Official: Epic Seven – Let’s Talk Questions & Answers

Official: Epic Seven – Let’s Talk Questions & Answers

by Official Stove Games on Aug 30, 2020


Hello, this is Epic Seven.


First, we would like to thank you all for the love and support you have shown to for our 2nd Anniversary Event.

We we would also like to apologize to all of our Heirs for any inconvenience they may have felt due to the cancellation of this event. 

We have summarize the questions and answers which were supposed to be shared during out livestream Talk Together event so that none of our Heirs miss anything.  

[Hero Balance] – More than 100 Questions Received

[Q] What criteria are used when determining if a Hero will be balanced?

[A] We analyze the data for Heroes that are used in the Arena, Hunts and other major content every week. 

Hero Usage Data

We have always referred to this data when we implement a Hero Balance Adjustment. Our adjustments are generally done so that Heroes who are not being used in the current meta are buffed. We hope this will help prevent the same Heroes from being used continuously and add more strategy and diversity to Epic Seven.

Additionally, we also look at PvE data, which is collected from our various PvE contents, and take this into consideration when looking at Heroes to be adjusted, and when creating new Heroes.

[Q] – Will the balance-related data be made public?

[A] For certain PvE content, we provide players with Hero usage statistics to help players plan their attack. An example of this information is the Abyss/Hunt Statistics page.

Hero usage and Hero combinations for PvP content, such as the Arena, is the result of each players own unique thoughts, knowledge and personal strategy. The reason why this data is not revealed is there is a worry that players may become fixated on a certain team combination, which may hamper Arena diversity. We ask for your understanding for why we decided not to share this information.

[Q] Will the waiting period between balance adjustments be reduced?

[A] Balance adjustments take place every 8 weeks, along with the addition of Exclusive Equipment that can help Heroes fill new roles and be more effective. Therefore, balance adjustments or Exclusive Equipment addition by 4 weeks rotation and will help more Heroes to be used in-game.

Currently, Hero balance adjustments are implemented every 8 weeks. In addition to these Hero balance adjustments is the release of Exclusive Equipment, which can also help Heroes take on a new role, or be more effective. We will try to create more diversity through an alternating schedule of balance adjustments and Exclusive Equipment releases that would occur in four week intervals.

We would like to further explain the process for future balance adjustments.

Hero buffs are announced two weeks in advance and Hero nerfs are announced four weeks in advance. Therefore, there is a five week period until the actual adjustment takes place. Please refer to the following for more details.

[Balance Adjustment Process] 

1) Observation Period (After the adjustment has been applied) (2 Weeks)– A certain amount of time may be required for players to find the best team combinations for certain Heroes. Therefore, we consider first 2 weeks as a sort of observation period for Heroes. 

2) Selection of Heroes for a balance adjustment and planning (2 Weeks)

3) Design verification process (1 Week)


As it requires time for the actual balance adjustments to go through, shortening the process may cause instability. Instead, we will introduce Exclusive Equipment that can bring meaningful changes to Heroes as well as including more Heroes as targets of our adjustments.

We truly understand how much you value your Heroes and we promise to be more careful and extensive when adjusting balance of Heroes.


[Hero Release Questions] – More than 100

[Q] Are there any plans for Straze, Archdemon Mercedes, Nilgal, Garo and other NPC’s to be released as playable Heroes? Are there any plans to release other types of Heroes, such as Suin, Mechanical Heroes, Monsters, or Heroes that are combined with other types?

[A] Straze and Archdemon Mercedes are the final bosses for each Episode, and we are still discussing if there is a way that we can make them playable Heroes. We hope we can introduce at least one of them as a playable Hero by the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. However, as these Heroes are moonlight Heroes, and there are no covenant Heroes that can be used for Memory Imprinting, we are still thinking of ways that players can acquire/Memory Imprinting them.


Nilgal, Garo, and Katenka are not currently being considered as playable Heroes. Since Nilgal and Katenka are Episode 1 Heroes, they won’t have bigger roles in the story. In the case of Garo, who would be in charge of the Tavern other than him?


New Heroes in Epic Seven generally take main roles in the story. The main stories for Episode 2 were held in cities and resulted in many human type Heroes. However, in Episode 3, as we said before, will take place in a different continent which contains Dragons, Suins, and Androids. Please look forward to the new Heroes that will visit you soon! 


[Q] Why have there not been more balance adjustments for 4 Star Heroes?

