Flan E7 Review

In this Flan E7 review, I will discuss her S3 one-time set-up, weaknesses, and artifacts. I will also touch on Her Chimera Anima ability and how to play around this weakness. I will also discuss some things that make Flan unique. Read on to discover why Flan is so unique and what makes her a good choice for a character. Here are some reasons why Flan is the perfect choice for your team!

Flan’s S3 one time setup

This Flan build primarily uses S3 for one-time use. Since it’s only used once, it can ignore other stats. Investing 1 point into S3 can improve your safety if you need it, and you can tune the S2 and S1 upgrades for other purposes. You can also choose to upgrade S1 for dispel if you have excess resources or are running an alternative build.

Her weaknesses

Although Flan’s S3 does not deal any damage, it is very useful in Arena and other competitive settings. Also, unlike Falconer Kluri, it does not suffer from the elemental disadvantage or missing the target. However, Flan still needs to pass through the resistance-accuracy check. Lastly, Flan lacks soulburn. However, the flaws that can make it weaker do not outweigh its positives.

Her artifacts

The Flan e7’s artifactors will increase your Critical Hit Damage and Combat Readiness for two turns. In addition, this hero also drives a hard bargain with enemies, making them unhealing for two turns. Its passive skill, Communication Breakdown, will also grant an extra turn to Flan. It will also decrease the enemy’s Defense. By equipping these artifacts, Flan will be able to chain attack and do damage to their enemies.

The main reason to use a Flan is for the one-time S3 that she has. This way, you can tune your other stats without worrying about the effects of a single skill. If you need extra safety, you can invest one point in the S3 upgrade instead of tuning the S2 and S1 upgrades. You can also upgrade S1 to get dispel if you have extra resources.

Her abilities

Flan e7 has incredible strength and is capable of denting metal with her bare hands. She also has the ability to levitate in the air and teleport short distances. In addition, she can access a pocket dimension to combine plants and animals. Though Flan doesn’t seem to specialize in any type of Chimera, her unique abilities make her a powerful and versatile character. If you’re looking to take on a Chimera in the game, you can find a lot of information about Flan e7’s abilities below.

The Flan’s unique abilities make her an ideal support unit in PVE. She doesn’t offer pure DPS, but she can set up her allies and provide buffs. This makes her a versatile support unit with an amazing kit. Here are the top three things you should know about the Flan. This is a list of the most important abilities of the Flan. You can start by checking the Flan’s abilities and see which one fits your style.

The basic design of Flan was revealed at the end of volume one of the manga. The author Mia Ikumi said that Flan would be similar to Mew Lettuce. She also said that Flan would have a personality like Doll Izumi from the Super Doll Licca-chan manga. The gold on Flan’s collar and sleeves are a reference to Doll Izumi.

Her appearance

The e7 appearance of Flan has been discussed in a lot of fanfic and other media. Flan is a powerful mutant that can dent metal with her bare hands and can levitate in the air. She can also teleport and access small pockets of dimensions. The mew can also mix and match parasites and animals. Flan doesn’t specialize in any specific type of Chimera and instead combines all of them.

The first manga volume about Flan introduced her appearance and design. Unlike other Pokemon, Flan has pale skin and elf-like ears. Her small, pointed fangs and thick lips are also notable. Her hair is tied into upright round loops, and her face is wrapped in aquamarine bandages. Flan’s eyes are large and round, with slit pupils. Her eyebrows are thick and oval. Flan’s outfit consists of an upper-thigh-length green dress with gold cuffs.

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