Epic Seven Banner Schedule For 2020

Epic Seven

The epic seven banner schedule for 2020 will have several new heroes and collaborations. The Summer and Fall limited heroes are already revealed and Yufine and Guilty Gear have been confirmed as a collaboration. This year, more than 60 new characters will be released. Check out the full schedule below to see which ones are coming out and when. There are also some rumors about what might happen to the X-Men heroes in 2020.


The Summer Event in the year 2020 will have a new Limited Hero, Yufine. She will be Summer-limited, according to her background art. A silhouette matching her new outfit will be revealed on July 21, 2020. Fans have speculated that she is going to be a Fire-elemental hero. As she will be wearing a pink outfit, she will most likely have a Fire-elemental appearance.

The game features real-time battles, a gacha system, and recruitable characters. Players can choose from 3 to five rarities in each team, and they can also purchase alternate forms known as Moonlight units. The characters appearing on the banners can be obtained through a 120-roll pity system. After rolling 120 times, the character is guaranteed to appear in your party. This will keep players engaged for hours.

Guilty Gear collaboration

The Epic Seven banner schedule for 2020 includes a collaboration between Epic Games and Guilty Gear. This event will feature a number of popular Epic Seven units, including the Guilty Gear Strive and Xrd Rev 2 guerilla heroes. In order to take part in the collaboration, players must first complete Episodes 1 and 2 of the Guilty Gear series. The event is scheduled to run from March 17 to April 7, 2020.

The Epic Seven collab will feature a new cast, including Sol Badguy, Dizzy, Baiken, Elphelt, Elena, and Captain Pirate Flan. Additionally, new characters such as Ray and Watcher Schuri will be available. Players can earn these exclusive characters through side stories, which can be completed for currency. The event will also feature a rerun in April 2020, if players missed it the first time.

The collaboration will also include the addition of Dizzy, a new Earth elemental Thief, and Sol Badguy, a Fire elemental Warrior. The collaboration is expected to continue through the summer. This collaboration is only the first phase. There are more to come, including new character additions from Guilty Gear. There will also be an update containing new Heroes and side stories, as well as new Challenges for players.

Summer-limited heroes

As the summer season draws near, the Epic Seven game’s banner schedule is starting to take shape. The schedule has changed slightly, and some of the heroes are now exclusive to the summer season only. Among these is Childe, who is set to debut on August 16. She will feature the new 4-star character Rosaria, alongside other favorites like Barbara, Fishl, and the upcoming Alien. In addition to that, there are new heroes in this set: Qiqi and Keqing.

Another new hero for the summer event is Yufine. She is a Fire element, and her silhouette matches her new outfit. She will be the first Summer-limited hero, and will have her own banner and event. Her voice will not be available in English, so players are encouraged to check with localization providers for details. In addition, her exclusive weapon will be a Terminator. This new hero is due to launch on August 16, 2020.

The Summer Limited Hero is a new addition to the Epic Seven game, and it’s a great way to get a free hero before the end of the season. Holiday Yufine grants increased Attack and Combat Readiness, and can remove debuffs from allies. This hero can also attack all enemies at once, making her a great choice for solo play. This limited hero is also one of the most powerful Limited Heroes in the game.

Fall-limited heroes

For those who don’t know, the next epic seven banner season will feature a new set of fall-limited heroes and artifacts. The announcements will also have a new PVP season, with rewards that must be claimed before 26 February. Mastering the PVP season will net you Vildred Arbiter’s skin. Last year, players were given Ruele’s skin. In this fall-limited season, players can expect to ban two champions.

The fall-limited heroes will also be accompanied by special content that combines exploration with intense battles. While these new heroes will only be available for two weeks, there are a number of other changes that will make the game more interesting. Added items to guild shops will make the hero summons easier and more fun to get. The team also plans to survey the community for feedback and suggestions. In addition, they have made it possible for players to see the abilities of their characters through a YouTube channel.

A few of the fall-limited heroes are not considered elites, but they are still very valuable for other purposes. For example, the healer Angelica is worth taking into account. In addition, Kiris can be useful for clearing the Abyss. You’ll also find other three-star heroes, such as Seraph, that can be a good complement to higher-tier heroes. As you can see, there’s a wide variety of Epic seven fall-limited heroes.

Custom Group Summoning

The Custom Group Summoning feature is coming to SMITE! on 4/21 to 5/19 UTC. The feature will last 14 days, and you cannot change your selection of three Heroes after you do it. Choose wisely to be able to progress through the game. Some characters are better than others. You may also want to check out the meta behind them, too! You can find out more about the Custom Group Summoning here.

The custom group summoning feature is new in Epic Seven. This system lets you choose three characters from the game’s available roster. You can choose based on your group’s preferences, such as the type of game they play, or whether they have limited character slots. You can also choose between PvP and PvE characters. The new feature allows you to make your selections based on the type of characters you want to bring into your group.

Players can also use different currencies when summoning these heroes. In order to summon exclusive heroes, players need to have a specific in-game currency, such as Mystic Medals. Galaxy Bookmarks and Friendship Bookmarks are also required to perform custom group summons. The new heroes will be available for 2 weeks after release, so it’s important to collect them all as quickly as possible. In addition to this, there’s no set schedule for the banners in the future, so it’s important to take advantage of each event that comes along.

Game balance

Epic Seven is an imaginative role-playing mobile game where you take the role of different Guardians. In this game, you must defeat various enemies. You can win rewards by using your Guardians’ abilities. The game balance is excellent. Here are the plans for the next three months. The schedule will change depending on the current situation. There are more events planned for the future, so be sure to check back regularly to see if there are any major changes.

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