Heroes have been adjusted regardless of their Grade. However, Adjustments of 5★ Heroes are relatively more noticeable than 4★ Heroes, making players think that balance adjustments for 4★ Heroes are being neglected. As mentioned previously, we will try harder to balance Heroes of all Grade, in order to better fulfill our players’ expectations.

 [Number of Heroes adjusted] – Sorted by Grade (Moonlight/Covenant)
























[Q] What is the timeline for a Specialty Change?

Introduction of 3 star Heroes will follow the flow of the story. The next 3 star Hero, which has a cyborg concept, will be added on September 17th. 

We will introduce ten 3 Heroes per Episode, five at the beginning and five in the middle. Please look forward to these new Heroes that will be introduced soon.


Specialty Change Heroes are being updated every 10 weeks. The next Specialty Change Hero will be Doris.


Specialty Change Doris will make her appearance in Thieves under the Light of the Full Moon on September 24th and will be playable by the end of October.

[Summoning Questions] – More than 150

[Q]  Are there plans to improve Packs containing Mystic Medals?

Are there any plans to increase the availability of Mystic Medals?

Are there any plans to implement a guaranteed summoning system for Mystic Summons for 4 Star Moonlight Heroes?


[A] Currently, there is no plan to implement a Guaranteed Summon system for 4 Moonlight Heroes for Mystic Summons.

We have continuously increased ways to acquire Mystic Medal and now players can obtain the from the Pop-Up Shop, Secret Shop, Arena Weekly Rewards and other places. The amount of Mystic Medals that can be earned has almost doubled, compared to before. Also, the “Special Mystic Pack Chest” that can be purchased after purchasing all the other Mystic Packs has been part of the Shop from April of this year. Due to this, players who regularly participate in Guild War, Arena or other contents that provides Mystic Medals, can guarantee summon 5 Moonlight Heroes from the Mystic Summons. We understand this might not be satisfying for you and we will discuss and consider other ways for players to earn more Mystic Medal.

[Q] Can the Hero Rotation cycle for the Coin Shop be changed?

[A] The Coin Shop is planned to be updated at the end of October, and now is going through a development stage.

As we have announced previously through our Developers note on 8/7 (Duplicate 5★ Summons Measures: Coin Shop Details), one Moonlight Hero will be rotated a month. This was decided with the consideration that there are 19 5 Moonlight Heroes. With the Coin Shop rotation, alongside with Mystic Summons, players will be able to meet the Hero they want within a year. If an adjustment is required after the update, then we will go through an improvement so that players can find more items they want or meet more Heroes at once.


※ The Coin Shop will be updated in the second half of this year. Players will be able to exchange the coins they acquire if they summon the same Hero more than certain number of times. The acquired coins can be exchanged for items or 5★ Heroes.

[Q] Is there a possibility of introducing a guaranteed summoning system for Artifacts?

[A] We are going through discussions to find the optimal way to offer chances to guarantee Limited Artifacts. It is our goal to announce this to our players within this year. It is not yet decided, but we are thinking of using existing features, such as the “Guarantee Summon System” or use of the “Powder of Knowledge Shop”.

[Q] Are there any plans to implement a mass summoning system?

We will apply this feature as many of our players have made multiple suggestions. We have been developing this and would like to explain in details that why it’s being delayed.

When going through drop rate up events for certain popular Heroes, some players have experienced “Connecting” issues. Since Epic Seven was first developed for a single summon environment, this might issue might happen if more than certain number of summons are done in a short amount of time. Mass Summoning might amplify this problem, so we have been going through a large restructuring of the Summoning System. We kindly ask for your understanding and we’ll do our best to provide this as soon as possible.

[Q] Are there any plans to increase the Equipment/Hero inventory limit?[A] We have gone through several updates to deal with insufficient Inventory problems; Equipment Inventory Expansion, Storage, Extraction and others. This time, we will look at Artifact Inventory. As the number of Artifacts are increasing, Class filter settings will also be added.          

100 spaces will be offered and it can be expanded to 200 spaces by using Skystone. As with Equipment, equipped Artifacts will not be counted.


This feature is planned to be updated on 9/3 along with Episode 3.

[Q] Are there any plans to implement a mass promotion system?

[A] Mass Promotion will also be implemented on 9/3. Up to 10 Max level Phantasma and natural 2 Heroes can be promoted at the same time. Selecting which Heroes to use as ingredients can be set from the settings.

[Equipment Farming Question] – More than 100

[Q] How much progress has been made in regards to the equipment farming improvements that were mentioned at the first anniversary?

