Abyss Floor of Epic Seven 89 Guide

Epic Seven

There are many secrets to completing the Abyss floor of epic seven 89 in the game. You will find that Elson is the boss and that Archdemon Mercedes is accompanied by 2 crystals. If you’re stuck in this level, you can follow our guide to get through it and complete the game. We’ll also talk about some helpful strategies to beat the boss. Read on to discover how to complete the level and enjoy it.

Abyss floor 89

In Epic Seven, there is a floor known as the Abyss that can cause many players to have trouble. This floor has two different types of monsters, one of which is Fire. You can either use a unit with high attack or HP, or use a unit with both fire and light. The best way to beat Abyss floor 89 is to use both types of units, and you should avoid using poison on the enemies.

When clearing Abyss, you should focus on units that are useful for early game progression. The health pools of the bosses in the Abyss are very high, so it is important to have a high amount of health to survive. For example, the %HP damage done by Sol, Bellona, and the Daydream Joker is very high. If you don’t have enough sustain, you won’t be able to clear the entire floor. The best units for this floor are units that have high health, high damage, and good general use.

The final floor in the Abyss is the most frustrating. The game’s difficulty scales up from there, but the last couple of floors aren’t nearly as difficult. You’ll need to be very strategic. If you want to clear Abyss floor 89, you need to plan your strategy. You won’t be able to kill everything, so make sure you’re aware of the various hazards and obstacles that lie ahead.

If you want to avoid getting buffed or killed, you can use characters that have high Attack Speed. They can easily make a difference in the endgame, so it’s important to know your units well. While secondary effects are generally not viable in later stages of the Abyss, they are important to use if you don’t have a lot of time. The only way to beat Abyss is with a good team and the right gear.

Although the Abyss floor is fairly easy in mechanics, it’s a challenge because the damage output is so high. Your defensive utility should be Aurius or another type of buff, and a skill nullifier. You should also stagger your mushrooms so that they have time to react. In addition to the Support Utility, you should also use a DPS unit. A strong DPS unit can make this floor trivial if your team is equipped with two powerful ST characters.

The first fight on the floor is with Tenebria. The monster spawns with two nightmare adds that gain CR when attacked by enemies. These two adds will also reduce your CR. The attack is mostly AoE. Tenebria’s S3 will break a defense break, but the damage is still quite low. If you have the right gear, you can do a decent job in the Abyss.

Elson is the boss

The first time you encounter Elson in Epic Seven 89, you must be prepared to deal with a range of different problems. He is not particularly strong, but he can be handled easily. You can use a dispeller to remove his buffs and clear the enemies around him. Another good option for dealing with Elson is to use souls to clear his buffs and mushrooms. You can also use a guardian to help you deal with enemies surrounding him.

While Elson’s base stats are very low, he still needs high HP%, Spd, and Def%. You can also get a better Soul Weaver by moving Elson’s free HP set to a more powerful Soul Weaver. You can also use Elson’s Light’s Protection and Soul Burn to get extra effects. It will increase all allies’ Attack and Defense by a certain amount for two turns. It also increases the amount of Health recovered, depending on the max Health of the target.

Archdemon Mercedes is accompanied by 2 crystals

Archdemon Mercedes is a rare, high-damage demon in the Epic Seven tier. She has two crystals attached to her, one yellow that gives Immunity and the other a dark crystal that heals her. When her HP drops below 70%, the yellow crystal will give her immunity, and the dark one will heal her. This combination can be devastating, and the allied units will be weakened quickly. The S3 starts out as an AoE attack and increases in cooldown for 2 turns. It also gains new effects after every use.

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