Labyrinth Epic 7 Guide – How to Maximize Your Gear in Labyrinth

The daily missions in Labyrinth Epic 7 reset at the same time as the server resets. You can obtain Exploration chances up to four times a day, but you can only obtain Bonus Rewards once during the event. Exploration chances will expire after one day, but you can obtain them again the next day. It is important to use a device with an OS of 6.0 or higher to play smoothly.

Labyrinth mode

The labyrinth mode of Labyrinth epic 7 is extremely difficult and requires an in-depth understanding of the game mechanics. For example, it’s not easy to beat the toughest labyrinth teams, and new players might struggle to judge modifier strength. New players often start with only one or two fully-rounded teams, and a third faction ban will make the one remaining team useless.

In Labyrinth mode, players can equip relics to increase their level. These relics have different properties, such as increasing the amount of power they grant. You can equip these relics in the Labyrinth, but once you’ve completed the Labyrinth, you’ll have to remove them. In addition, you’ll lose them if you fail to complete the level.

In the Labyrinth mode, players can explore different zones. Each area has multiple exits and some can be skipped to gain more rewards in the next stage. In addition, they can use the labyrinths as intermediate farming stages. The loot in Labyrinths is very powerful, and each stage will drop a certain set of equipment. Players can use the Labyrinth mode to collect gold and other items for their characters.

Templar Assassin: The Templar Assassin is another excellent class in the Labyrinth mode. Hero damage is excellent in AoE form, and her invisibility spell makes her an excellent choice to fight bosses. This class is also great against Apex Mages and will be a good choice for most Aghanim’s Labyrinth lineups.

Labyrinth equipment

You can purchase Labyrinth gear for your characters with coins. These items are usually higher tier than those found in chests or hunts. The equipment found in Labyrinths is also useful in forging new gear. However, be aware that the difficulty curve for enemies in Labyrinth is steep and players should be prepared to face some difficult encounters. Here’s how you can maximize your gear in Labyrinth.

The first Labyrinth of Epic Seven is Tirel Castle in Chaos. There are 5 stages in Epic Seven, each of which has a gold chest. You can equip yourself with the Epic Uberid Set, which includes a Weapon, Armor, Boots, Necklace, and Helmet. The 35% attack 4-Set is also available for purchase in Labyrinth. All these items are useful in Labyrinth, but they are not as strong as those in other locations.

The Labyrinth is a series of multi-area stages that are similar to the large levels in the Adventure mode. There are multiple branching paths, tons of loot, and enemies to fight. You can even camp in a Labyrinth stage and gain reputation with your heroes at the same time. And, if you don’t want to spend gold on equipment, you can use the labyrinth as an intermediate farming stage.

The equipment you use in Labyrinth is categorized into tiers. They go from 1 to 6 and can be of different levels. Equipment is better when it is tier 6 so it’s important to complete quests and hunts to level up. However, there is no way to get better equipment unless you use the equipment to enhance your gear. A few tips will help you get the best gear in Labyrinth.

Labyrinth compass

The Labyrinth Compass is a tool used in the game. It allows the player to enter the labyrinths and get powerful equipment and ancient coins. This tool is a great way to level up your character in the game. It is available in the Sanctuary shop at 3-4 (Normal). It can be used to get gold and skystones – depending on which upgrade you have.

The game’s labyrinths are intricately designed and move to guide the player. They were invented by Zokor residents to protect themselves from outsiders. There are three main districts: Zokor, the Overworld, and the Underworld. To get to each one, players must use the Labyrinth Compass to guide them through each area. You must know which direction to go as each door leads to another.

The Labyrinth Compass is a very useful tool for the player. The game features a feature called Morale Calculator that lets you determine the best team. Using this tool, you can make your team more balanced by choosing your most useful characters. This tool also helps you to choose which heroes you want to play with. In addition, it increases your team’s overall efficiency.

Having this tool is essential when playing the game. You can use it to clear clues in areas without short hallways or doors. It can also be used to clear intersections where there are no doors. In addition, it allows you to unlock secret rooms and access areas that would be impossible to reach otherwise. The Labyrinth Compass is extremely helpful in solving puzzles.

Bosses that get a turn after they get hit

While bosses are easily walked through in the story mode, mini-bosses can pose a challenge. For instance, a mini-bosses explosion can stun players. In order to defeat them, you must be able to get all your squad to their final area. In the event that you get stuck during the final stage, you can try to take a different strategy and back off. You can use the following strategy to get through this tough part of the game.

First, you have to understand that phase two of the boss starts when the boss’ HP drops below 40%. It will then change element to light and will start its cocoon phase. This means that your boss will get a turn after getting hit. During this phase, you need to use your DPS skills to kill it. The AoE damage dealer is helpful in phase one and phase two. The AoE damage dealer is good for phase three as well. Defense Break will make the final phase easier for you.

Phase 3 of labyrinth epic 7

If you have reached 40% health, it’s time to start Phase 2 of the game. In phase 2, you can spawn 2 bodyguards that grant -100% CR to your normal attacks and provoke ultimates. Once the boss activates this ability, you will have an extra turn to fight him. During this phase, your aim should be to get the boss to use his ultimate and die. You can also attack the eggs to make it harder for him to survive. The spawning of bodyguards also makes this phase easier. You can use your AoE damage dealer to get a little extra time.

Once you’ve gathered enough Gold and upgraded your equipment, the final task in Phase 3 is the Trial Battle. In this mode, you must kill 25 enemies in Labyrinth 1, zone three of Tirel Castle in Chaos. For this stage, you should use a Butcher Corps Inquisitor. Make sure you’re level 50 to complete this stage. Once you complete this task, you will unlock a new stage in the Labyrinth.

Buying new heroes and equipment is the best way to level up fast. The game has various rewards for buying these heroes, including MolaGoras and Giga-Phantasmas. If you’re unsure of which heroes to get in this phase, you can also use silver transmit stones to buy them. Buying a MolaGora is easier than getting one of the rare heroes, but it’s recommended that you spend your silver transmit stones to buy them.

You can camp at junctions to raise your morale, but you can’t stay on the junctions too long because the game requires you to explore each zone to get to a certain level. You can also try chatting up with other characters as you travel, as this will increase your friendship level with them. Also, you can use this opportunity to clear a closed path or find Gold chests. It’s up to you how you use it.

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