[A] We will first summarize what we have improved during the past year. We’ve approached this in three ways. There were improvements focused on (1) convenience, (2) level of equipment acquired, (3) difficulty in obtaining equipment.


In terms of convenience in equipment farming we’ve introduced Pets and the Repeat Battle system. Also, we’ve increase the convenience towards Equipment crafting by introducing mass crafting function which allows players to make 10 pieces of equipment at once. Furthermore, during March and April we’ve also improved Hunt 13 so that the Bosses drop Lv. 85 Equipment and we also introduced an Equipment Conversion system, where our Heirs can obtain new Equipment with particular Main Stat, along with the Extract function and guaranteed acquisition of Conversion Gems from World Boss Content. Furthermore, we’ve decreased the amount of gold required to craft Equipment.


Recently, we’ve also added Expeditions, content where players can acquire Charms and Reforging Materials.


We will also keep on improving Expeditions so that our Heirs will find this content more enjoyable.

[Q] Are there any plans to improve equipment farming?

[A] Regarding Equipment Farming, we’ll have to say two different version of our thoughts to (1) our Heirs who’ve been playing Epic Seven for quite a long time and (2) our Heirs who’ve recently started playing Epic Seven.


For those Epic Seven players who have recently started the game, we are continuously providing unique equipment with good stats so that our Heirs can readily reach Hunt 13 and begin obtaining Lv. 85 Equipment.


Our New Players’ Check-in Event, Special Side Stories, and Album-type Side stories are areas where players can acquire useful Equipment. From the Episode 3 AP exchange, our Heirs will be able to obtain Lv. 80 Equipment. The following images are from the AP Exchange from Episode 3, Chapter 1 and the Full Moon Festival.


Our Heirs who’ve been playing Epic Seven for quite a long time will probably be more interested in lessening the difficulty of obtaining Equipment with desired substats, which we are more cautious about.

After the introduction of Equipment Reforging, Hero Combinations with Equipment sets based on Speed and Health (so-called “tanky combinations”) are dominating the game environment. In this regard, measures taken to Equipment substats, will cause further uniformity in regards to these equipment sets, which, in turn, will result in a uniform meta. So we will first focus on meta diversification through the introduction of a new equipment set.

This November, we will introduce new Hunt content along with new Equipment sets. Once more diverse Equipment sets and Hero Combinations become more utilized after this update, we’ll gradually introduce new content.

[MolaGora Question] – More than 100

[Q] Are there any plans to increase MolaGora availability?


There have been four MolaGora improvements in total so far, such as (1) introduction of Stigma as a resource for enhancing 3 Star Heroes’ Skills, (2) reduction in the number of MolaGora necessary for enhancing 4-5 Star Heroes’ Skills, (3) introduction of our Epic Pass and Huche’s Pop-up Shop, (4) reimbursement of MolaGora or Skill Points upon reaching Friendship level 10.

Furthermore, with the 8/20 Update, we’ve increased the number of MolaGora purchasable from Transmit Stone Shop from one to two per week.

We are also preparing new content such as new Adventure’s Path, where our players may acquire additional MolaGora. Also, we are also considering an expansion of the Skill Point system.

We’ll also add MolaGora to the Expedition Depot so that players can gain more MolaGora on a monthly basis. Expedition Depot improvements will be applied with the November Expedition. We’ll talk more about Expedition Improvements in a different section, since there were more questions specifically relating to the Expedition.

[Gold/Energy Question]

[Q] Are there any plans to improve the ability to gain Gold/Energy & Equipment/Artifact removal cost?

[A] In order to improve Gold acquisition, we have Free Unequip Events once or twice a month and Gold buff event occasionally. 

Furthermore, we are reviewing other ways to expand gold acquisition. With the 9/3 Update, Gold gained from selling Equipment will be increased by 10%. 

Additionally, we are preparing a way to provide buff events in item-form so that our Heirs can choose the time at which they want the buff effect to take place. We’re reviewing additional channels to gain gold by adding new content. We’ll announce more details about this as we prepare the new content to be revealed.

Currently, our Heirs can gain 50%~100% more Energy compared to the previous year after increases to the amount of energy gained from certain sources such as Web Event.

We’ll also initiate more events where our Heirs can gain energy, and add system improvements so that our Heirs can more efficiently use Energy.

However, we don’t have plans to adjust the amount of Energy gained by using Leif or Skystone. We will also be preparing additional ways to acquire resources.

[Content Related Questions]

[Q]  Are there any plans to improve the Expedition?

[A]  We are currently working on measures to improve Expeditions, and there will be consistent improvements for Expeditions.

