Epic 7 Abyss Floor 84 Guide

Epic Seven

This is the most difficult floor in the game. This is the floor where the player is required to use three special abilities to defeat the bosses. These abilities include Arama sonuclarini eslestirin, Dizzy, and Watcher Schuri. These abilities can be used on any class. In this guide we will discuss which special abilities to use for a particular boss. It is advisable to use the appropriate abilities based on your class and playstyle.

Daydream Joker

The Daydream Joker is the most important artifact you should get in Abyss. It can significantly boost the DPS of your DPS units. This is because the bosses of the Abyss have high HP. The Joker can dramatically increase the damage your DPS units can do. This is especially important if you are planning to level Kiris up.

If you want to use the Daydream Joker as a support, keep the other two characters alive to help the support team. The challenger can give extra DPS, and the support team can save the other heroes for respawns. The two passive helpers you should use for Arky include A.Cartuja and Violet. However, Arky is very RNG, so use passive helpers to mitigate the damage of this character.

You will also need to equip a powerful cloak if you are going to use this Artifact. The Nightmare Joker can be a good alternative, but I would not recommend it. It can do a lot of damage while being behind a debuff. Alternatively, you can use an axe that pierces through this wall, and a magic item that gives you increased damage.

If you’re not able to afford Nightmares, then use your AoE and CC to destroy the mobs. The damage output on this floor is fairly low, so make sure you have a strong AoE build. A CR manipulator will also come in handy. In addition to the above, you can also use a skill nullifier to reduce the damage of your mobs. As long as you have the right kind of AoE and CC, you can crush the boss in no time.

Watcher Schuri

The Watcher Schuri is a difficult boss, but the mechanics can be a little frustrating. If you’re facing the boss for the first time, I suggest taking advantage of the nuke W.Schuri possesses, as its S3 will revive one of them. However, this may be a bug. It is better to just kill one, as it will save you time, and you’ll be able to concentrate on the boss.

The Watcher Schuri has a strong attack buff, which enables him to one-shot any tank. However, he needs to have at least 3000 attack to do this. He also needs to have a 100% crit rate. The Watcher Schuri can also be useful as a tank, as it deals a decent amount of damage to a single tank. Aside from that, his high damage output makes him a niche character in Banshee 11. There is also an interesting special character called the Kluri, who is accompanied by 3 Taranor Guards. She will strip buffs from enemies and deal moderately strong AoE damage.

This class is a good choice for those who don’t want to rely on their DPS and healers. It’s also a good idea to avoid tanking, as it’s crucial to ensure you’re getting the most out of your abilities. This allows you to have a strong team that can clear all 90 floors. If you’re not sure about whether your team’s DPS or support composition is good enough for the Abyss, check out the Abyss floor guide!


Dizzy is a useful healer in the Abyss section of Epic Seven. The floor consists of Earth type enemies and contains a boss composed of Ice types. It is also home to some of the best non-stun debuffs in the game. The team is best suited for people who have at least some experience in the game. Despite its low DPS, Dizzy has a strong debuff set that can significantly reduce damage, gear requirements, and run safety. The skill set is synergistic and helps to ease many of the more difficult floors in the Abyss.

If you’re looking for a strategy to get through the Abyss 101+ stages, it’s best to combine Kiris and Dizzy. Kiris can consistently kill a Minion Wave, lowering the difficulty of the Boss phase. You should also bring an Iseria if possible, as she can remove Furious debuffs and add flexibility to your team. A Kluri can also be useful in this floor, as her fast cycling turns can help you deal a large amount of damage to the enemies.

If you want to clear the Abyss without getting stuck, you can go for the Kiris composition. Kiris compositions can handle most Abyss floors due to their lower gear requirements. For the first wave, you can expect 2 mushrooms to act as gear checks. Otherwise, you should have decent gear in order to survive the explosions. And if you want to make it through the last few waves, you can always try using the Requiemroar.


The end of The Abyss (1989) is similar to that of the epic seven abyss floors. Both films end with a passionate kiss between the main characters. The movie also highlights the importance of deep sea exploration and hypothermia. According to some sources, Michael Caine originally refused the role, but he later changed his mind and played the role of Captain Smith. Kate Winslet’s character, Tamarrine, reportedly talked in an accent to distract the audience from the ache of the ending.


S.Tene is a very dangerous enemy for the second half of the game. In order to counter this threat, you need to combine two units that provide high sustain with an Aurius carrier. Having two DPS allows you to sustain them better and burst with Defense Break up. As a result, you’ll be able to deal with a lot more damage.

To fight this boss, you can bring in a team that has a healer, tank, and a debuff break. These three heroes should be able to heal up to 50% health, which will be enough to deal with any bosses. If you are not using these heroes, you can also bring in an Elena for invincibility and healing. Other good choices for a tank team are Luluca, Dizzy, and Krau.

S.Tene is a great pick to take in this tough floor. You can use your speed debuff to keep Pavel under control. A high-quality AoE unit can make a big difference in this fight. If you can’t focus down Pavel with your AoE units, a good investment would be a high-level S.Tene.

To avoid getting killed by S.Tenebria, you need to build units that can provide 2 buffs. Luluca, Arby, and Ras are good options. You can also consider using Celestine and DJ Basar in your second phase. Lastly, remember that S.Tene is an extremely powerful healer. Having these units on your team is vital for your team.

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