Epic Seven 2nd Anniversary Event

Epic Seven

As the title suggests, the upcoming 2nd Anniversary event is a great time for the game. While it hasn’t been announced on Stove’s website, we’ve heard of a lot of free stuff that’s being offered to players in celebration of the game’s anniversary. Some of these items include 70 Free Summons and Free Buffs. Here are some of the more interesting things to expect during this event.

Days of Brilliance

Epic Seven’s 2nd Anniversary event is coming soon. Though Stove hasn’t made any official announcements, we’ve heard that we can expect a ton of free items, free summons, and more! Here’s everything you need to know! Read on to learn more about the upcoming free summons, unequip event, and more. Also, get the scoop on the new covenant summons.

70 free summons

The latest patch for Epic Seven is set for 2022 and will include a Free Covenant Summon Event. This is a special event that will give players an extra 10 summons per day. It will be available for seven days and will also reset your summon count. After the event, you can use the free summons you have already earned to summon again. But keep in mind that if you haven’t yet summoned, your free summons won’t roll over to the next day.

The 2nd Anniversary event will start on 11/5 and will last for several days. During the event, you’ll also receive 70 free summons and get free buffs. You can also use your free summons to get better gear and summon new ones! If you’re looking for an opportunity to earn free summons, this is the right time to sign up. The game’s 2nd anniversary event is also a great chance to get free summons and other items. However, you must make sure that you use them wisely to make the most of them.

You’ll be able to receive these summons in the in-game store. However, the Burning Passion Pack is only available once per account per day. It will be displayed in the Lobby > Summon. To use the summons, you must make sure you have enough pity in your account to get them. You can also buy these free summons on the sale page of the in-game store.

Login bonus campaign

On November 7th, the game Epic Seven will be celebrating its second anniversary with the 2nd Anniversary Login Bonus Campaign. The event will give players access to 5 Hero Summons and 5 Ancient Relics, and will also introduce the game’s new Moonlight heroes. There will also be free items to collect, as well as a 70 Free Summons Event. But what exactly is the login bonus campaign and when can players access it?

To participate in this event, players can log in to their Epic Seven account for 7 consecutive days. During this time, they will be rewarded with 70 free summons, one unique artifact on day four, and daily rewards. For those who don’t want to wait until the anniversary date to get the rewards, they can take part in the FGO pre-campaign. The campaign will also give players the chance to unlock the new Arc 2 characters, such as the mysterious Shuna.

Burning Passion Pack

The Epic Seven Global Server 2nd Anniversary Event is going to be starting November 5th. It will feature plenty of free items to purchase, as well as a 70 Free Summons Event, Free Buffs, and more. But the biggest announcement will be the Burning Passion Pack. It will cost you only 3 gold, and you can buy it once a day per account. To purchase, go to the in-game store and look for the “Burning Passion Pack” on the Summon screen.

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