Ice Knight Class Guide – Purrgis

Ice Knights are all the same – they all offer similar offensive and defensive capabilities. However, some are more offensive than others. Rose, Tywin, and Crozet provide the most offensive and defensive capabilities, respectively. A defensive tank is more useful for consistent runs, while an offensive tank is favored for speeding up the run. A tank with Proof of Valor and Sepulcrum provides an Attack buff and CR push on hit passive. Additionally, this class drastically lowers gear requirements compared to other tank classes.


Spez purrgis is a sly mercenary who thinks life is all about hitting a jackpot. Despite being born into a poor neighborhood in Farche, the Purrgis suffered discrimination throughout his life and has become opportunistic and obsessed with money. He hits all enemies on his attacks and has a 20% chance to counterattack when attacked. In the Automaton Tower, you can fight this mercenary once you’ve defeated the Phantom Specimen Sez and the automaton.

If you are looking for a good PvP hero, then the Purrgis is probably not for you. The main advantage that he has over other types of mercenaries is his base HP. He can disrupt enemy cleave comps, slashing down their CR, and applying an AoE stun. Purrgis can also be built in a Defense team, giving him the chance to withstand incoming attacks from Fire DPS units.


The SS. Bellona build should focus on maximizing the attack buffer of both players. The attack buffer should be as fast as possible for the best DPS. You should also tune the buffs to maximize the damage output of the tank. The most effective stance to use for SS. Bellona is the Assassin stance with a 3 turn attack buff. This stance also provides a defensive barrier and a critical chance reduction buff. The other main stance for Bellona is the Warrior stance.

Seaside Bellona is the premier damage option for Wyvern. There are several ways to build her and make it effective in PvP. With her S3-S2 combo, she can clear the first wave of adds. Her stance also provides her with Target and Defense Break, which are great for Wyvern damage. For extra DPS, try using Reingar’s Special Drink or Daydream Joker.

General Purrgis is a good offensive tank. Her CR push and attack buff will make her an excellent choice when attacking. She is generally used as part of a triple DPS team. The healer tank, on the other hand, can help with sustain with an Angelic Montmorancy build. The Angelica build is good for both PvP and PvE. It is a versatile option that is useful in any team.


If you’ve ever wished that you could ask Alexa about the weather and not have to worry about getting up early, then the Echo Show with Alexa for Purrgis is the right choice for you. This device features an LED screen that displays the weather when you ask it. Using Alexa’s voice command, you can also ask her to turn off the screen. When you ask her to show the weather forecast, she will do so, and you can enjoy the full forecast.

While General Purrgis has many strengths, she’s probably the best offensive tank. Her attack buff makes her a good option, as she pushes the CR forward when attacked by an enemy unit. Her proof of valor buff makes her a strong survivor. Alexa also has extra attacks and no Mola investment, which makes her a good option for those teams with low budgets. While her passive skills do very little, she’s a solid choice for a low-budget Wyvern DPS. You’ll be able to play her on auto with no skills, making her a great choice for teams with limited resources.

The Alexa Show device also offers some great accessibility features for disabled individuals and people aging in place. When connected to an Alexa-compatible smart device, the smart display can show a live feed of an indoor security camera. Just make sure that the camera is connected to your Amazon account before setting it up. Once the camera is connected, the screen will be lit with a green bar. Once you’re viewing the video feed, Alexa will ask you to confirm your permission before you can begin using it.


Dizzy purrgis is a support character in the game, which leans toward the debuff side. Her ability Sigret can be amplified by your own skill, making her a great choice in a debuff-heavy team. Among her other abilities, she provides two poisons on S2, reduces the length of the first wave, and has a 50% chance to break an enemy’s defense. Dizzy also has the ability to counterattack, and she has a 15% chance to stun for a turn. She can also heal with her Idol’s Cheer.

Although Dizzy Purrgis is not a good choice for PvE, he can be a decent front-line damage dealer. His S3 and counterattacks can apply AoE damage to his enemies. A good choice for a team with lots of Fire DPS units, he can even be a great partner for Spez. However, he doesn’t have the best survivability of any character in the game.

If you’re looking for a tank, you can look for a general Purrgis. He provides a CR push and a buff when attacked. It is generally used in a triple DPS composition. If you’re not looking for a tank, you can use a healer such as Angelica. She’s a great choice for early-game players and is also a solid tank.


The sly mercenary Purrgis Mucacha believes that life is all about winning big, so he is constantly counterattacking his enemies. Born in a poor area of Farche, he suffered years of discrimination and is now obsessed with money. His main attack is to hit all of his enemies when counterattacking. He has a 20% chance to counterattack when he is attacked.


The General Purrgis is a versatile PVP tank who can deal high damage with an attack buff. He can also push his team’s CR forward when attacked. He also has a passive called CR Push, which allows other Units to cycle faster. You can also use an Angelica, a dual-class tank and healer, with two debuffs. She is good in both roles, and her passive can be used to counteract stray fireballs from the Wyvern.

A General Purrgis is one of the most common dano in the game, and it is easy to use when you’re starting out. It increases the damage, health, and turnos of your Wyvern, as well as the abilities of your allies. Depending on which one you choose, it can increase the speed of all your units, while giving you a critical chance. These abilities are useful when you’re looking to make a strong team.

The first step to farm for the coveted Reforge mats is to level up your DPS and health. Unlike normal enemies, Wyverns have a debuff immunity ability, so it is very important to keep your team healthy. If you’re not a DPS or tank, you should consider bringing a debuff immunity character to the team. You’ll need to be prepared to deal with the Fire Breath and Speed set attacks of the snake.

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