League of Legends – Arbiter Vildred

Arbiter Vildred is a mage with an excellent attack and defense stats. In addition to her AOE attack, she has two single-target attacks: Encroach, which procs when an enemy is 50% HP or lower, and Conviction, which is a single-target attack that scales with the amount of health an enemy has left. Conviction can be Soul-burned to increase its damage output. Sweep, on the other hand, attacks two enemies at once with damage that scales with Vildred’s speed. Additionally, the Vildred’s Dancing Blade increases her Combat Readiness and Attack stats.

Arbiter Vildred

Arbiter Vildred is an excellent cleave-based Hero with a base SPD of 105, full blind-inflicting AoE, free revive, and a high damage output. His first skill reduces the combat readiness of two enemies, and his second skill hits harder than his previous one. In addition to this, his Revive mechanic makes him a perfect counter to teams with high health.

In arena and guild war, Arbiter Vildred is a popular choice. The builds are now more even, allowing the character to kill other Arbiter Vildreds. The arbiter is best used as a sustained damage dealer and revive DPS. Regardless of whether you’re using her as a cleaver or a tank, you’ll likely find her to be the most effective pick for the role.

While Arbiter Vildred is very good at farming, green vildred is the more effective choice. The green vildred also gives you a self attack buff and follows up on kills, making it a much better choice for farming. However, Arby is element-neutral and lacks a self-attack buff. Arby and Vildred are not very nice, and they both do what they can to get the upper hand.


The book Y/N for Vildred is a YA novel that follows two young women, one of whom is a princess. The king gave them tutoring, but they were jealous of his attention. The king assigned a butler to help them with their work. When Vildred was introduced to a boy about three years her junior, she became curious about him. Vildred envisioned herself as a cold, aloof princess, but after he introduced her to her cousin, she was more likely to be a brilliant ruler.

Despite Vildred’s seriousness, he is also very funny. Despite being a nobleman, he is still a good friend. He’s the kind of person who stands up for what’s right, even when others may not be as sympathetic. He’s also the kind of person who is willing to do anything to protect his loved ones from unwanted pressure. As a result, he’s a great companion to have around.

As an AoE character, Vildred has a great range of damage. She can one-shot the Banshee 11 encounter and is decent at cleaving. She’s also pretty good at cleaving, and she’s great at it. Vildred also has an aoe-centric kit, so she’s great for speed farming. Although she lacks single target damage, she has great versatility and an awesome self-buff. Vildred’s lack of utility skills and debuffs makes her a great choice for new players.


In the game of League of Legends, Sez vs. Vildred is one of the most popular and contested matches. While both units can be very effective in a team situation, there are some differences between the two. While Vildred is a better choice for high-speed divisions, Sez is a viable choice as well, especially when facing teams that use fire and molestous abilities.

The main differences between Sez and Vildred are centered on the class and game mode. While Vildred is more suited to cleaving in PVE, Sez is a viable choice in arenas and is good at arena cleave. However, Sez’s cleave only does 10k damage even with an atk buff, making her a better choice for soloing.

Vildred has a great passive. While Sez will hit enemies again when their health is less than 50%, she will also activate her passive if the enemy is killed. While Vildred isn’t a must-have reroll character, she is still a solid choice for early arena content. In Arena, she’s useful in Automaton Tower, Banshee, and early ranks. And as a tank, she can be useful in early game content.

Dark Blade

Arbiter Vildred is a great option for PVE, PVP, and PVE-P players. She has a passive revive ability and full AoE attack. Vildred can be built squishy, which is great in both PVE and PVP. Her three skills also have no cooldowns, so she’s a great choice for both situations. Here are some of her best abilities.

Arbiter Vildred: Vildred’s ultimate skill, the Dark Blade, attacks enemies and inflicts massive damage. It also decreases enemy hit chance by 50% for 2 turns. When used correctly, this skill is very dangerous, especially against PvP cleave teams. Despite the low defense stat, Vildred’s S3 attack can hit multiple targets. She has a strong synergy with Charles.

Sez: Both Vildred and Sez are great cleave units, but Vildred has a few advantages over Sez. Vildred is more versatile and performs better in almost every game mode. Vildred has several advantages over Sez, but Sez is the better choice for PVE and farming. A few things to consider before choosing your unit. You’ll want to prioritize the skills that matter to you and the role you’ll play.

Free revive

Arbiter Vildred has a passive that activates whenever a unit dies, bringing revive, invincibility, and full healing. It also resets the cooldown of s3, making it a viable counter to extinction. But it has some downsides that make it less effective for PvP. This article will take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this unique DPS unit.

Arbiter Vildred is a useful clean up sweeper. Against revived allies, she is best against melee targets, and has a 30% damage bonus to all abilities. The cooldown of her revive also resets when she scores a kill. As a PvP character, Freevildred’s S2 is particularly useful because it resets her cooldown after every kill. It also resets the cooldown of Dark Blade, making it a valuable tool in PvP.

Arbiter Vildred is a cleave-based Hero with high base SPD, a full blind inflicting AoE, and free revive. It has high damage, and a Revive mechanic that resets when the target dies. This makes Vildred a good counter to cleave strategies in GW and arena. In addition, it’s also a useful counter for himself.

Defense base stat

While Vildred’s base defense stat is one of the lowest in the game, her attack and damage abilities scale with her Speed. Combined with her S3 ability, Vildred can deal massive amounts of damage to opponents. The best team composition for Vildred is a Speed-cleave team with a CR pusher and an Attack buffer. She can be used with Tenebria, Rose, and Roozid SC.

Vildred’s defensive base stat is very low, but the seller buffs make her more viable than other DP units. Besides that, she can give her allies extra speed when they are fully imprinted in her memory. She also carries two spells, one of which grants additional speed. Vildred is a versatile character who is good for both PvP and PvE. She has a great attacking skill and is an excellent teammate, especially when she is the main man.

Arbiter Vildred is a good pick in PvP teams. While her health may be low, she has the free revive skill and can put out a ton of damage. Vildred is also very effective against squishy PvP cleave teams. Vildred has a great passive skill that decreases two enemies’ combat readiness. In addition, her S3 attack is a lot more powerful now.

Cooldown of S1

Vildred is an Earth Thief who specializes in large amounts of AoE damage. She is frequently used in World, Side Story, Hunts, and Arena for speed farming. She is an excellent choice for a team looking to wipe out opponents in a single turn. Vildred’s passive ability allows her to snowball mobs, which she can then use to annihilate the entire enemy team. As a result, Vildred is usually paired with an CR booster and can be used to quickly wipe out opponents.

To use Vildred, Kiris or Basar can upkeep her poison. Both of these units are excellent options for removing Melissa’s curse. Vildred can also ignore the curse mechanic when using her non-attack skills. To use this spell, you must also have S1 and S.Tene S1 available. Using the CR buff while on cooldown is also a great idea. Using poison on an enemy will chip away at her health, and Kiris or S Tene can help with that.

If you’re not looking for a healer, Vildred is a good option. She has a decent amount of damage per second and a crit chance. She can also survive with a curse and a high speed. Her primary weakness is her long first name, which can be shortened to “Momo” in some games. You can also use her as a fast opener for cleave teams and get an enemy’s skill cooldown reduced with the Invincibility buff. She can also use a Soul Burn to deal a lot of damage. But you need to be careful about immunity sets, as she can get screwed if you’re not careful.

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