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The Epic Seven Archdemon Mercedes is a character from the video game “Epic Seven.” This is the fifth 5-Star Dark Elemental Mage Character to be unlocked. She will be included in the Mystic Medals Rotation and available for purchase in the Covenant and Galaxy Bookmarks. She is a powerful mage with strong combat abilities. This is an excellent choice for the team or for solo play.


In the game Epic Seven, the deuteragonist Archdemon Mercedes is one of the final antagonists. She is the blank-faced Homunculus who has been placed in the care of the Queen years ago. Despite the fact that her name is misleading, she seems to be trustworthy. The Wraith, who placed her in care, is the only one to trust her. However, the rumor that she could be a playable character is not true.


The Archdemon Mercedes is an enemy with tons of HP and lots of damage. You can use her skills to destroy your enemies. Lightning of Judgement is a powerful attack that hits up to 4 targets. If you want to kill her easily, you must use a strategy that avoids attacking her when she is buffed. You can also use the Book of Ruindamage to increase damage, def penetration, and base damage with every use.

While the basic skill deals significant damage, the Celestine artifact provides additional healing, making it the best choice for healers, tanks, and bruisers. It also increases Combat Readiness by 10%, which is doubled if the enemy is buffed. The Celestine artifact also increases a caster’s attack by 15% after attacking, and it resets skill cooldown.

While the Hero stats of the Epic Seven are close to the average, the game is still far from easy. There are a lot of heroes that are difficult to beat, and some of them are more difficult than others. While most heroes in Epic Seven are a bit on the hard side, there are some exceptions. Some heroes have more powerful abilities than others. If you play the game for the fun, you can choose a hero with a high level of attack power and damage output.

While the Epic Seven isn’t difficult to obtain, some heroes are better than others. While some heroes cannot be obtained with a high level, it’s a good idea to invest in your heroes through rerolls. If you are serious about achieving the Epic Seven, rerolls are your best option. It can give you a good chance to get the heroes you want. It’s always a good idea to reroll your heroes to increase your chances of achieving your goals.

Team composition

The core of the Epic Seven game is team composition. There are several ways to build a team for different game modes and situations. For PVE, Arena, and Guild War, you can use free units to build your team. Choosing a team with the right mix of units can ensure you have a competitive edge over your opponents. You can also choose to play with AI-controlled characters. The following are some team composition tips to help you in your Epic Seven endeavors.

In addition to Archdemon Mercedes’s abilities, she is accompanied by two crystals: one yellow and one dark. One grants her Immunity, while the other heals her. If her HP goes below 70%, she becomes “awake” and has new abilities. For example, her S3 starts off as an AoE attack, but it increases her cooldowns for 2 turns. After each use, she gains new effects and is less vulnerable to damage.

The team composition of the Archdemon depends on the other heroes in the team. If you choose to play with her in Arena, you should be sure she has debuff dispel. You should also include a teammate who has a source of buff dispel. For instance, a hero with a powerful S1 can support the Archdemon’s S1 and the team should consider a tank with a FTene or Krau to provide redirected provokes and extra provocations.

Choosing the right team composition in Epic Seven is crucial. This is because you have limited choices when you start out, but there are some powerful characters that you can add later on. Ultimately, the goal is to build a powerful team that can compete with other teams. There are some tips to consider when building a team and getting a good start is the best strategy. Just make sure to sort out your team composition early to avoid the problems that come with it.

If you play with an Epic Seven team, remember that they are very balanced. Most heroes fall between the A and B tiers. The first best heroes in the game are at the top, so it’s important to balance your team accordingly. The rest of the characters are average, but you can always choose to make changes based on your preferences. You can also choose to use different heroes for different situations or play with the same team.


The Archdemon Mercedes is the final antagonist in Episode 1 of the Epic Seven. It is a Homunculus who has blank faces and mimics the words of people. It was placed in the care of Mercedes by Queen Diene years ago. Only one person trusted Mercedes: the Wraith. This article will discuss what Archdemon Mercedes can do to your character, as well as how to avoid being damaged by her.

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