The Epic Seven Luna Figure

The release of the epic seven luna figure has been one of the most anticipated releases of the last decade. Though few have been made available to the general public, some have managed to trickle into collectors’ hands. The following article will discuss the character Kaguya Luna, Her weapon Uberius’s Tooth, her leotard, and her tail. A brief history of the series is also presented. The following article aims to educate collectors about the newest addition to the Epic Seven Luna line.

Kaguya Luna

Kaguya Luna, the iconic seventh member of the legendary Seven Kingdoms, is now a 1/7th scale figure! Inspired by the official illustration by Mika Pikazo, the figure faithfully replicates the character’s pose. Her bold outfit and colorful accents are reminiscent of her character, and she even comes with bonus hand parts that recreate her grabbing-hands pose. Whether you are a fan of the manga series or not, you can get her in this fantastic figure!

Her weapon Uberius’s Tooth

The Epic Seven series is an ongoing manga franchise produced by the Cerberus Project, the company also associated with the characters Yamato and Flare. The Luna figure is the first scale-sized Epic Seven character. There are very few of these figures available through retail and many have been distributed via giveaways. Although a rare figure, the Luna figure is definitely worth purchasing. The art is beautiful and the design is very realistic.

Her leotard

Having said that, it is hard to imagine how many people would risk damaging the rare Luna figure. It is one of the rarest figures in the game, with only a handful of examples trickling into the secondary market. And even then, few figures have made it to collectors’ tables. That leaves one question: how did Project Cerberus get access to so many Luna figures? And can Smilegate produce a similar Luna figure in the future?

Luna’s leotard is thong-style with a thong-like back. It is also equipped with gold heels. Her spear, Uberius’ Tooth, is trimmed in gold and has teal runes etched on it. The spearhead is incredibly detailed and extends almost as far as her arms. The figure is very expensive, but is worth it for the detailed look it gives the player’s collection.

Her tail

The Cerberus Project, which is associated with the characters Yamato and Flare, created the first scaled Epic Seven figure, the Luna. Unfortunately, there are very few of these figures available for sale at retail. They are distributed through giveaways and are not obtainable at retail. To help remedy this problem, Smilegate decided to produce them. Here’s what we know about the Epic Seven Luna figure’s tail.

The story of Luna’s origins begins with her ostracized half-dragon parents. She was born of a human father and a dragon mother, but was later ostracized by her family for the dragon blood she bears. In her early childhood, she was unable to find her mother and was sent into a life of slavery. However, she later discovered her mother had been killed by Queen Francesca. Queen Francesca later discovered that the dragons fled from the city when they realized their situation was hopeless.

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