Dark Elf Mage – Kawerik Epic Seven

ML Kawerik is a 5-Star Dark Elf Mage who can soulburn ten souls to increase the number of attacks he can make. If you’re looking for a disruptor who can disrupt your opponents’ attacks, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn all you need to know about the 5-Star Dark Elf Mage. And be sure to check out the new Epic Seven patch!

ML Kawerik is a 5-Star Dark Elf Mage

While the base stats of the ML Kawerik are not that impressive, his kit and potential as a disruption unit are very strong. His main skill, Dispel, can disable target skills and increase their cooldown, and his third ability, AoE, can partially penetrate enemy defenses. Despite these drawbacks, Kawerik is a good choice for PvP and Hunts.

During the storyline, Kawerik makes his appearance before Malicius’ Refuge. While he is on his way, he is pursuing an evil intent. His goal is to eliminate Malicius, but finds himself unable to kill the mage. This makes the game more challenging and fun for players to play. Once you have mastered the basics of the class, you can move on to other areas of the game.

He can soulburn ten souls to increase the number of attacks

There is a unique skill that allows Kawerik Epic Seven to increase the number of attacks he can make by burning ten souls. The skill is called “Soulburn”. It increases a character’s Attack Rate and increases its Critical Hit Chance by 10%. You can also use this skill to extend the cooldown of a skill to make it more powerful. However, you should know that the damage you deal with this skill is limited to 50% of the max Health.

Kawerik’s normal attack deals high damage to his targets. This attack has a 75% chance to silence. He can also use the passive skill to grant buffs to his ally and can also perform a CR push to his ally. But despite these advantages, Kawerik’s low base stats make him prone to dying quickly in PvP. Kawerik’s most important skill is his S2->S3 ability. If you want to maximize your attacks, Kawerik is a solid choice.

The ability to soulburn a lot of enemies will significantly increase the number of attacks Kawerik can perform. If your opponents have high defense and resistance, Kawerik will have a harder time stopping them. However, the increased damage won’t be a big threat for them, and his effectiveness won’t silence them. So if you’re planning to make use of Soul Burning, don’t forget to learn how to use it!

He has a bomb mechanic

Kawerik is a powerful Mage with a great base Speed and offense. His skills can dispel or increase the cooldown of an enemy’s skill. He also has the ability to silence the target with a 75% silence chance. He is a good damage dealer and has the potential to be a disruption hero. But the biggest drawback of Kawerik is his low survivability and AI. He also lacks in damage multiplier.

Although Kawerik’s basic stats aren’t terrible, they’re not very good compared to the other dispel mages in the game. His squishy build and low base stats mean that he’ll die in most PvP situations if he doesn’t have any defensive skills. This means that he’s not a good choice if your opponents have high defense and resistance. In such a case, he’ll need to rely on S2->S3 to remain alive. He would also benefit from an extra turn of soul burn, which Pavel has.

The bomb mechanic is a big part of Kawerik’s overall strategy. The ability to throw bombs can cause an explosion, causing huge damage. It’s a good mechanic to use during the early game when your enemy has a high defense. But you must remember that this bomb mechanic requires a lot of skill and patience to execute. In addition, you need to have the right gear to use it effectively.

He’s a disruptor

Kawerik is a five star mage whose kit scales with Attack and Speed. His disruptor skill increases a target skill’s cooldown, while his single target attacks silence the target. This disruptor class is a good choice for people who want to be disruptive and support their team. However, it is important to remember that Kawerik’s damage is not as high as the stats suggest. The damage you deal increases proportionally to your caster speed, so be careful when choosing your skills.

The Kawerik’s S2 is useful for dispelling buffs, but it only works once. To get the full effect of S2, Kawerik must deal enough damage to break the barrier. With his offensive stats and the S2’s multiplier, Kawerik is a good disruptor and cleaver. And with his Soulburn effect, he can also silence opponents, giving him an unfair advantage in lane.

He has a good multiplier

The S2 of Kawerik is a good multiplier spell, and he can dispel buffs once. However, he must produce enough damage to break the barrier. Despite these flaws, Kawerik’s base stats make him a very strong damage dealer. He also has a good multiplier, and his base Speed is very high. He can cycle turns quickly, and his attack has a good multiplier as well.

Kawerik is a good choice for those who want to make a team. His high defense, HP, and crit will make him an excellent supporter for allies. His high multiplier will help you a lot. If you are not sure how to build your Kawerik, make sure that you have enough experience with the class to decide if it is the right choice for you.

He’s a cleaver

A cleaver has high offensive stats and can be used to disrupt your opponent’s team. Kawerik is a 5* Fire Mage with good damage, attack, and defense penetration. He has a good skill kit and can be very effective against strong support units. With his kit, Kawerik can silence a target with his normal attack and has a powerful attack. Although he does not have great survivability, he is capable of breaking through AoE defense and can make a major impact on the game.

The main cleaver for most teams is Judge Kise. He is one of the best AoE damage dealers in the game and has a Skill 3 that boosts his damage. However, if you want to stay away from the main cleaver, you should go with a less powerful cleave unit, such as Little Queen Charlotte. The damage she deals is high, and her Skill 3 can buff your team with additional support skills.

There are some great cleave heroes in the game, which are useful for content farming and for winning the Arena. They can be very useful for team compositions, but their DPS and damage output make them difficult to play against. Some team compositions are so strong that they can dominate the Arena. If you want to dominate the meta, consider getting a cleaver and a healer.

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