A Closer Look at the E7 Luna Figure


The e7 luna figure is one of the most iconic figures from the anime series. The brash nature of the character makes her a popular choice for collectors, and her relationship with Misaki makes her a compelling character. The brash nature and her knowledge of Japanese concepts are a few of the many interesting traits of the character. In this article, we take a closer look at her. This article will also help you decide if this figure is the right fit for your collection.

e7 luna’s relationship with Misaki

In the first season of Naruto Shippuden, the two main characters – Luna and Misaki – are in love. The two share similar interests and values. They go to the same graduate school and studied different fields. Nevertheless, they have at least briefly interacted on one occasion, during a party, where Luna sung for her. They also have a similar sense of humor, and the two are best friends.

Luna was raised in a cold country with her grandfather and often played with insects. Her younger years were spent doing “bug hunts” with her grandfather, where she caught large beetles. She later went on to graduate school and became a traveling scholar. Her job included collecting gems and acquiring the necessary tools. When she met Misaki, she mentioned her nickname in passing. Luna was a bit surprised by this but continued to call Misaki “bunny” because she felt that it made her look cute.

Luna’s eccentric personality was also part of her charm. She would use rabbit-like poses and put her hands over her eyes in the same way as goggles. Her behavior made people think she was extraterrestrial. This led to speculations by Hitomi and Ayane that she was an alien from outer space. Despite this, Luna was extremely secretive about her identity. During this time, Luna and Misaki’s relationship was not a public issue.

Although the two are in love, their relationship has been rocky. In the first episode, the two were about to fight in the mountains. However, they later became friends and their relationship developed. However, the series’ ending was a bit disappointing for the fans. It aired with a countdown to the end of the world. However, the episode kept the looming sense of unease throughout the early episodes.

e7 luna’s brashness

Luna’s brashness comes from her origins in a cold country where her grandfather raised her. As a child, she enjoyed bug hunts and caught large beetles. She went on to attend the same graduate school as Amy, where she worked as a traveling scholar. She is also very secretive. The two friends eventually become friends, and their relationship develops. After meeting, Luna and Amy begin to date.

The first time they meet was during their graduate school years, when Luna and Amy were both attending the same graduate school. Although they were studying completely different subjects, they briefly interacted during one party, where Luna tried to sing to entertain Amy. Unfortunately, Luna was unable to get Amy’s name during that time. However, Luna and Amy go on to become friends and share a love of music, and Luna and Amy get closer each day.

Although Luna is a flamboyant character, she is often the one who makes the most mistakes. Her insistence on doing things her own way has gotten her into trouble more than once, but she is a good sport, even though she’s brash. While she has a temper and is often blunt, Luna is also an excellent listener. She also knows how to read people’s emotions and understand their motivations.

Luna is also amusing. She was sometimes rude to her classmates, which made her a great target for taunting. In the past, she has been called “Bunny Luna” by the Misaki gang because she acted like a rabbit. She once apologised for being hypnotized by Nyotengu, and has cryptically remarked, “The good thing is beautiful.”

her knowledge of Japanese concepts

One of the most surprising elements about Luna is that she is a non-Japanese. While she is not a native speaker of the Japanese language, she is very familiar with Japanese concepts and culture. She informs Marie Rose that there are Japanese cafes where waitresses recite incantations to patrons. She also alludes to the fact that Omotaro predates Kanna and the Hare of Inaba predates Honoka.

It is also interesting to note that Luna and Amy attended the same graduate school. Though they studied different subjects, they once met at a party. Amy is Luna’s former classmate, and Luna once sang for her. However, she was not able to get her name at that time. Luna’s knowledge of Japanese concepts demonstrates that she is a well-rounded student. Throughout the season, Luna’s knowledge of Japanese concepts helps her in many different ways.

Luna is a non-Japanese. While her origins are unknown, the episodes often make clear that she was not a native of Japan. Her uniforms have her name written in Hiragana. Luna is also the only add-on character in the series to not have a festival in her debut episode. Luna is also the only female character to use a Japanese word in her debut episode, after Kanna and Ayane.

her spear

This banner item allows you to stab a random target with your spear. This is a great option to assist your S3 in battle. However, it has a short cooldown and has inconsistent damage output. In addition, it has a chance to stub the target several times. As a result, it is best suited for a tank that can afford to use multiple weapons. Despite its low damage output, the Spear of Luna is still an excellent choice for tanking.

The storyline revolves around a hunter named Yufine. This hunter is also a half-dragon. She is the final antagonist in the Halloween Manor side story, and a major antagonist in Episode 3. Despite the fact that she was the original hunter of humans, she was enraged by the hunter’s killing of her parents. She also finds it interesting that the hunter was not human.

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