E7 Abyss 100 Kiris Build Guide


E7 Abyss is a great build to try out if you’re looking to get into the meta. It’s a great build to start off with, as it requires a lot of CC, but Kiris is a very strong unit. You can also use this build for a 50+ team to get the most bang for your buck. If you’re interested in learning more about the building, check out my article below.

CC is mandatory in e7 abyss

When you are playing Abyss, CC is mandatory. There are a variety of units that can do this, but Fire Tenebria and Ravi are both recommended. Fire Tenebria also gives your team a def break. Celestine can also be very useful. She can help your team heal and stun Dingos. The SC Ras is another good option.

Kiris is a strong unit

The e7 abyss 100 Kiris is a strong DPS unit, but you’ll need support from 3 other characters to be as effective as possible. Dizzy is a great option with Kiris because she can help your team survive during Phase 1. You’ll also want to focus on killing Water-Powered Energia, as its defense stats are insane. If you can kill it before it takes 7 turns, your team will be in great shape.

Kiris can easily survive the first wave of the Abyss, and its gear requirements are low, making it easy to use. The Kiris compositions can handle most of the Abyss floors, but it is important to keep in mind that the units need to have decent gear to survive the explosions. For this reason, Kiris should be equipped with a Daydream Joker.

Dizzy and Kiris are great when working with the S.Tene, as they extend Kiris’ poison stacks and reduce the debuffs on S.Tene. Having both of these units will help you clear floors faster and get better gear. Kiris is also an excellent choice for floor 90 when combined with Dizzy. The team requires a lot of DPS, and Dizzy and Kiris can help you with that.

HYufine is a powerful DPS unit. This unit has an extremely strong DPS, but is not very useful in other areas. It has little PvP utility, and its CR push and cleansing are not as strong as those of dedicated units. The shaman is best used as an offense unit in PvP and only when playing against a Basar.

CC is required in e7 abyss

E7 Abyss is a tough stage with high PvE content, so you will need CC in order to win. The recommended units are Fire Tenebria, Ravi, and Bellona. Celestine is also an excellent choice for the second phase. The CC-rich SC Ras is also recommended. However, CC is not enough to win this stage.

CC is required in e7 abyss 50+

CC is an absolute must in this phase. The enemies have massive health pools, and the fights tend to last a long time. In addition, the %HP damage dealt by Daydream Joker, Bellona, and Sol is particularly strong. A team that relies solely on raw dps will struggle to clear a single floor. That is why sustain is critical, and units such as F.Kluri, Requiemroar, Rin, and Diene can all be helpful.

CC is required in e7 abyss 100

CC is the most important skill in E7, and there are numerous characters who can make the Abyss easy. For instance, Fire Tenebria provides CC and def break. Another great option is Dizzy with Iela violin. Also, DDJ can bring on a DPS. CC is essential in E7, but secondary effects are rarely used in later phases.

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