Epic Seven 2nd Anniversary Event Announced!

If you’ve been playing the Epic Seven game for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard about the upcoming 2nd Anniversary event. However, the event has yet to be announced, either on Stove’s website or in-game. However, you can expect a lot of free stuff during the event, including a free 70-summon event and free buffs. To learn more about the 2nd Anniversary event, read on!

Burning Passion Pack

If you have played the popular anime-themed mobile role-playing game, Epic Seven, you’ve most likely heard about the upcoming Spring Season. To celebrate the occasion, the game has made several changes to the game’s events. For starters, you can now unequip equipment for free and enjoy special events such as the Weekend Buff and Check-in. Besides, this event is open to all players across the world, meaning you can purchase this pack once per day, regardless of which server you’re playing on.

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