Epic Seven Godkiller Guide

There are many great things to know about each god in the game Epic Seven Godkiller. This is a 2D animated mobile game with beautiful visual art and cutscenes. Epic Seven is set in the world of Orbis and features a main character named Ras Elclare, the famous Heir of the Covenant and the embodiment of the will of the Goddess Diche, who created Orbis out of the body of her fallen brother. To date, the game contains two complete episodes, with a third being developed.


The ultimate tank in Epic Seven, Krau is also a good choice for PVP. His S3 grants him a barrier, which helps him survive enemy attacks. Krau’s other skills, such as initiating attacks and provoking from his S1 and S2, allow him to kill other characters when their health is low. But to maximize his power, you need to know how to build a Krau kit.

The first thing that you should do is to focus on your HP%. This will ensure that Krau is not debuffed by the Wyvern’s S3 and will be protected while you’re losing HP. Secondly, you should focus on your Defense and Speed. This will help you survive Wyvern’s triple fireball spit. Lastly, you should make sure you have the right artifacts to make your Krau build the most effective.


Iseria, Epic Seven Godkiller, has an interesting set of abilities. Her Oathkeeper skill resets the skill cooldown of allies. This effect does not work against units that use light energy. This skill also grants one extra turn, which is very helpful for teams that need to make use of their units’ longer cooldowns. The cooldown is only six turns, so it’s best to pair her with a unit that also has a longer cooldown.

Iseria is one of the best support characters in the game. She has a powerful offensive set that helps her excel in PvP. Her Refined Flower skill, for instance, throws swords at your enemies, reducing their defense by 35% for two turns. Additionally, her Soul Burn Effect ability boosts the damage done by a skill by 50%. This skill does not trigger Dual Attack, but it’s useful for single-target bosses.

Iseria is a powerful champion that is a second-in-command in the Order of the Sword. She is also an Elf and the second-in-command of the Order of the Sword. She was forced to leave her home in Dun Blyraia due to an unknown event, which occurred 20 years before the main game began. Now, she lends her skills to Queen Diene, and she harbors bitterness towards Ras, who she believes could have prevented the last Archdemon War.

Iseria’s skills

While Iseria is an excellent single-target damage dealer and defense breaker, she can be hit or miss in PvE game modes. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the strengths and weaknesses of Iseria, as well as some tips for playing the epic seven godkiller. The skills that Iseria focuses on are very important to any PvP team, so make sure to pair her with a unit that complements her playstyle.

Iseria’s main skill is Oathkeeper, which resets the skill cooldowns of allied units, except casters and summons. Oathkeeper also gives your allies an extra turn, which is ideal when you’re trying to pair your unit with one that has a longer cooldown. You can also pair her with the dark corvus for a unique PvP combo, which involves having two godkillers in your team.

Iseria tries to protect Chloe, but she sees that Aither has gotten stronger and starts reminiscing about his days with Queen Diene. She gives him a flower, but he can’t leave yet because of the monsters. Chloe understands his resolve, but she’s still worried that Aither might get hurt.

Queen Diene

Queen Diene, the epic seven godkiller, is a very versatile character. She has a powerful toolkit, including an excellent Crit reduction mechanic. She’s a great choice to help stabilize your team in PvP and PvE battles, and her buffs will make you punch harder. Diene specializes in fast-paced gameplay, and she can rotate her buffs at an impressive pace, thanks to her Soul Weaver Artifact Magaraha’s Tome.

The new Epic Seven Godkiller update will include an entirely new continent and a wide variety of new heroes, side stories, and enemies to battle. For the launch of the update, Epic Seven has launched a login campaign for fans and is introducing bonus rewards to new players. This login campaign will be available from 3 June to 3 July, and will give players a chance to win a 5 Star Hero Summon Ticket.

Queen Diene’s S1 can now be improved. Her S2 gives her 30% crit hit chance. Her crit hit resistance is now better than ever, and she’s an excellent pairing with Diene. Her ATK and Def increase modifiers are the same, and she gains five souls if she’s defeated. She is the second-best choice for any party, and arguably the best choice for a second or third tank in a team.

Iseria’s song of the sea

Iseria is a powerful character in the game of Warcraft III. She can be played by herself or as a member of a team. She is a powerful character with a lot of spells, but she is also extremely powerful when combined with other characters. For instance, when she is paired with her sister Tamarinne, she can be extremely effective. This is because both characters can be powerful and will be a great matchup.

Iseria is a unique class with a very versatile skillset. With her unique abilities, she is capable of handling most PvE content. She also has unbuffable abilities and can deal damage to most enemies. She can be useful in PvE teams because she is a great match for units such as Azimanak, Banshee, and Golem. However, she can also be used in raids because of her strong DPS and high morale.


If you have played the first few episodes of the game, you probably have noticed the character of Fastus. He seems to have a very sarcastic sense of humor. However, he is a very good fighter, and it is easy to see why he is so popular. His battle style makes him an appealing choice for players who like to play fantasy role-playing games. Unlike other characters, he is extremely easy to control, and his abilities make him a great choice for any team.

The new update will include a new continent, more powerful enemies, and a new storyline. In addition, you will be able to get a 5 star Hero Summon Ticket for free by signing up for the Epic Seven Godkiller website. This will make the game even more tempting for fans who are still undecided about whether to purchase the game or not. Also, if you decide to purchase the game, don’t forget to check out the new continent! It will be available on the Epic Seven Festa in Seoul, and you can even win the chance to meet the developer personally!

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