Epic Seven Upcoming Events

The upcoming events in the mobile game Epic Seven can be quite interesting. Some of the highlights include the Guilty Gear event, the Eastern Trading Ship, Hall of Trials, and Equipment mileage. Let’s take a look. It’s an imaginative role-playing game where you take control of different Guardians and battle against enemies. If you haven’t played it yet, I highly recommend it. It’s a fantastic game!

Guilty Gear event

The new Guilty Gear event in Epic Seven will see familiar faces return to Orbis, and Jack-O’ will return with a special collaboration. Players will be able to log in to the game every day during the event for a chance to unlock new Guilty Gear characters. The event will reward players with log in bonuses if they log in consistently. The event will reoccur in April 2020.

Another big collaboration event is coming to the Epic Seven game. The new Guilty Gear Strive event is going to feature four guerilla heroes. The event will be available to players who have completed Episodes 1 and 2 in the game. Those who have completed Episodes 1 and 2 will be able to unlock the Guilty Gear Strive collaboration event. It is not expected to run during the month of May or June, but we should get some more details about it when it launches.

During this event, players will have the opportunity to unlock three new characters. Sol Badguy, Dizzy, and Baiken will all be available to play in the game. You will also get exclusive equipment such as Ray and the Watcher Schuri. The Guilty Gear event will start on 3/17 (Thu), and you can earn additional currency per battle when you equip Guilty Gear Artifacts.

The Guilty Gear event in Epic Seven will be a limited-time event that will include a new Hero each day. The characters will be introduced through various side quests and new events. Players will also be able to unlock new Epic Seven characters during this event. You can get Guilty Gear characters and weapons at a limited time until May 23. If you like the Guilty Gear game, then you’ll definitely want to check it out.

Eastern Trading Ship

The next major Epic Seven update is coming, so make sure you’re ready to play it. Epic Seven has announced a few major events for April, so be sure to check back regularly to find out what’s happening next. The updates will vary depending on the situation, but the following are the major dates:

Hall of Trials

In order to earn Gold in Epic 7, you must complete the Hall of Trials. This challenge occurs every two weeks and will grant you the ability to buy the exclusive Artifacts and Weapons. There are three different skill upgrade possibilities in the Hall of Trials, each of which offers different rewards. Here are the three best gears to use for the Hall of Trials:

In addition to these items, you can also equip new heroes. This event will add new heroes and artifacts of different star rarities to your inventory. You can also increase the drop rate of the characters with incredible features. To take advantage of the new items, you must first complete the first episode. The second episode will require you to equip the Sage Minaret, which will increase the chances of earning valuable artifacts.

Daily Trials are also worth doing. They reward higher power items and are weighted in favor of higher rarities. The daily trials can help you cope with the difficulty spikes, especially during the Apocalypse Plus threat levels. These trials can be completed in Offline and Online modes, and you can also find them on the Mainland map. You can play these trials once a day. You can also return to camp for another try.

In addition, Choux will also have exclusive equipment. The Snowy mountain horn can be used to make weapons and armor, and is a powerful weapon. He will have a five-star status in the Hall of Trials, and he will have access to exclusive items. A fifth-star Choux is also available, and he will be able to obtain the legendary Alchemist Steeple, as well as 10 sacred emblems.

Equipment mileage

The most notable change to the game’s upgrading system is the addition of Equipment mileage. As you upgrade your Equipment, you will gain points for every level, which will go towards enhancing the item. The number of points required to upgrade an item depends on the level it reaches. Currently, upgrading equipment involves a lot of grinding, but that will soon change. Players will be able to choose from up to 20 different Enhancement materials in the Equipment upgrade system.

Custom Mystic Summons

The upcoming Epic Seven upcoming events will add a new feature called Custom Mystic Summons. These special summons will allow players to choose from a variety of 4-5 star moonlight heroes. The pity will remain at 200 summons, but they will be available in 2 separate instances over the course of the event. Players can choose from a variety of different summons, and each one will have a unique ability.

When you summon custom heroes, you will receive a certain amount of Moons Mirage Coins. You can use this to purchase Heros and Artifacts in the Shop. Once you’ve done so, you can then enter your character’s character details to choose a hero and the appropriate pity for him or her. This is the only drawback to this new feature, but the game’s developers hope it will make it more fun and exciting for players.

After you’ve selected the three Heroes that you want to use in custom summons, you’ll need to complete the summon. Usually, you’ll have six weeks to complete the summon and you’ll get a corresponding number of Moonlight Heroes. This way, you’ll have a limited pool of hero cards that you can use to craft custom heroes. The first round of Custom Mystic Summon will have only 4 heroes in the pool, but you’ll be able to summon up to six.

The new Epic Seven event is also exciting for players. It’s a mobile role-playing simulation that invites you to take control of different Guardians. The objective is to defeat enemies by using these guardians. If you’re a hero collector, you’ll be pleased to know that the upcoming event will include a whole new arena called the Eastern Trading Ship. You can now purchase different items and gear, such as rare and epic tier heroes.

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