World of Warcraft Floor 100 Epic 7 – How to Counter Bellona’s Damage Mitigation

Epic Seven

There are two viable strategies in this floor. One is to kill the yellow crystal, and the other is to kill Dark Corvus. Both strategies require some CR manipulation, and a race enrage timer. Obviously, which strategy is best depends on the units you’re using. Having CR manipulators and two strong ST DPS will make this floor a breeze, but you need to understand the threat and %HP of each enemy to pick the right approach.

Bellona’s S1 can be used twice in a row

While Bellona’s S1 is very strong, it can be over-used in the right situation. The best use for this skill is on the Violet floor, where Lilias and Destina are fantastic. The reason for this is because Violet is perma-buffed, so it’s not uncommon for her to get greater buffs when stripped. Violet’s cronies also do some impressive damage, and the attack buffs that they give him can change with timing.

Violet’s damage mitigation

There are several ways to counter Violet’s damage mitigation on floor 100 epic 7. In addition to using Bellona’s S1 to land single stacks on the target, you can use a Momo to counter buffs and debuffs. A momo or Tam can be used as a healer or as a crowd control. Violet can steal all three souls of any unit she hits.

Because of her strong damage mitigation, Violet is the ideal choice for any team that plays a team that is strong against Ice debuffers. Violet is particularly strong in Guild War, where she can be paired with Assasin Cartuja to increase the damage Violet deals and Dizzy to counterattack. A team composition with Violet and Dizzy is also quite popular. Lilas and Fire Ken are also good choices to stack with Violet.

The best way to maximize Violet’s damage mitigation is to stack up on her HP and SPD. Her %HP stat is low, so it is crucial to have high Crit Chance and Damage. Using a Lifesteal set is the best choice for Violet because of its ATK, SPD, Health, and Crit Chance. Violet also has an undispellable GDef and GAtk buff. These buffs are removed when Violet attacks green adds.

Tenebria’s threat

Among the top five heroes in the game, Tenebria is a feared threat. With her S3 attack, she begins the fight with an extra 10% health, and she has multiple mechanics, such as a 5% heal when debuffed and a 50% CR buff when hit. She also heals units that end their turn while debuffed. In addition, she has two nightmare adds that can silence enemies. The rest of her abilities are mostly AoE-based. She can also inflict attack and speed down damage, as well as a 6% defense break, and has a range of debuffs. With all these effects, she can quickly spiral out of control.

In PvP, Specter Tenebria is one of the best options for this task. Her S2 passive, Nightmare Illusion, makes her untargetable while remaining with an ally, and allows her to use allies as meatshields. This skill also triggers a unique stacking buff. Nightmare Illusion grants 10% each stack and can stack up to five times. When this buff stacks up, she gains an additional 30% damage.

The floor itself is mechanically easy, but difficult due to the damage output. Defensive utilities such as Aurius and skill nullifier are recommended to combat the threat. Staggering mushrooms is a good strategy to keep opponents off of your hero. A notable character to use for this task is F. Kluri, who has a 100% chance to delay mushrooms. This character also provides excellent sustain.

While fighting against the threat, you should keep Arky for respawns. While she is highly RNG, it’s a good idea to keep the passive helpers around to avoid being stunned by Violet. They can also be used for shields and swarms. This can also be done with Arky or Violet as a support healer. This strategy is ideal for both tanks and DPS teams.

Strategies for killing her

When it comes to the epic seven, you can go with a number of different strategies to help you kill the boss. First of all, you should always keep your Arky for respawns. This way, you can use it to counterattack invincible allies. You can also use passive helpers such as A.Cartuja and Violet, who can dodge stun. However, you should be careful when using Arky because he is a heavily RNG unit.

A second strategy involves the use of a yellow crystal. This is the most reliable way of killing this boss. You can also use a CR manipulator to reset the race enrage timer. The third strategy is to use a DPS unit such as Arky to consistently add DPS to the team. Finally, you can use Kromcruz to finish off Scorpetra, although this requires that you have a good amount of CR manipulation. You should also have at least two ST DPS units, and be sure to use your CR manipulators.

If you’re not sure how to approach the boss, try a stall team. If you have a tank, then it’s best to have a tank that can defend the entire team. This is a good strategy to avoid a lot of the damage that can be done by one tank. Depending on your class, you can choose one of these strategies – it’s not that difficult, but it can take some practice.

Another good strategy is to focus on Aither. This will help you clear the floor faster. By killing the Aither, you can also focus on your other targets. This way, you can avoid silence and minimize damage that they can do. These are a couple of tips that can help you kill floor 100 epic seven with ease. Keep these strategies in mind to maximize your chance of success. When you’re a master of your class, you’ll be able to clear the floor with little trouble.

Another strategy is to use debuffs. In Epic Seven, you’ll find that certain mushrooms can help you clear specific types of enemies. For example, purple mushrooms are effective for debuffing Charlotte. However, you should be careful not to use poison as it can crash your phone or emulator. Instead, you should try to land the final blow without using poison. If you’re not able to do that, try switching devices, restart your phone or restart the game. Most strategies will focus on using Kiris, but some may mention alternate methods if you don’t trust her.

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