As our Heirs already know, since Expedition is monthly content, we’ll update the Expedition in four month intervals, by introducing new Bosses and new rewards. Since the Expedition was last updated with the 7/9 Update, our Heirs will be able to see the new Bosses and Rewards by November. The MolaGora addition to the Expedition Depot will also be announced around the same time.

Expeditions will be renewed periodically so that this content become more of a social content where players can develop and share strategies. 

[Q] Are there any plans to add Guild Reputations, Dagger Sicar or Guardian Enhancements?  

[A] Among the content listed, Dagger Sicar will be updated first.

After the PROMISE video, our Heirs have shown more curiosity regarding the schedule for the Dagger Sicar Update. Dagger Sicar will be in action in Halloween Side Story, and will come to our Heirs to provide difficult missions to our Heirs in November.

Dagger Sicar is being designed as an individual reputation content with very difficult missions. An example of such a mission may require clearing Hunts with combinations of elementally disadvantageous Heroes. We’ll provide essential rewards such as MolaGora and exclusive Emojis so that those who can successfully conquer such missions can display their achievements.

We will also give our Heirs of further improvements about other contents

[Q] Are there any plans to improve Hero Friendship levels?

[A] We’re developing a “gift” item that can increase Hero Friendship levels. 

Since it is a “gift,” we are trying to include this for a Special Side Story for Christmas. Upon giving this item to a Hero, the Hero’s Friendship level will be increased.

We are also considering an event Artifact that can increase the amount of Friendship earned. Furthermore, since Friendship became more important after the Skill Point update, we’ll add a filter that can align Heroes by Friendship

[IP/Collaboration Questions]

[Q] Are there any plans to release an anime, webtoon or something similar to increase Epic Seven’s brand? 

[A] Creating an anime is also a core objective. As such, in order to bring about an anime with best quality possible, it will take significant amount of time as we will cooperate with other professional corporations.

Releasing an animation will take time, however, in order to meet our Heirs desire to see Epic Seven in more diverse media formats, we are discussing a webtoon or web novel.

[Q] Are there any plans to sell Luna, or other Heroes as a figurine?

[A] We would like to thank our Heirs your interest in the Epic Seven goods that are being sold in Smilgate’s shop since July. Some goods indeed have been sold out thanks to our Heirs’ interest. As we have previously announced, a boardgame is currently in production, and we are planning to introduce other goods. However, since the Luna Figure was created in limited quantities for event purposes and not for sale, we cannot produce any more for sales purposes. Thank you very much for your enthusiastic support.

[Q] Are there any plans for a collaboration with a new IP?

[A] We are planning to have a collaboration with a well-known IP during the first half of next year. We’ll prepare well and approach it as perfectionists, partnering with an incredible IP and providing the best quality to our Heirs. 

[Future Plans]

[Q] What are the future development plans for Epic Seven?

[A] Our core objective is creating sustainable value for our Heroes, a part of Epic Seven our Heirs cherish.

As many of our Heirs cherish our Heroes, we think it is of the utmost importance for us to make designated roles for each Hero in the game. We regard this is as a necessary step that Epic Seven must take. Expedition, new Hunt and Equipment Sets, and Balance Adjustment are part of these efforts.

We’ll also continue to focus on the quality of existing content. Therefore, we will be actively improving content that has already been released.

With these two approaches combined, we want to bring about an environment where our Heirs can find ways to better utilize many Heroes, and find diverse content that is worthwhile to play.

For example, Side Stories, although they’ve well portrayed our Heroes’ personalities, the gameplay for Side Stories have become too routine. Beginning with Album Type Side Stories that we’ve shown recently, we’ll introduce new Side Story formats so that more Heroes can be utilized and can appeal to our Heirs’ desired experience.

Also, we are planning to redesign the Automaton Tower so that it can become more appealing to our Heirs.

[Q] What is the current operation process and how will it change in the future?

[A] We’ve been trying our best in order to become an “Evolving Epic Seven,” by listening to our Heirs voices and applying them to the game, such as our new content update and UI/UX improvements. 

In that regard we began regular Livestreams, with streamers such as Desperado, Mashuu and Nue who talk about Epic Seven.


We’ll try our best to listen to our Heir’s Voices and we’ll try our best in order to evolve with our Heirs.

It is thanks to our Heir’s precious voices that we were able to make positive improvements to the game, and now we are celebrating our 2nd year anniversary since launch.

We thank our Heirs for your love and support,

And we will continue to try our best in order to bring about exciting and interesting game experience to our Heirs.

Thank you

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