Epic Seven Charlotte Guide

The Epic Seven side story titled “Heavy Lies the Crown” is now live on Smilegate Megaport. This story will focus on the character Charlotte and will increase the drop rate of various items. Players can also use the Exchange to purchase items for Charlotte. You’ll be rewarded for progressing through this side story. In addition to this, Charlotte will have increased drop rates in the battles. There are some tips and tricks you can follow to increase your drop rates.

Destruction is Charlotte’s best DPS set

Destruction is Charlotte’s best DPS, but it’s a bit slow to build Focus, and doesn’t offer much of a CR push. But if you’re running Charlotte in an MMO and you want to maximize your DPS without having to worry about ailments, the set is a solid choice. If you’re not in a MMO, Destruction/ Crit is a better choice.

While Destruction is Charlotte’s best DPS build, she’s still quite weak on utility. She can’t reliably trigger her Atk buff, her Defense Break, or her Stun. Her utility is also weak and goes to waste in most battles. However, her damage buff and AOE Stun are still useful, and she’s much better than Charles in PvP. So, if you play Charlotte, don’t be afraid to play her!

As a Destruction player, you’ll want to maximize the effects of your Warrior Artifacts. The Warrior Artifacts provide a variety of effects and can help compensate for your lower speed, Atk, and Crit Chance. These artifacts can also be used by non-magical characters to increase their damage and AOE. However, they can be more expensive than their non-magic counterparts, so make sure you’re prepared to invest some money.

Rage is Charlotte’s best DPS set

This set is a great choice for DPS. This set is a dps-oriented DPS set and comes from the Arx Corinium dungeon. It gives a minor force buff that doesn’t require skill activation and works for every class. In addition, the set is one of the easiest to farm and use for primary 5pc farming. Another great choice is the Mechanical Acuity set. It has a long cooldown, but is good for solo arenas.

Rage is Charlotte’s best DPS build, and she can use this set to deal with most enemies in the game. It also has a great damage buff from the Mantle of Siroria and a high critical chance. These sets can be worn as Jewels and Weapons to increase the DPS of your characters. You can also equip the Tzogvins Warband to boost your critical and offensive stats.

Holy Sacrifice is Charlotte’s best DPS set

The two Hero and Artifact sets, Holy Sacrifice and Charlotte, are considered the best DPS sets in the game. The Artifact grants you a chance to revive yourself after dying. The Hero will also have a higher summon rate than the Artifact. Both Hero and Artifact sets can be summoned in the game’s Summon tab. This banner is located in the Summon tab. Players can summon either Charlotte or Holy Sacrifice as regular covenant summons.

Charlotte’s dual attack with any ally on any skill

Charlotte is the strongest healer in Trials of Mana. While this is true regardless of class, Charlotte will always gain healing from dual attacks with any ally. The secondary focus of Charlotte will decide whether she learns attacking magic or boosting her strength. Choosing either path allows players to use her dual attack with any ally as their primary attack. However, if you want to focus on boosting your overall strength, Light path is the better choice.

The second and third skills are AoEs with stun effects and decrease the atk bar. As a result, Charlotte is stat heavy. She needs speed, accuracy, and damage to be a top-tier tank. However, she also has one attribute disadvantage that makes her a poor choice for B12 Dragons. Although she’s one of the best DPS characters, Charlotte has very few skills that allow you to multi-hit.

Charlotte’s AOE damage is one of the highest in the game

While Charlotte isn’t a tank, she is a very effective DPS unit. Her AOE damage is one of the highest in the game and she can dual-attack with any ally. However, her base attack is low, so you’ll want to build her for more speed and damage. Because of this, you’ll want to stack her crit damage and crit rate.

Although she’s a strong dogwalker, she’s not very fast. You’ll need time to prepare, and boss fights can take several turns. In PvP battles, however, Charlotte is quick to set up and can be a strong tank or bruiser. Her damage per second is also one of the highest in the game. AoE damage is important to your team if you want to stay alive in PvP.

While Charlotte’s main skill is a heal, her other abilities make her an excellent all-around player. Her main healing skill restores 50% of a target’s HP and gives them a half-health action bar. This can be used both offensively and defensively to increase the survivability of your team. By boosting your team’s survivability, you’ll be able to win more fights.

Charlotte’s AOE damage also Stuns on her S2

Charlotte, the wind sister of the Occult Girls, is an Attack-type monster with two area-of-effect attacks and a single target attack. Her single target attack stuns her enemies. Her first AOE decreases the attack power of all enemies in its area. Her second AOE attacks three times. The AOE is very useful when you’re facing a lot of enemies. Verad, the Wind Queen, is a Defense-type monster, but her skill set is such that she can cause significant damage.

Def Up, Charlotte’s S2-based utility attack, slows down the offensive pressure of her opponents and gives them a 50% chance to be fully mola’d. She is very tanky and has high def, but has a short cooldown. She also has an average amount of HP and def. Despite being a decent all-rounder, she is hard to use on defense, and her base speed is only 117.

Elbris Ritual Sword

If you are looking for an epic five-star knight artifact, you should consider the Elbris Ritual Sword for Epic 7. The Fighting Spirit is an unusual and powerful elemental attack that deals high damage to all enemies and allies. This skill is best used by Heroes that can exploit the Elbris’s traits. A Knight without the Elbris will struggle to do their job properly.

The Artifact of the Fallen Cecilia increases the defense of all allies and helps them share the damage they deal. This artifact is great for Knights, Adventurer Ras, Rose, and Falconer Kluri. During your opponents’ turns, you will have a 30% greater attack. The fully awakened artifact also has a 100% chance to dispel debuffs. It is a powerful weapon for your PvE team and you can use it on any soulweaver.

Hilag Lance

The Hilag Lance is an incoming AoE attack that increases combat readiness by 15-30%. It’s most commonly used by Lillias. Depending on what class you’re playing, the Hilag Lance can be helpful in a variety of situations, such as tanking or defending. In addition to its defensive role, the Hilag Lance can also be used to deal more damage with S1 and clutch S3.

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