Epic Seven Floor 80 Guide

If you are stuck on Epic Seven Floor 80, there are several strategies that can help you get through the encounter. The most effective of these strategies includes killing the yellow crystal and Dark Corvus, which can be done through CR manipulation, or by using a timer to use a race’s enrage timer. Whichever strategy you choose will depend on your units and the type of damage they can deal. If you have a team with CR manipulators, this floor can become a piece of cake. Then again, if you have 2 ST DPS, this will also be possible. Remember that the %HP of the Guardian does not affect Dark Corvus, so if you have a DPS that does, this floor can be a breeze.

Kiris is squishy

If you’ve tried leveling Kiris and are having trouble with the leveling experience, you can take some help from a guildie who did it before you. She was able to clear the floor with the help of a healer who could deal high damage to the boss. You should also have a support character to help Kiris. Dizzy is a great choice, especially with an Iela Violin. If you’re running solo, you can also use a dispeller to remove the buffs from the enemies.

While Kiris is squishy on Epic Seven floor 80, you can still finish it safely if you’re running with Arky. Then, don’t use S3, and instead use S1 to land single stacks on Violet. If you get hit, you’ll want to use an S2 to land a stack on Violet. If you’re using a support healer, Hazel is a great option, as she’ll have a good amount of health to restore.

While Luluca is an excellent choice as a DPS, it’s crucial to bring units that can provide two buffs to Kiris. Luluca, Riolet, and Arby are all great choices for this phase. DDJ or C dom can be beneficial, but it’s more important to ensure the team’s health, so don’t forget to bring one or two units with these abilities.

Tenebria’s AoE attacks

While the CR of Tenebria’s AoE attack is a bit weak, she can burst down in a single hit. If you are using the Jade Wind Scorpion, be sure to stack its poison. When you get to 50%, her allies will spawn, including Ras and Mercedes, who have increased damage and speed. They can be a serious threat, especially since Ras’s S2 procs a dual attack on Mercedes, making her a dangerous option against squishier units.

If you’re looking to get the best value out of your Automation Tower setup, consider Tenebria. She’s got a 70% chance to put enemies to sleep, CCing them constantly. She also has an extra passive effect that increases her defense and gives her 2 bonus turns each time her combat readiness decreases. Plus, her basic attack is uncounterable, and her damage doesn’t limit herself to just one unit. This makes her a very versatile unit that can be used against a wide range of popular counter units.

As a result, Tenebria is an excellent option for those who are looking for a heavy DPS AoE unit. With her high base DPS, she can wipe any team in a single blow. She can also become a heavy hitter with Kiris, Roozid, and the new Helga specialty quest. Those are the three best units in the game after the specialty quest.

Dizzy has a damage mitigation mechanic

Dizzy is a support class mage with a unique skill set that can greatly reduce damage and the cooldowns of his skills. Because he carries 3 debuffs and no stun/sleep, he is able to work with several other damage mitigation tools to greatly reduce the damage of his enemies. While he loses some flexibility with this skill set, it is still an excellent choice for a supporting role.

The best way to use this passive is to play it with units that can cast the Def Break. When using this item, make sure your team has a lot of HP and aren’t too sluggish. It is also a good idea to use other buffs such as Arby. If you’re having trouble deciding which buffs to use, make sure to bring some units with you that can deal a lot of damage.

While it is relatively easy to use Dizzy in this way, keep in mind that it only removes one debuff per turn. Overloading Sez can be difficult, so make sure you have some defensive buffs. You can also combine it with a skill nullifier. Staggering mushrooms is also a good strategy. Some notable characters to use for this floor include F. Kluri, a rogue who has a 100% chance to delay the mushroom.

Romann is accompanied by 3 Taranor Guards

This epic floor contains two tough boss fights, accompanied by three Taranor Guards. Both of these battles have similar mechanics to the Lab boss fight, but are more tuned. The second boss is similar to the 10-10 Archdemon Mercedes fight. As such, floor 80 is an endurance floor that requires good team compositions. The 3 Taranor Guards accompany Romann and provide moderate AoE damage.

Charlotte is surrounded by 4 mushrooms

The mechanics of this level are very simple but the damage output is very high. The best defensive utility for this level is Aurius. It’s best to stack it with other defensive buffs and a skill nullifier. Staggering the mushrooms is a good strategy as well. Another notable character to use is F. Kluri, who has high cycle turns and a 100% chance to delay a mushroom.

Charlotte has a damage mitigation mechanic

Little Queen Charlotte is a 5* Light element warrior with a defensive passive, low cooldown nuke, and a burst of damage. It reinforces Charlotte’s bruiser role and lets her be bulky and hit harder. She also has a damage mitigation mechanic that can be useful if you’re not getting the kills you need. Charlotte can also use her passive to create counter-kills and survive cleave teams.

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