Epic Seven Lilias Guide

Among the best gamers in PVE and also PVP in the game is Lilias, who can be described as a tanky knight. She can reduce enemy wellness and damage with her AOE capacity and additionally strikes opponents with an assured twin attack. This makes her a tanky knight who becomes a second leaver in the group as a result of her damages skill. Lilias is taken into consideration the most effective storage tank in the video game, yet that doesn’t suggest she’s the best option for each gamer.


The Fire important Knight Lilias is the best selection if you want to create a good situation as well as protect your allies from debuffs. You need to equip this tool with the Stronghold of Perlutia, which provides a barrier at the start of the fight, protecting your toughest Hero. As an added perk, Lilias and also Stronghold of Perlutia additionally raise your mobilize rate. If you outfit Lilias with them, you will get a higher mobilize rate and 100% warranty to mobilize the highlighted Hero. Upon getting to 120 summons, you will reset the Summon Counter as well as 100% assurance to summon your featured Hero.

While the Holy Sacrifice Artefact has a niche amongst certain heroes, it works when used properly. This ability can be incredibly aggravating when utilized on an opponent as well as leaves your main hero beyond the GW. However, it does provide some wonderful damage reduction. So, if you’re not exactly sure about the right tool to furnish, keep reading. There are several excellent Artifacts for this hero.

The Lilias’ Location of Impact is a significant possession in Gamer vs. Environment and PvP gameplay are excellent for this device, as well as you can use it also without a high Result Resistance. Its Area of Result can additionally debuff allies and also reduce their Fight Preparedness. She can additionally provoke opponents, as well as has actually an assured dual assault on Ability 1. The Lilias’ S3 offers much more damages as well as makes her an exceptional choice for cleave systems. For maximum effectiveness, you’ll need high gear and team synergy.

When you have Lilias furnished, you’ll have a boosted chance to assault and also heal opponents. Lilias’s base assault rate is 110 as well as she also has the self-built CR increase. The double attack makes her a functional personality, as she can load virtually any kind of function in the celebration. Yet there are a few essential weak points that will make her a good selection. If you wish to make an excellent option for your Lilias construct, read on!


Lilias is a powerful healer with an excellent self-built CR increase and fast base rate. She is likewise extremely brilliant and can fill most duties. This makes her a superb container. She is thought about one of the very best players in PVE and PVP. Additionally, her recover skill can cleanse debuffs and also poisonous substance from enemies. Lilias can additionally counter the results of meta debuffs.

As a descendant of the judgment family of Perlutia, Lilias intends to become the most effective leader in Perland and sustain its unity with other cities. But she has a deeper aspiration. Lilias is the latest personality in the Epic 7 expansion. Keep reading to find out more concerning Lilias’ capabilities as well as exactly how to furnish her in the video game! Below is a Lilias guide to get you started.

Unlike various other therapists, Lilias can be utilized as a tank. She can heal most devices as well as give defense aficionados. Her S3 as well as S2 skills can also give a group defense enthusiast. She is extremely useful against Apocase Ravi and ML Ken. In addition, her S1 heal has a gazing hit debuff. With her one-of-a-kind skill set, she is a good option for PvP and also PvE.

This game is an outstanding choice for a tank or a ranger. While the Warrior and also Thief can be a great suit for tankiness, the Ranger has lots of offensive power as well as high speed, yet calls for a good develop. In addition to being a fantastic container, Ranger has broadband as well as offensive power. It is advised to purchase a quality develop, as it is very tough to update.


There are a number of Lilias builds offered, each with different toughness and also weak points. Lilias is a versatile unit that can fit any kind of playstyle. This build is particularly strong in teams with colleagues with solid S1’s, 50% DEF break, and/or an S1 CR booster. It also uses an Emphasis stacking auto mechanic, which supplies a terrific equilibrium of ATK/SPD Lovers and also debuff-inflicting S1. Lilias constructs likewise allow players to do dual damages or triple the damage they deal with their S3 as the result of a vital hit.

A Lilias construct is one that focuses on rate as well as hp to make her as flexible as possible. A Lilias build with high crit damage, a reduced CR, and also a high assault stat will certainly make her an excellent option in either mode. Depending upon your video game style, Lilias can be a fantastic device for PvE or PvP. The even more functional your Lilias build is, the extra efficient she will certainly be.

The very best Lilias builds are adaptable and can be used to load any function in your team. Lilias’ base speed is 110, that makes her an excellent option for mid-level groups. She can likewise furnish various other heroes to boost her general rate. As a participant of the Perlutia royal family members, Lilias offers a full series of offensive as well as protective properties. While she’s not the strongest hero in the video game, she can include substantial value to a group.

A Lilias construct ought to likewise have an assistance healer. If you don’t have one, you might intend to take into consideration an assistance healer rather. This will allow Lilias to survive large Golem hits. If you choose to utilize her in automobile mode, she can additionally help your allies survive significant Golem strikes. Lilias is an effective Fire system, as well as it’s necessary to maintain an assistance healer nearby to sustain her. It’s additionally essential to note that Lilias can be utilized as an Aurius owner.

Character summary

Lilias is just one of the characters in the Legendary 7 tier listing. She is called the tankiest player in the game, with her AOE as well as clean capacity assisting her to debuff allies and also reduce opponents. Lilias can also attack enemies with her guaranteed dual attack. The damage skill she possesses can likewise make her the second leaver on your group. This write-up will help you comprehend more concerning Lilias.

The most effective way to play Lilias is to play her in the very early video game, where her flexibility is most valuable. Lilias’ AOE can debuff any ally and she has no negative aspect in essential damage. She is a good storage tank personality, so you need to wait to furnish her with proper PVP gear until you have enough book markings to optimize her potential. After that, draw her with enough book marks to get better gameplay.

Artifacts for Lilias

When leveling ML Lilias, you require to recognize that she does not have her own artefact. There are a couple of exemptions to this rule, nevertheless. Lilias’ Location of Impact and dual strike are fantastic for both PvP and also PvE. For optimal performance, Lilias needs high gear and a high synergy with your group. Here are a couple of examples of Lilias’ major capabilities.

Hilag Lance: This is a great choice if you are handling inbound AoE strikes. The Hilag Lance can enhance your battle readiness by 15-30%. Furthermore, it functions especially well with your Angelic Montmorancy. If you are intending to make use of the Hilag Lance on Lilias, it is best to outfit it with her course, as the Angelic Montmorancy develops do not have a great guard.

Conqueror Lilias: Conqueror Lilias is an effective S1 device, able to damage Wyvern obstacles and even subjugate the pressures of South Perland. She aims to overcome other areas in Cidonia too. As a Light Warrior, Lilias can also mobilize Conquerors utilizing Galaxy Bookmarks or Moonlight Summon.

Angelic Montmorency: The first Lilia in Epic 7 is the least effective healer. After furnishing this product, she will certainly end up being one of the most reputable healer. Unlike her 5 celebrity counterparts, this Artifact additionally makes her much more steady and also sharp. It’s a strong choice for Arena, PvE, as well as PvP situations. You can utilize this product to raise the damages dealt by adversaries, or to execute special attacks.

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