Kitty Clarissa – Build an E7 Team That’s Fast and Powerful

If you’re looking to build an E7 team that’s fast and powerful, Kitty Clarissa is an excellent choice. Despite being one of the fastest heroes in the game, she is also one of the most difficult to consistently pull off. The key to success is being able to pull off Kitty Clarissa’s combos. It can be a tricky process, as Kitty Clarissa can go early or late. She often finds herself forced to choose between prematurely using her “I’m So Cute, Meow!” or using her normal attack.

Conqueror Lilias

The new Golden Girls hero Conqueror Lilias is a tank with an incredible damage output. This kitty also has the skill to inflict damage, making her a valuable support character for heavy debuff teams. As a support, Clarissa is also able to dual attack, making her an excellent choice for team compositions that include powerful attackers. Her buff to vigor means that she is not healable, but if she does survive an attack, she is able to wipe the team of all debuffs and apply unhealable damage. She also reduces the duration of an enemy’s buff by one turn, making her a valuable support for tanky units.

While it’s true that the stats of the Conqueror Lilias aren’t particularly unique, it’s still important to maximize her power. While her damage and Speed aren’t particularly overpowered, she’ll likely want to stack them as high as possible. Aiming for the ideal Conqueror Lilias build is an excellent strategy in the early game, but the perfect unit might be out of reach for beginners.

Daydream Joker

As a member of the Holy Order of the Blue Cross, Clarissa is a mascot for the order. However, she had secret ambitions of fighting for justice. While on pilgrimage, she discovered her true fighting instinct. However, she will never forget the moment she first saw Ras. She envies Angelica’s carefree appearance, but she made a vow to protect Aither.

Daydream Joker’s synergy with ally with highest Attack stat

The synergy between Daydream Joker’s high Attack and highest Crit Chance stats is a great fit for Hell Cutter players. While the CC boost of Hell Cutter necklaces can be useful, they’re not as strong as other items with snowballing retaliation potential or stable damage spikes. A better choice for a Hell Cutter is a blend of Daydream Joker and Ranon’s Memories.

General Purrgis

If you are an e7 cat player, you’ll likely be familiar with General Purrgis, the moonlight version of the Ice hero Clarissa. This character is a great choice if you’re looking for a tank with good speed and bulk. Here’s how you can use her best. And don’t forget about her free 5* selector!

Kitty Clarissa

In the current meta, Kitty Clarissa is a strong support character that can be geared for survivability and can oftentimes be used as an off tank. She is particularly useful for removing debuffs on enemies, and is useful for boosting Vildred’s attack damage. Although Kitty Clarissa does not have a heal skill, she has a number of useful spells. With the Prophetic Candlestick, she can reduce the downtime of the Loveliness buff, and can also apply extra attacks to Bellona. This allows her to stack focus and is a great help during combat.

Kitty Clarissa is a good tank and bruiser unit, so it’s essential to give her high defensive stats. She’ll be able to dispel debuffs from enemies and is also useful in lane combat. She should have high S1 and dual attacks, and should be very resilient against enemy units with ignore resist. Be careful of enemies with a low CC stat. This means you’ll have to be aware of their moves.

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