The Nixied Sanctum and Its Inferiority Complex

This article will discuss the perks of the nixied sanctum, as well as the inferiority complex it causes. It will also compare the sanctums of the Epic seven labyrinth, the Tirel castle in chaos, and the Nixied’s sanctum. This will help you decide which sanctum to visit first. The following tips will help you make a wise decision.


Besides the usual perks that come with each new achievement, the Nixied Sanctum also offers some nifty extras, such as Fireball Attack that attacks with a fireball and deals poison to enemies for 2 turns. It also grants one extra turn and decreases skill cooldown. In addition, Zerato is now affected by poison debuffs in Nixied’s Sanctum Zone 3 – which is also the last zone in the game. Other improvements include Counterattack Klineode no longer triggers a barrier, retrying in the Labyrinth window now has a’retry’ button, and Mucacha’s Surprise Attack no longer increases Combat Readiness of all monsters.

nixied’s inferiority complex

Dominiel Nixied suffers from an overwhelming inferiority complex. She feels that she is weaker than any of the Spirit Lords and does not deserve the power of Nixied. This complex was exacerbated by the fact that she believes that Ras, the protector of her sanctum, was much stronger than her. As a result, Nixied’s life is constantly threatened. Ras tries to protect Nixied, but she is unable to convince him of his superiority.

Epic seven labyrinth sanctum vs nixied’s sanctum

Epic Seven is an online RPG that features three Labyrinths, Tirel Castle in Chaos, Great Farche, and Nixied’s Sanctum. The three levels also feature the high command, heart of orbis, and the Epic Seven Raid. Each zone is composed of various enemies and tasks that the player must complete.

Tirel castle in chaos vs nixied’s sanctum

Epic Seven is the fifth level in the game. This level includes three Labyrinths: Tirel Castle in Chaos and Great Farche. You can find ancient coins and powerful equipment in the Labyrinth. You can also find the Epic Uberid Set, which includes a Weapon, Armor, Helmet, Boots, and Necklace. To get more gold, you can also find the 35% Attack 4-Set in the Epic Seven.

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