Roaming Warrior Leo Stats

The Roaming Warrior Leo was born into a family of scholars, but he always dreamed of becoming a warrior. Sadly, when he was young, he lost his parents to Axe Bandits. Now, he believes that he must fight to reform this rotten world and become a true warrior. Here’s an overview of his stats, from Effectiveness to Atk%.


If you’re looking to build a good Roaming Warrior Leo team, you should start by ensuring that your heroes have high Atk% and Effectiveness. Atk determines how much damage your Bombs can do and Effectiveness helps you set your Bombs. Another key requirement for Roaming Warrior Leo is a high amount of Spd. Your heroes need plenty of Spd to act and set their Bombs before they’re targeted. Other substats and stats are less important and can be trimmed down to fit the role of your team.

As for Artifacts, players can return the same amount of Runes and Catalysts used for Awakening and Skill Enhancement. In addition, players can get back their Meteorshards depending on how many Memory Imprints they’ve performed and how well they’ve mastered Devotion Skill. They will also receive the Ego Fragment if they’ve completed Imprint Concentration. Roaming Warrior Leo also resets your friendship. After the recall period, all items that you’ve used for Roaming Warrior Leo will be returned to you.

Besides allowing you to cast Moonlight Summon, it also allows you to perform the coveted Dark Soul Weaver skill. This spell is best for Arena and Guild Wars games and will deal damage based on your health level, and will heal your allies as your HP goes down. The ability to use Dark Soul Weaver, Water’s Origin, and Idol’s Cheer are useful for improving your survivability in battle. The best time to use these abilities is during a slow fight.

You can also stack Sira-Ren with the Ancient Book to increase your DPS. This artifact offers two debuffs that give you an extra advantage over your enemies. It also gives you a buff called Soak Damage, which gives you the ability to deal extra damage to your enemies. The Blazing Eye of Kal, on the other hand, is an Artifact that gives your character powerful attacks.


While the Roaming Warrior Leo is a versatile and strong character, he lacks in some key stats that a good DPS character should have. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most important stats for a Roaming Warrior Leo. First, we’ll discuss Spd, which is the most important stat for the Roaming Warrior Leo. Using a good Spd will enable you to act quickly and will count towards the Bomb timer. Next, we’ll discuss the substats of Crit Chance and Damage. You’ll also need to equip a Cursed Compass, which will give you the maximum chances to set Bombs on your first turn.

The Roaming Warrior Leo’s S1 damage can be boosted by Ambrote or Rosa Hargana, which also increases the cooldown on enemies’ skills. Although Roaming Warrior Leo isn’t the most durable hero, he does have good base stats. These stats will make it easier to use his Bombs and pierce the enemy’s armor. In addition to this, his high Spd and damage make him a great choice for teamfights.

One of the Roaming Warrior Leo’s weak points is his kit. While it can be difficult to use bombs, he is very effective for his S1 and S2 abilities. If you can pair him up with an ally who can debuff enemies, you can spam his S1 after they have received a debuff. The Roaming Warrior Leo’s S3 is a strong DPS option and works well in PvE.

While the Roaming Warrior Leo has some decent DPS potential, he’s an inconsistent bomber. His bomb takes 2 turns to activate, and it does low damage. Pure damage is far more useful. Immunity can prevent this bomb, but it still isn’t much. It’s difficult to use immunity on ML Leo, so he doesn’t get much play.


Roaming Warrior Leo is one of the most powerful heroes in the game. He is a son of scholars who dreamed of becoming a warrior. But when he was a young man, he lost his parents to Axe Bandits. Regardless of his high Atk%, Roaming Warrior Leo believes in reforming the world and becoming a true warrior. This hero is a top-tier hero with decent Atk% and Effectiveness.

Roaming Warrior Leo has a mediocre kit, which makes him a poor choice for PvE play. While his S1 and S2 are not particularly effective, they can be useful for his S3 and S2. Leo’s S1 will do more damage while the enemy is debuffed. This is great when paired with an ally who has a debuff, and his S1 will spam after they have inflicted it.

Although Roaming Warrior Leo’s skills are not as strong as other heroes, they are useful. He can increase the cooldowns of enemy skills, and he can use S2 to stun and damage enemies with his S2 and S3. However, his S2 has a long cooldown, and it’s not really worth spamming it since it’s incredibly weak. However, he does have a decent base stats that help him with his Bombs and Spd.


Although a good ‘tank’ hero, Roaming Warrior Leo isn’t all that great. His ‘S2’ skill has a three-turn cooldown, but is surprisingly spammable. Though he doesn’t have the most sturdiness, his base stats are solid, and his Bombs and Spd are good. These are not the best options for a solo hero, but they are good enough for the team.

The Roaming Warrior Leo has a 4-turn cooldown when using Skill Enhancement. He also has a high chance of increasing his CD by one or two turns. As a result, ML Leo needs a lot of support. If he doesn’t have any teammates, he’ll be unable to get through all the enemies he faces. That’s a big problem for Roaming Warrior Leo, but he can make up for it with other cooldowns.

Roaming Warrior Leo has 3 skills. Go Racoo! is their best ability, but they can also be soul-burned to get extra effects. Go Racoo! is their best option against targets with a bomb debuff. If the debuff is on, the bomb doesn’t do much. Moreover, they don’t provide much utility, and thus, are largely unusable.

Bombs are another option for the Roaming Warrior Leo, but its damage isn’t enough to compensate for its lack of effectiveness. Bombs are debuffs, so they are mostly useful for punishing heavy-defended Knight heroes. Bombs also cut through enemies with Def buffs. So, if you’re looking for a way to spam Bombs without dying, this is the right choice for you.


A Roaming Warrior Leo is an uncommon, versatile dps build. His gimmick is to plant a “Bomb” debuff on your target to inflict damage based on his Atk%, which ignores a large percentage of the target’s Def. This damage attempts to stun the target, and is especially effective against tanky or weak opponents.

Roaming Warrior Leo’s attack damage is relatively high, but the S2 skill on his character has a three-turn cooldown, making it surprisingly spammable. Although this hero isn’t the sturdiest in the game, he makes up for it with high base stats and high Spd. In addition to boosting his attack damage, he can also use other skills to increase his damage output.

The bomb debuff is a significant weakness for the Roaming Warrior Leo. While his S1 and S2 abilities can cause devastating damage, they are not particularly effective if they have a high Def buff. While this makes him somewhat difficult to use, his S1 is the most powerful attack ability on the Roaming Warrior Leo, making him an ideal pick for a team with allies who can inflict debuffs.

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