What is an Equipment Conversion Gem?

An equipment conversion gem will allow you to upgrade a piece of equipment that you already own, or to convert a piece of equipment to another one. The main difference between converting one piece of equipment to another is the amount of resources required. When you convert, production speed increases and you pay less for resources. There are a variety of types of conversion, and the game will list them all. Some types of conversions are basic to advanced, while others are newer or upgraded.

Random selection of equipment gems

Players can acquire Equipment Conversion Gems through a shop or as rewards. They will be displayed on the Equipment Conversion page and can be selected by choosing a piece of equipment in the equipment slot. Choosing an item will require matching its Main Stat to an Equipment Conversion Gem. Once selected, the new piece will be placed in the empty slot. If you have several sets selected, you can also view the rates for each set and choose an item that matches the desired one.

Some gems will increase your health by a certain amount or rate. Others will increase your chance of critical hits, or reduce the time it takes for spells to take effect. These types of gems are the most popular in the game. They also increase your overall effectiveness and resistance to effects. If you’re looking for more spec and level-based gems, you should check out the equipment conversion section of the store.


The Shop Equipment Conversion Gem is a type of resource that will give you an edge in crafting new items. It increases the effectiveness of the items you craft and the effect resistance of the equipment you use. This resource can be obtained through the shop or received as a reward. You can view the rates per set in the Set Menu, or select an item from the Shop to view the rates per item. Each time you craft an item, you will receive one piece of equipment with the Main Stat provided by the Equipment Conversion Gem and one with the Sub Stats at random. The chances of crafting a particular Set will increase with the amount of the Gem you have in your inventory. In addition, you can craft up to two pieces of equipment per month with the equipment conversion gem.

Another type of Shop equipment conversion gem is the Tradesman’s Package. It combines three services into one and removes the need for teleporting back and forth. This will allow you to change world channels faster than before, as you will no longer have to wait for the Transmit Shop Chest to restock. In addition, this item is shared with other players. Therefore, if you are looking to get more equipment for your character, this is the perfect tool.


An Equipment Conversion Gem is used to customize an item. Players can obtain these from the shop or get them as rewards. To convert an item, go to the Equipment Conversion page. The page will show a list of Alchemist’s Equipment, which consists of six different pieces. Players must click the desired type of Equipment and then select the appropriate Equipment Conversion Gem. The gem must match the Main Stat of the selected item. The item will then be placed into the slot.

This method allows players to convert their gear into new items. Instead of using the material from their current equipment, they use their gear as the material. The Equipment Conversion process prioritizes gear enhancement level over gear grade. It’s expensive, and is mostly used by players who need specific stats. If you’ve reached the highest Quality Grade, you’ll always get Epic Grade equipment. Alternatively, you can use the equipment in the Lemidia Basilica’s Altar of Purification to increase your gear’s durability.

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