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If you’re seeking a tank that can dependably deal massive damages as well as debuff the adversary, you should take into consideration using Seaside Bellona. This thing offers 2 damage-increasing debuffs, so if your opponent has three or more debuffs, you need to pair with a reliable DEF breaker, such as Furious or Requiemroar. The debuffs Sigret supplies are extremely efficient, as well as when integrated with a tank, they can deal substantial damage.


A Beachfront Bellona is one of one of the most powerful PvP units in the video game. They have a very crammed set, consisting of damage-increasing AoE assaults. They also have a minimal artifact, Reingar’s Special Drink, that transfers 30% of damage to opponents. A Beach Bellona builds well with a DEF breaker or a container. While this Hero does have a few weaknesses, there are some that make her an excellent option for any type of team.

Although Beachfront Bellona is not an excellent selection for solo gamers, it can be a fantastic choice versus AoE-based decks. Its capability to take care of damages through AoE is likewise a major asset. Its affordable, brief cooldown, and also swarming speed make it a great choice for team compositions. However, it is very important to keep in mind that Beachfront Bellona is just one of the numerous champs offered in the game.

Weak points

While she is an effective ranger as well as first-class hero, Beach Bellona’s weak points are the same as those of other five-star heroes. Although she can not manage non-ice units, she can deal with ice devices. She is also at risk to adversary units, specifically in reduced leagues. Despite these weak points, Seaside Bellona is still a sensible option for Guilty Gear followers.

Although she’s a defensive break, Beach Bellona can’t outspeed most rapid systems. This implies she’s best as a pocket pick and is best made use of against teams that are not making use of water. Its natural damage decrease likewise makes her an excellent choice against non-water teams. She’s a good choice when you don’t need to be a tank, however you don’t intend to depend on her.

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Beach Bellona’s most significant weak point is a minimal capability to deal sustained damage. While she can deal high damages and also is quickly enough to move, she’s likewise vulnerable to AoE cleave groups. While it can be challenging to stabilize the damage of Beachfront Bellona, she can be developed into a container or full DPS develop. Along with damages, Seaside Bellona can be a great choice for melee DPS or suffer.

SS Bellona’s passive can be a big aid in a group scenario. She can move 30% of the damages she requires to another FRONTLINE Hero. This is a terrific means to distribute damages across the team as well as aid Aurius spread out the damages on the enemy team. In addition, SS Bellona can likewise repaint Targets for her colleagues. By doing this, she can help paint more enemies for the team.

Harmony with damage dealers

Harmony with damage dealers at Beachfront Bellona is a superb choice for damage-dealing decks. Her Soulburn effect disregards opponents’ impact resistance and allows her to deal large damages to them. You need to team her with a trusted DEF breaker such as Requiemroar or Furious, as their mixed damages can be big, especially if the adversary is under 3 or 4 debuffs. Achates can also be a great selection to make use of in a Seaside Bellona deck, and it is a fantastic way to give a tank the essential assistance to shield her.

Damages dealers at Beach Bellona have an exceptionally versatile package, making them a wonderful choice for sustaining AoE groups. They can be developed to deal large amounts of damages with their S2 counter strike, as well as their passive is capable of moving 30% of their damages to the enemy group. Nonetheless, if you’re seeking a DPS develop that is a lot more suited for a tanky construct, you can likewise think about building them as a full DPS.

Resistance aficionado

Beach Bellona is a Wyvern debuff. It’s a free debuff, yet takes on Furious for debuffs and also isn’t the most effective choice for Wyvern DPS. It’s a strong container, however should be made use of with debuffs from other sources. This card’s key strengths are its high damages and also immunity enthusiasts.

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The capability to debuff targets is wonderful, yet it’s finest to utilize her versus resistance groups. Beach Bellona’s AoE damages is extremely efficient, and her counterattacks will certainly break protection for your whole team. In addition to this, she can apply approximately four various debuffs on herself. She’s a fantastic selection for PvE content, but you can also construct her to be tanky or quickly.

Its passive enthusiast offers a small amount of endurance as well as can take 1 struck prior to decreasing. This can stifle rate systems like Basar as well as Moderator Vildred, that do not have immunity. She likewise has innate damages decrease for allies, making her an excellent selection for cleave groups. She can additionally be a good DPS alternative, especially in a 1 DPS group.

Rin is an underrated Soul Weaver that provides an unbelievable quantity of DPS. Her random aficionado gives better strike as well as evasion, which is excellent for her DPS. Her defense break is also vital, and also you can make use of a Potion Vial to obtain a little wellness for her. She likewise is among minority heart weavers that can remove lovers, so she will certainly be a terrific alternative for you in a team.

Crit rate

The Crit price for Beachfront Bellona is the very best in the game. She is a terrific hybrid enemy, which can take less damages in exchange for reducing the damage taken by an ally. She also has an AoE protection break after 5 attacks. This makes her an exceptional option against AoE opponents. On top of that, her reduced Crit price makes her an excellent pocket pick. Last but not least, her S3 is high enough to counter other storage tank devices, such as Angry.

This Hero is a strong debuffer, so it’s finest to combine her with a trusted DEF breaker (such as Angry or Requiemroar). You can likewise pair her with a debuff-output hero, such as Sigret, which deals substantial damages when the enemy has three or four debuffs. In addition, if you have a storage tank, you can attempt using Beachfront Bellona together with an AoE damage choice, such as Cermia or Melissa.

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