Element Summon Epic Seven – How to Get the Heroes You Want

How to get the Heroes you want in Epic Seven? This article will help you determine which characters to summon and at what cost. It will also tell you how much it costs and whether or not you’ll get a 4* hero. The information in this article will help you make the best decision for your character. Once you’ve figured out what type of Heroes you want, you can begin leveling your character.

Heroes in Epic Seven

The game’s combat system is reminiscent of Hero Collecting Role Playing Games and Gachas. Heroes move in turn-based combat and their Speed stat determines when they play. Each Hero also has different abilities. The game’s element system is reminiscent of Rock-Paper-Scissors, with five different elements to choose from. Heroes can be promoted to six stars by completing various tasks.

As you level up, you can use your new Hero to strengthen your current Heroes. The best way to do this is to get a 2-star hero and put it on the leader spot. This will speed up farming. You can also use it to boost the weakest unit in your team. If you don’t want to level your heroes in the leader spot, you can get a 5-star phantasma and then promote it to six stars.

One of the most important features of the game is its heroes. Heroes are essential for each game mode and will determine your overall enjoyment. So, make sure you equip your heroes with the right equipment for the best results. Listed below are some helpful tips for getting the best heroes. Take note: There are two common ways to obtain heroes: individual summoning and collective summoning. The third method is a bit more involved and requires you to complete quests. Yuna and Silk are both decent champions but you should also consider the other two.

You should also pay attention to the artifacts in Epic Seven. Artifacts are an essential part of RPG games and are used to enhance the combat abilities of heroes. In the game, artifacts increase the stats of heroes and add a passive skill. Artifacts can also be summoned. If you want to level up your heroes faster, you can use them to improve your stats.

Whether you play in PVP or PVE, you need a good team of healers. Kiris is an excellent healer for PVE and PVP. You can also equip the Magic Scholar Doris for PVP. This character has party-wide buffs that keep her team strong for long periods of time. Building a stable Wyvern team should be your number one priority in Epic Seven. So how do you get your heroes to perform well?

Characters you can summon

The characters you can summon in Element Summon Epic Seven are based on different elements. Each element has a specific ability, and these abilities can be used to defeat enemies or enhance your character’s abilities. There are five different elements in the game, and each Hero is tied to one of them. It can be challenging to know which one to summon when there are so many options. You’ll also need to know what kind of skills your character has, as some Heroes have different skills that you can use.

If you’re playing as a female ranger, Bellona is an excellent choice. Her fan attack can equal her victim’s health, and it only takes her one wave to deal significant damage. Her fan attack requires zero concentration, and Bellona’s single wave with it can deal substantial damage. Her fan attack increases in damage the more opponents she summons, and she can also get a Burn effect to enhance her blows.

If you’ve been playing element summon games for a while, you’ve probably heard about the new custom group summoning system in the game. This feature will allow you to summon up to five characters, and it will only be available for 14 days. This means you’ll need to choose wisely and carefully. There are better and worse options for each character, and some are more meta than others. If you’re looking for a more balanced group, you can use a custom group summoning system to make sure you get the most out of it.

Cost of summoning

If you enjoy role-playing games and are looking for a new experience, consider checking out Epic Seven. This role-playing game is a new experience on mobile. This RPG allows players to take the role of the Heir of the Covenant. As the Heir of the Covenant, you’ll be responsible for the upkeep of the world. As such, you’ll need to gather Heroes to aid you in your journey.

The cost of element summoning epic seven varies depending on which hero or troop you’re looking for. The cheapest summoning option is the Daily Summon, which you can do for free each day. During this time, you can receive a 3* hero or troop. But, the chances are limited and you’ll have to buy gems in order to get the rarest ones. This method is also limited to basic heroes. However, event heroes can’t be obtained via this method.

The graphics in E7 are spectacular. This game will make you feel like you’re watching high-quality anime. Similarly, the gameplay will be very addictive. It’s not surprising that some players have already started playing the game. However, this doesn’t mean that you should spend money on it. As with any other free game, the costs are a major consideration when choosing the right one. For more information about the costs of element summoning epic seven, check out our guide.

The Arbiter Vildred is one of the top husbando contenders in Epic Seven. This five star Dark element unit, whose class is Thief, has a few fun tricks. The Arbiter Vildred’s S1 attacks two enemies, reducing Combat Readiness by 10%. S3 deals with all enemies, reducing Hit Chance for two turns. This ability consumes focus meter and has no cooldown if killed.

Chance of getting a 4* hero

Players can use Epic Seven to summon heroes and enhance their teams. The game is lottery-style, giving you a high chance of getting a low-rarity hero but a low-rarity artifact. If you’re new to the game, you can try the first summon for free to get the required amount of money. Once you have enough money, you can buy additional summons to raise the rarity of the hero.

The first Hero in Epic Seven is Martial Artist Ken, a Dark element hero. He can ignore AoE Defense Break and manifest a counterattack when a scathing attack is cast. His various abilities include Knockout, Coming of Ausra, and Dragon Flame. The game also offers an array of special abilities for your hero. There are currently ten different heroes in the game.

Players can exchange the currency they earn in Epic Seven for different items. After the story ends, you can exchange the currency you earned with other items for a week. Once that period is up, the currencies you earned will be deleted. So, if you have plenty of currencies, make sure you exchange them for items that will give you the best results. It’s a good idea to check the patch notes regularly. If you’re playing on PC, you should use BlueStacks and use the keyboard.

You can also equip a few special equipments to help your heros in Epic Seven. For example, you can equip the Daydream Joker to increase her damage against enemies that use AOE skills. The other four piece equipment sets that Sigret can use include Speed, Attack, and Hit Set. The Attack Set is the easiest to get, while the Rage Set is the most difficult to obtain.

The latest update to Epic Seven introduced new heros and terrains. It also introduced a new main character, Pyllis. Additionally, you can get a new specialty for Pyllis, a skin for Vildred, and new equipment. And you can now find all the essential equipment you need in your dungeons! Just remember to take advantage of every chance you get.

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