YouTube 100 000 Subscriptions Giveaway

The YouTube 100K Subscriptions Giveaway is back, and this year it’s sponsored by Tenorshare. The award-winning software company will give away a $100 Amazon Gift Card to the winner, along with a $30 Spotify gift card and a $25 Netflix or Hulu gift code. The winner will also receive a customized play button. While the prizes aren’t exactly cheap, they’re definitely worth it.

YouTube’s Creator Awards

If you have a YouTube channel and have reached a certain number of subscribers, you can apply for one of YouTube’s Creator Awards. These awards are given out to the top creators of popular videos and are based on subscriber count. However, the awards are only given out at YouTube’s discretion. To get one of these awards, you must submit your video to YouTube and earn at least 500 subscribers. Then, you will receive a Plaque and Play Buttons from YouTube.

Since the start of YouTube, it has grown into a popular social platform that has made it one of the most popular sources of video content. Over time, the biggest creators have developed loyal audiences and created a subscription system to reward their loyal followings. Though many of these awards are already familiar to regular YouTube users, there are some that are still relatively new to long-time fans. Read on to learn about some of the newest awards that YouTube has to offer.

For now, however, the awards are primarily for creators who are making videos and sharing them with the world. YouTube’s Creator Awards program is currently being evaluated for the 2018 awards. Aside from removing creators with infringing copyright, it also has stricter criteria for its Partner Program. YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki also announced that mistakes will be more severe. While it is unclear what changes will come to the Partner Program in the coming years, we can be assured that the YouTube community has its finger on the pulse.

The awards are given in three tiers. The first tier is the Silver Play Button. It is the first award that a serious YouTube creator will receive. It is given to creators who have 100,000 subscribers or more. Aside from a letter from YouTube CEO, the award also comes with a $500 gift card. For a channel to reach 100,000 subscribers, it is essential to maintain consistency, create content regularly, and actively engage with the community.

The Red Diamond Play Button

PewDiePie is a popular content creator on YouTube, and he’s now received the Red Diamond Play Button as a 100 000 subscribers gift. He’s one of the few content creators to reach this milestone. PewDiePie has received more than 110 million subscribers, making him one of the most subscribed people on the site. This red diamond play button is one of a limited number of YouTuber gifts, and he gave it away to fans of his channel as a way to thank them for their support.

The red diamond plaque is the highest award a YouTuber can receive, and it’s the perfect way to thank your loyal subscribers for watching your videos. The prize is a red diamond-shaped play button carved by Baccarat workers. Baccarat’s crystal-forging process results in a red triangular crystal that resembles the play button. The red diamond award was originally given to YouTube users with at least 100 million subscribers.

The Red Diamond Play Button is reserved for the biggest channels on YouTube. Content creators with over 10 million subscribers are awarded with the button. The button is made of silver-plated metal, and it features a large crystal in the center shaped like a play button triangle. YouTube awarded the diamond play button to T-Series and PewDiePie, the first two most popular channels. As of August 2018, only two channels were awarded with the Red Diamond Play Button.

In 2015, only 35 channels were awarded the YouTube diamond play button. The custom-made button commemorates a channel’s first million subscribers, and is made to highlight its logo. The Red Diamond Play Button is a rare gift that only a few successful YouTube channels have received. But it’s certainly not a bad present to give to a loyal fan or follower. In addition to the play button, the Red Diamond Play Button also comes with a plaque.

The Custom Play Button

A YouTube Subscriber who reaches 100,000 subscribers is eligible to receive a custom-made play button made from machined aluminum, which is embedded with a crystal. It is given free of charge to YouTubers who reach this milestone. It is also free for those who live outside the U.S. and are a resident of a country that permits custom-made buttons. However, you can still choose not to receive a play button, if you don’t wish to receive a gift from YouTube.

There’s an alternative option, however. A YouTube creator can purchase a custom play button that matches their channel’s theme. A custom button can come in different sizes and designs, and won’t reveal what the recipient is receiving. These gifts are alson’t guaranteed. If you have more than ten million subscribers, you must wait until you reach 100 million before you can claim another gift.

Before applying for a YouTube play button, make sure your content adheres to the YouTube community guidelines. It’s not always easy to get a button, and it takes some time to earn one. However, if you follow the guidelines, you’ll be rewarded with one. If your content is too controversial or far-right, it will most likely be denied. To get a play button, you’ll need to post regularly on YouTube.

Other YouTube 100 000 subscribers gifts include a T-Series play button and a Canal KondZilla award. This award is round and made of black, with a logo that says “50 milhoes” in Portuguese. BLACKPINK’s custom play button features a pink stand with the YouTube logo, and is based on their upcoming live concert on YouTube in December 2020.

The 17-inch Golden Play Button

If you want to receive the most exclusive YouTube subscribers gift, there’s only one step to reach this goal: get to 100,000 subscribers. The first step to getting the YouTube play button is to post on YouTube at least twice a week. It’s best to post at least once or twice a week, but this isn’t mandatory. It all depends on your audience and niche.

The YouTube 100 000 subscribers gift is a special button made in the shape of a fist. The recipient of this prize will receive a signed letter from YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. This gold-plated play button is a little smaller than other play buttons and is made from 92% nickel. Only a few YouTube channels are eligible for the Gold Play Button.

The next step is to earn the YouTube Creator Award. During VidCon 2012, YouTube introduced a new way to get YouTube Play Buttons. It would give creators a way to celebrate their achievement and increase their visibility. The goal of this new award was to get a million subscribers, but only 78 channels were eligible. To celebrate this achievement, YouTube executives Tim Shey also announced that creators who have reached one million subscribers would be rewarded with a golden play button. Besides the Play Buttons, creators would also receive a DSLR camera case and a $500 gift card. Eventually, these rewards would be followed by the Silver and Gold Play Buttons.

Another award that YouTube provides for YouTube creators is the Diamond Play Button. This award is the highest for a creator, and it requires a million subscribers to earn it. The award is a giant play button encased in silver-plated metal with a crystal inset in it. During the ceremony, the play button will be on display at the Musee Baccarat museum in Paris.

The 17-inch Gold Play Button

Reaching 100 thousand subscribers on YouTube requires a lot of effort. The gold play button isn’t the easiest to get. Most YouTubers have silver buttons or gold-plated ones. The gold play button has a gold brass cover and is much larger in size. It also has a gold letter of congratulations on the front. It’s not clear what the letters mean, but they can help YouTubers reach that milestone.

It’s not easy to get the YouTube 100 million subscribers award, but once you’ve reached this milestone, you can buy a gold button. It costs $200 USD, which translates to about PS150 in Great British Pounds. To get one, you have to import it from the United States. A newer addition to the YouTube Creator Award Library is the gold letter.

If you’ve reached one million subscribers on YouTube, you can claim a gold play button. YouTube has a special program for this. The channel owner must have at least one million subscribers to receive this gift. The button is 17 inches long, which makes it the perfect size to place on a computer monitor. The gold button is also engraved with the channel name and logo.

The 17-inch Gold Play Button is the second tier of the YouTube Creator Awards. In order to qualify for the award, a channel must have at least one million subscribers. It’s bigger than the Silver Play Button, and it’s made of gold-plated brass. There are only a few thousand Gold-plated play buttons, but the first one was given in 2013.

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