Charles in Epic Seven

The voice of Charles in Impressive 7 is played by Crispin Freeman. His Japanese equivalent is supplied by Yasunori Masutani. This internet site is not connected with the production company and all hallmarks and logo designs belong to their particular owners. The original content is owned by Inyxception Enterprises, Inc., much better referred to as Behind The Voice Casts. It is an informal website. It does not consist of main quotes or info about the actors of the motion picture.


Charles is a Knight that excels at both PvP as well as PvE. His package can be used to reduce adversary damage and also remove aficionados, while his capability uses a selection of offensive and defensive builds. Using the Elbris Artefact as well as his combination S1 S2, Charles is an excellent selection for either kind of play. The Elbris Artefact grants his ability an assault and also defense aficionado, and also Charles has a cooldown of 3 secs, making him more versatile.

One of the more functional personalities in the video game, Charles is a great initial choice in World Sector and also a feasible selection for any type of cleave group. His counterattack is fatal and also his cleave ability makes him fearful for cleave groups. He can likewise be utilized as an assault buffer or an AoE DPS. In World Sector, Charles should be selected as the first or second pick.

In the video game, Charles is articulated by Crispin Freeman. The Japanese voice is provided by Yasunori Masutani. The personality additionally has a special backstory that was discussed in Episode 3. As the gamer progresses with the game, the characters progress as well as change in time. Some characters expand more powerful as they advance. In the second fifty percent of the video game, gamers can pick characters with various individualities to boost their team.

Gamers in the S tiers have the highest degree of power. The very best personalities in the S rate can tackle any individual in the game and also can also beat more powerful opponents. Personalities in the An and C tiers have suitable abilities, yet they can’t stand alone. They are most efficient in teams and also can beat enemies if they belong to a group. Nonetheless, they are not as effective as S-tier characters.


The staminas of Charles are his adaptability, his cleave-fighting, as well as his ability to one-shot opponents. While he’s not a tank, he works when made use of on a cleave team, as his eliminate skill can kill the majority of DPS in a single counterattack. His convenience additionally allows him to be efficient in the World Sector, where he’s commonly the initial or second pick.

As a bruiser, Charles is among the most effective choices in the game. His S3 gives him a team-wide Strike buff, and it can be used whenever an adversary strikes him. Charles’ S3 is a fantastic choice, as it enhances his damage when fewer opponents are present. It’s not an excellent combo choice, however Charles’ S3 can deal a considerable amount of damages without cooldown.

As a Knight Leader of the Order of the Sword, Charles is a highly regarded character. Because of this, he has an overprotective and also stiff approach, as well as he typically utilizes his huge sword to assault his enemies. In addition, Charles has a 80% dispel opportunity, and the damages he deals boosts proportionally to the variety of buffs he has given. His S1 procs after a solitary strike, while his S2 can be procced on a counterattack or dual attack. In addition, Charles’s Elbris artefact can be used to activate a Hit! (S2) combo.

As an Earth Knight, Charles is just one of the most effective bruisers in the video game. His counterattack will one-shot any DPS, and also his ability 2 eliminates all enthusiasts. Additionally, his skill 3 gives a team-wide Strike and also Defense aficionados. Nevertheless, he does call for an Elbris artefact to be most efficient. Ultimately, Charles is just one of the very best beginning units in the Planet meta for PvP.


If you’re searching for a container, take into consideration a Charles build. These bruisers are very flexible and also are feared by cleave groups. They can kill most DPS with a single counterattack. Therefore, they are good choices for a cleave team, strike barrier, or AoE DPS. As a result, they’re the top picks in Globe Sector. You can utilize the ideas below to help you choose the ideal one for your team.

Shadow Rose is a great defense breaker. Shadow Rose is best utilized with Imprint Concentration rather than Imprint Launch to avoid double strikes, which can split a Banshee. Darkness Rose likewise has good performance, which is the only stat she requires. If you’re considering a Darkness Rose, her effectiveness is possibly the just one that matters. The remainder of her stats will certainly be redundant. However, if you’re wanting to get the most out of her, see to it she has an appropriate ability.

Charles has a great deal of synergy with other heroes. He’s good with assist-based heroes such as Schuri, who has an extra assault on S1. It’s likewise an excellent choice for Rangers, that can utilize his Infinity Basket Artifact. Furthermore, Charles is likewise excellent with heroes that have varying aficionados. Angelica as well as Diene are wonderful options for this duty. You can also take into consideration Roozid for a well-rounded group.

If you’re looking for a one-shotter with a great deal of power, you need to take into consideration Charles. His Counterattack is particularly helpful for DPS, while his Decrease Speed, Stun, and also Fight Readiness provide him a lot of value to the team. The last 2 abilities are also great for one-shotting squishies and also bothersome DPS. So, go for Charles if you’re trying to find a storage tank with good offensive as well as protective capabilities.


When it comes to harmony, Charles has a respectable record. His damage decrease are both great, however his low HP and DEF make him less than optimal for tanking. Therefore, his most efficient harmony is against challengers that rely upon enthusiasts as well as dispels to endure. But this does not imply that Charles wears versus adversaries without enthusiasts. This hero is a superb selection for any kind of group, as well as can likewise be used with heroes that provide different enthusiasts.

In PvP, Charles is a very powerful DPS and also dispeller. He’s additionally incredibly quickly, so he can be a scary anti-cleave option. His self-defence aficionado will boost his damages outcome proportionally to the number of buffs he gets from adversaries. He also has a powerful kit that revolves around minimizing adversary damage and rubbing his own team.

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