How to Obtain All Region Rewards in All Chapters in Unrecorded History


If you’re wondering how to obtain all the region rewards in all chapters in Unrecorded History, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve outlined a quick strategy that will ensure you get all the rewards in the unrecorded history chapter of Epic Seven. This will allow you to complete this chapter in the fastest time possible, ensuring you can save your gold for epic equipment and charms.

Unrecorded History chapter in Epic Seven

The Unrecorded History chapter of Epic Seven is a permanent side quest that unlocks after you have cleared stage 10-10 in Adventure mode. It details the fate of the main character Ras. It also features higher level enemies than the story mode in Episode 1. The side quest provides more experience per battle and is great for grinding. The game rewards players with Epic rarity catalysts and gold, so this is a good way to earn more gold and experience.

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