Epic Seven Unknown Slate, Meteorshard, and World Fragment Guide

If you have just started playing the Epic Seven video game, you may be wondering how to get the Unknown Slate, Meteorshard, and World Fragment. In this article, we will cover some of the basics of these items and help you choose the best one for your game. You can also check out our tips for the other items in the game, including the Immunity set. These are all excellent purchases for a new gamer.

Unknown Slate

The Unknown Slate is one of the most rare items in the game. This item grants the party a 3.6% boost to a particular stat when they use a specific unit. You can only obtain it once per Arena season. However, you will have to spend Conquest Tokens to obtain this item. While equipment is more useful than a Memory Imprint, the Unknown Slate is definitely worth the investment.


The Unknown Slate is a piece of equipment that gives your party a certain stat whenever the unit uses that stat. You can only obtain one Unknown Slate per Arena Season. In addition, Unknown Slate can only be obtained through the purchase of Conquest Points. The last time you could acquire this item was during the balance change that nerfed many of the Natural 5 heroes. As such, it’s difficult to predict when it will be available again.

World Fragment

There are a lot of different things you can do with the Epic Seven Unknown Slate. This material is one of the rarest materials in the game, but it can give your hero a great boost to their Devotion Imprint, which is one of their most important attributes. You can also use this material to create different types of banners and increase their bonus stats. You can also use this material to improve your heroes’ abilities.

Immunity set

The Unknown Slate is an additional reward when you recall Heroes with Devotion Imprints. It grants the player immunity from debuffs for one turn. While it does not have any strict requirements, you may want to use it if you’d like to boost your stats. The strongest Hero set is the Speed set, as it provides the largest speed increase, but it isn’t necessary unless you’re using a hero that is built primarily for PvP. This set is worth a look, as it’s very useful for any PvP hero build.

Memory Imprinting heroes

When you have the right materials, you can upgrade your heroes by Memory Imprinting them. You can obtain this rare material by purchasing the Unknown Slate once a season. In order to purchase Unknown Slate, you must have Conquest Tokens. While the Memory Imprint is the most powerful tool in the game, it is still not as good as equipment. To be able to use the memory imprint properly, you should be familiar with the basics of the material.

The standard Memory Imprint is Imprint Release, which gives the team the stats of the hero based on their position. The second memory imprint is Imprint Concentration, which gives the hero specific stats. To use Imprint Concentration, you must have at least seven dupes. Imprint Concentration requires an Ego Fragment, which you can buy for 12 Transmit Stones.

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