Improving Your Luluca Build


There are a few things you can do to improve the performance of your Luluca build, and the following are some of those things. First, you’ll need to pick a support Hero. Luluca is an excellent choice for defense and has a good set of offensive options, but she also benefits from a CR pusher or a DEF Breaker. These two Heroes are great options because they can balance out Luluca’s lower Speed stat. Luluca’s Cleanse is especially useful, and Tamarinne makes an excellent partner for it. Alternatively, Lots can fill in for the role.

Top Model Luluca

Top Model Luluca is a new 5* Dark Mage with an interesting skill kit. She’s capable of mitigating a large portion of a hero’s damage through damage sharing and her self-attack buff. Not only that, but her S2 gives her and all her allies combat readiness, which is great for teamwork. As a dps hero, Top Model Luluca can also provide a strong edge in team combat if she’s built for speed and damage.

If you’re looking for a cool T-shirt with Top Model Luluca art, you’ll want to check out the Dignus Orb. This item grants a massive shield and stealth while granting Top Model Luluca an even higher damage boost. These items are also quite easy to find and they’ll give you a big boost in your damage and stealth. If you’re looking for a fun, easy-to-follow way to get started, you can look into a Top Model Luluca fan art shirt.

Ice element mage

As an Ice element mage, Luluca is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a versatile supporting character. With her solid supporting capabilities, Luluca can set up damage dealers, sustain a team with barriers, or deal with enemies herself. Luluca’s Wild Wave attacks one enemy at a time with a chance to decrease its Defence by two turns and scales off of the enemy’s depleted health.

The Mistychain is a 5 Star Ice elemental unit that is classified as a Soul Weaver. It can remove debuffs from allies, grant barriers, and increase attack and combat readiness. Mistychain also has a chance to inflict two burn effects, which reduces an enemy’s Defense by 25%. When used on an enemy, Mistychain’s Blessing will grant a temporary enraged condition that dispels buffs.

While Luluca can be quite versatile, the mages that use her can’t keep up with her. She is stat-hungry and needs a balanced mix of stats. If you push one stat too much, it will negatively affect the other roles. You should try to balance ATK and Spd by rolling decent substats on your gear. If you’re playing Luluca in PvE, you’ll find her to be a great asset in the Abyss, Wyvern, or Raid.

A Mage can use either the Fire or Ice element. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You should know what you’re getting yourself into before choosing a build. Choose one that works for you and your character. If you’re having trouble choosing between the two, you can try an Ice element mage build. It’s a great way to level up your class. If you’re unsure, try a Mage Build for Luluca

While a Dark element Mage can be great for PvE, an Ice element Mage builds for Luluca have the added benefit of reducing AoE defence. It’s also important to make sure your teammates don’t get hit by enemies when you’re using the Ice/Lightning arch mage. You can also equip a Dark element Mage to reduce the amount of damage they take.

Ice element defense breaker

When building for Luluca, a high raw ATK and C.Rate are crucial. This builds will increase Luluca’s damage and shield. In addition, sacrificing EFF% for Crit Chance is a good idea. You should also keep your DPS in mind, since this build will be focused on DPS. But before you make your final decisions, you should take note of the following guidelines.

An Ice element defense breaker build for Lulucola is an excellent choice for any Luluca team. This build will include a strong S1 and a strong S3 that increases damage over time. This build will also include two support skills to boost your team’s sustain. Luluca’s support skills are important for making your team sustainable, so you should make sure to pick a partner that can fulfill that role. Luluca shines in PVE, where she can be useful for speed farming Adventure Stages, clearing Abyss floors, and slaying the toughest bosses.

If you want to make an Ice element defense breaker build, you’ll want to focus on S3 damage. Luluca’s S3 can be very useful, as it gives her a nice burst of damage. It increases by 20% each time you cast it, and has a max damage of 60%. Luluca’s S3 also has a high chance to break DEF, despite the fact that it’s only a single attack. As long as you have enough HP, you should be fine.

Another Ice element defense breaker build for Luluco is a two-legged hero. Kitty Clarissa, a four-star hero, has high attack and defense and is good for debuffing. Its damage can be mitigated with Skill 1 Burns and Song of Stars’ Target. This hero is also good for three-man teams, as it has lower gear requirements.

During the first stage, Luluca’s passive skill specializes in killing adds, while Kul-Hul is the secondary debuffer. With an 85% crit chance, you can use Seaside Bellona instead of Taranor Guard, if you’d rather sacrifice a little bit of speed for more crit damage. Moreover, the defensive buff will allow you to survive the heaviest hits. The only drawback is that Luluca’s barrier and defense buff will be stripped after one hit. Moreover, Luluca’s S2 will give you two buffs, which can lead to overusing one spell.

Ice element healer

The Ice element healer Luluca build is one of the best choices if you want to play in PvE. This unit is an excellent choice for PvE play since most Mages are geared towards offense. But unlike other healers, Luluca is capable of playing both defense and offense. Her base Attack and Critical Hit Chance make her a good choice for PvE play, and her DEF is also quite high, making her a good choice for PvP and Raid.

To maximize her healing potential, the Ice element healer Luluca build should focus on three elements. Firstly, she needs to equip the Angelica soul, which provides a 50% chance to heal for a short duration. Secondly, Luluca needs to equip high-end gear. A good tank should be able to take down even the most powerful enemies. While it is not a necessity, it is a good idea to invest in the Furious pet as this will give you a good tank. Lastly, a good tank should also be water or a sub healer, but it does require a lot of investment.

Lilias can counter debuffs on allies and are very effective against Wyverns. Her Provoke skill is also convenient in PvP because she can provoke enemies without being at an Elemental disadvantage. The downside is that she won’t miss against Ice enemies, but her S3 scaling skill increases with your ally’s highest attack. This is one of the main reasons why Lilias are such a great option for PvE.

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