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If you’re looking to play a new 5-Star ML Hero, Belian is a great choice. She’s an RTA bruiser, can steal the Revive buff, and has a good AOE damaging skill. But there are a few things you should keep in mind. Read on to learn more about Belian. She’s a one-trick pony, so be aware of this. And don’t forget to check out her passive!

Belian is a new 5-Star ML Hero

Belian is a new five-star light elemental hero in League of Legends. He specializes in debuffing enemies and countering teams that rely on souls. While his skills deal large amounts of damage, his build should be tanky to avoid being blown away by his enemies. Belian’s signature skill, Light of Destruction, has a 50% chance to remove enemies’ buffs.

As with any ranking system, the list is based on character abilities. In this case, it’s important to note that tiers are designed to be difficult to beat. While this isn’t an overly difficult list, there are some weak points in the list, such as the difficulty of the character. The best approach is to get the highest possible rank for each character, which can be difficult to achieve unless you’re an expert at the game.

Initially, Rikardo was a meme in Epic Seven. But as his role as a ML 5* hero grew, he was quickly categorized as the worst one. Eventually, he was given balanced buffs, including a debuff dispeller, which allows him to dispel his team’s debuffs. His skills are still great, and his ability to deal damage to multiple enemies is still impressive.

Aside from being a PvP-oriented unit, Belian is also a new 4-Star Light elemental hero. He was introduced last week after a teaser earlier this month. This light version of Angelica is a PvP-oriented unit with a lot of PvP focus. One of his damage abilities is Ritualistic Touch, which has a 50% chance of inflicting the Silence debuff.

She’s an RTA bruiser

The belian is an RTA bruiser with a good range of damage, but its weaknesses make it hard to recommend for solo play. Kise is vulnerable to sniping and has broken stances. Soul prevent is useful for longer stall fights, but can be useless against cleavers. It has decent debuff pushback, but cerise is more effective as a buff stripper.

While Belian’s passive only stays up while he’s alive, his other skillset only works when he’s dead. Belian’s only AoE skillset is heavily countered in the meta, but he’s still strong in RTA. But his weak passive can make him a weak choice for solo play. This one-trick pony may have some flaws, but he’s still a solid choice if you’re looking for a strong RTA bruiser.

If you’re new to the game and haven’t played Belian yet, you should at least check out this guide. It includes RTA builds and Arena builds. Each build has a short description of how it should be used. It’s also important to note that the current build is generally more powerful than the previous one, so it’s recommended that you start out with the most current build.

If you’re not familiar with this character, you should know that he’s a solid pick for both rta and arena. He’s an AoE bruiser that can push back, and his high mobility and low cooldowns make him very difficult to kill. While you’re using him, try to avoid being overly aggressive and try to get some damage out of the enemy.

Pavel and Belian have different strengths and weaknesses, and you should try both out. Pavel is a good choice for first picks. Pavel can double kill arby and almost any other hero under 20k hp. Pavel can also Atk buff one hero. A strong team should be composed of a support, two mages, and a knight. If you have this composition, you’ll be a very good team player.

She can steal Revive buff

The Belian is a 5 star Light elemental unit that specializes in debuffing opponents and countering teams that rely on souls. His skills scale in damage according to his MAX health, so he is best suited for tanky builds. His passive has a 50% chance to steal the Revive buff. Belian is a one-trick pony, but he can still be very strong in RTA.

The Revive buff is important to have if you have a single-target attacker. If you have an Epic Seven, you’ll want to use it to counterattack an enemy. It’s also helpful to use it to revive Tamarinne, who will dispel Belian’s buff. This way, you can keep a constant supply of Soul Essence in your inventory. Belian also has access to Elbris Ritual Sword, which reduces enemy HP by up to 6% every time it hits.

Belian’s passive also suppresses the enemy’s soul gain. Soul burning is an important mechanic in the game, and taking it away can make a huge difference in team compositions. The more souls a unit has, the more useful it is, so taking away their souls will nullify many strategies. Most knights are built for survivability, but Belian is a good choice if you want to do damage.

Rikardo is another common option in the Epic Seven meta. Unlike Rikardo, he’s very cheap, but he’s still very bad. Despite his low stats, he’s an important support option in PvE. With a high base health and crit chance, he can help bail out tanky heroes. If you’re trying to survive against multiple enemies, a resurrected Mediator can be a good option. However, it’s important to keep in mind that he’s vulnerable to death, so it’s best to stay far away from him.

She’s an AOE damaging skill

Belian is a 5-star Light elemental unit that specializes in debuffing enemies and countering teams that rely on souls. His skills scale with his MAX Health, making him a tanky build that does damage and debuffs in one swing. Aside from damage, his skills also grant an AOE damage buff, which scales with HP. However, he is best built tanky since his third skill, Light of Destruction, has 50% chance to remove his opponent’s buff.

Incursion was originally supposed to be belian’s second skill, but was accidentally revealed as an extra attack. This skill has a low trigger chance and cannot be activated from dual attacks or counters. It is also important to note that Incursion has a soul prevention effect, but it doesn’t delete souls. It does still punish soul burning and soul-granting artifacts.

Encroach is a good AOE attack that procs when an enemy has less than 50% health. It also has a 50% chance to apply the Unhealable debuff to the enemy. Conviction deals single-target damage that scales with the amount of health the enemy has left. You can also Soul-burn Conviction to increase its damage output. Sweep is another great AOE attack that hits two enemies at once. This attack scales with Vildred’s speed and deal damage to two enemies. Vildred’s first skill also causes 10 costs of soul damage, so make sure to play this hero carefully.

While AOE damage dealers are useful in a pinch, they can also be an essential part of an RPG team. They can save a battle with their super abilities. Bellona is one such hero. She wears a bright blue kit and attacks with a fan. Her AOE damage is equivalent to the enemy’s maximum health, making it a vital piece of the team.

Belian can be used as a tank or an AOE damage dealer. She also has steal items and can heal herself with artifacts. Belian has a great base attack and can be built as a bruiser or damage dealer. She also has low disadvantages against elements. And her high base attack can be increased limitless. This means she can be used by any hero for the most damage possible.

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