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Greg Chun plays Enott in the animated video game Epic Seven. His voice is a combination of English and Japanese accents. The Japanese voice is provided by Ryota Suzuki. This website is not official and all images, videos, audio clips, and logos belong to their respective owners. However, I’ve compiled the best Enott voice clips that I’ve found on the internet. Enjoy! And remember to share them with your friends and family!


In Epic 7, Enott is one of the Rank 3 Ice Warrior characters. He is a self-serving priest of the Rose Apostles. He uses his connections with the noble Ezera family to attempt to remove Angelica from her position as the High Priestess of the Blue Cross. His most prominent skills are Crusader’s Strike, and Covenant Summon. The latter skill grants the character a decent base attack, and Prepare Judgment increases the damage of his attacks and crits.

As a DPS, Enott wants to have typical DPS gear. He can equip himself with 50% Crit Chance and a dps weapon, but he doesn’t need much more. Attack and Hit gear are better choices for early to mid-game Enott builds. Destruction gear will weaken Enott’s Bleeds, so it’s best to avoid it.

The tier list of Epic Seven characters consists of six tiers. At the top of the list are the A and S tier players, while the B tier characters fall between them. Despite their low power level, they still possess some good traits. You can also find a tier list of these characters in the Epic Seven website. They are available to download for free from the Epic Seven website.

The best female ranger in the game is Bellona. The fan attack she uses is a single-wave attack, equaling the health of her target. The fan’s damage increases as the caster’s concentration increases, and the more enemies Bellona strikes, the more damage she deals. She can also use the Burn effect to increase the fan’s damage. The damage from Bellona’s fan attack is not capped by the number of enemies she kills, but she can attack enemies while waving her fan.


There are several Artifacts in Epic Seven that can be helpful to your character, but they all have their own special uses. For example, the Prophetic Candlestick can reduce your Critical Hit Chance by one turn whenever you are attacked. It’s a powerful artifact for healers, and it can be obtained easily from an ordinary Covenant Summon. However, you should be careful when choosing your Artifacts.

There are almost one hundred and seventy artifacts in Epic Seven. Artifact charms are rare and will take time to upgrade, so it’s important to spend your time wisely. To find an artifact, you can check out the Shop, summons, and tickets. You can also find some artifacts while exploring the game world. Generally, it’s best to buy 4* or higher artifacts.

Enott is a Rank 3 character in Epic Seven. He belongs to the Ice Warrior class, so he has a decent base attack. He also can use a Covenant Summon to protect himself when under attack. This artifact gives him an advantage in CR. You can also use the Mark of Acceleration to grant your allies combat readiness and stealth for one turn.

There are several Artifacts in the game that are helpful in increasing your character’s overall power. One of the most common ones is the Sigurd Scythe, which deals greater damage to enemies. It also increases your character’s speed when you have less than 50% health. Another good one is the Moon Scythe. This skill makes your character attack with a sharp axe, and it causes Bleeding on your enemies. Another useful one is the Prepare Judgment, which gives you extra attack, critical hit, and combat readiness.


Enott is a character in the video game Epic Seven. He is a selfish priest of the Rose Apostles. He uses his connections with the noble Ezera family to try to depose Angelica from her position as the High Priestess of the Blue Cross. Enott is also friendly with Lidica, though the two of them have a strained relationship. Lidica accuses Enott of nagging her, but he defends her.

The game has over 200 different characters, each with a unique set of elements, skills, and styles. You can derive strategies by knowing which characters can do what. You can also refer to the tier list to see which characters have the best abilities. It is also helpful to know how each character’s abilities vary in the different modes. This way, you can decide which character to play. The game also offers several modes, so it is vital to pay attention to the recommendations that are made.

Voice actor

The latest news from the gaming world is that an Epic Seven voice actor is being tapped to provide the character of the titular character. Anne Gibson has provided the voice for many video games and anime series. In addition to her work on Epic 7, she has provided the voices of various NPCs in games such as Ghostwire: Tokyo and NEO: The World Ends With You. She has also worked with the studios Funimation and Bang Zoom! Entertainment.

There are more than 60 voice actors in the game. However, many of these actors are already busy with other projects, making the process of securing the voice talent difficult. Furthermore, since the game was created by Nexon, the company releases new games on a monthly basis. Therefore, Suzuki has had to fight against the Nexon release schedule for Epic seven, as he wants to give his game enough time to attract more actors. Despite this setback, Nexon is supporting the development of the game.

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