epic Seven

The new Epic Seven patch notes have arrived! This time, you can find out more about what is new in this game and what you can expect for the next update! This article covers Memory Imprint information, improved Skill descriptions, and changes in Mission Difficulty. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below! I’m a fan of the series and I love to share my thoughts on new games and new updates!

Improvements to Memory Imprint information

The new version of Epic Seven brings pet support and several changes to the Memory Imprint system. This update is intended to make the building process easier and more fun. Players can obtain Pets from various channels, including the shop, battle, and lobby. Players can enhance their Pets to increase their benefits. They can also use the Pet House to manage them. These changes are expected to help players level up faster and have more fun.

Improvements to Skill descriptions

This update addresses several issues with the skill descriptions in the game. In particular, Kaiser’s Expert Sword Mastery and Blaze On will be more accurate. In addition, some issues with the Shadow Step and Lasting Grudge effects were fixed. This update also corrected issues with the accuracy of the “Death Trap” effect and how it works on enemies. The cooldown of the skill will now be correctly applied to players after using the skill on a target.

The monster defense rate reduction effect was previously unclear, and was meant to apply to all characters hitting the monster. It has since been clarified that the effect is the same for all jobs. In addition, the description of the skill is more accurate and clear. It is also better understood now that the concept of defense is not merely about a person’s physical defense, but applies to a whole group. As such, players will have more confidence when using this skill.

The text beneath a skill description will now display a more accurate stack count. Some items that were previously unable to grant Bonus Potential will now have this text at the bottom of the tooltip. The resetting of Honor EXP will also change the distribution of Noblesse Skill Points. Weekly Guild Scores will now be distributed according to the new criteria. For instance, players who earned a guild score of at least five points each week will now receive more Noblesse Skill Points.

Improved accuracy of skill descriptions. Players can now read the descriptions of skills and spells more accurately. This update has also fixed numerous bugs related to the game’s graphics. The Game Client’s icon sometimes flickered when used. Some players experienced issues with the game’s windowed and external graphics environments. This update also corrected an issue with the Legend of Legends achievements. Players may now complete them even if they don’t have the required Reward Points. The game’s Alt + Tab option in fullscreen mode is fixed. The Hungry Muto skill had an incorrect description. The item Infernal Exceed was also fixed to remove a typo.

Improvements to Mission Difficulty

The most important changes in this patch are the improvements to Mission Difficulty and the new game mode, Adventure Mode. Both modes are designed to give players the opportunity to gain experience and unlock content. For example, you can now get a higher success rate in Adventure Mode than in Normal Mode. You’ll also find several other changes and improvements. In addition to these changes, this patch also includes some new content.

Players can now choose the type of challenge they’re looking for in the game. There are many ways to play this game. In addition to the classic story mode, it offers side quests that will help you progress faster. You can earn gold, experience, and catalysts in these areas. You can also use these items to unlock heroes and enhance their skills. You can find these quests in the Adventure section of the game.

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