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In Epic 7, the Molagora go is a creature that enhances the skill of 4 Heroes. It can be obtained through Sanctuary’s Forest of Souls. This animal is classified as a moth. As a result, its primary function is to increase a hero’s EXP faster. Moreover, you can exchange this animal for Gold and Silver Transmit stones, which will give you a greater chance to level up faster.


If you are a fan of the game “Epic 7: Warlords”, then you may be wondering how to get Molagorago for Clarissa. The Molagorago is a rare item in the game. It can be used to boost a character’s stats. Using one Molagorago will give your character an additional 15% damage boost. This item can also be used to reach a character’s power breakpoints.


Learning how to get Tamarinne in Epic 7 is an important step in the game. The character is fragile and needs a powerful 3-star artefact to improve her abilities. This can be accomplished with Prophetic Candlestick, which is relatively easy to find and improve quickly. The Amaryllis Rod is another excellent choice, as it increases Tamarinne’s healing. This can be obtained from the R4 shop, which is located in the Fire Spirit Altar.

Tamarinne is one of the best healers in the game, and her skills are incredibly useful in PvE. She can cast Area of Effect Dispel, boost combat readiness, and grant a team-wide Attack buff. She also has the highest base speed of any Hero in the game, which makes her an excellent choice for Raids and PvE mode. Tamarinne is the best choice for PvE, but it can be difficult to use in PvP.

Tamarinne’s fire soul weaver

One of the best healers in the game is Tamarinne, a Fire Soul Weaver. Her kit is insanely useful, and she is considered the best in the game. Read on for more information on Tamarinne. Also, check out Tamarinne’s PVE and PVP uses. I have listed a few of my favorites in the article below. I hope this guide is helpful to you!

Soul Weavers are an essential part of any Epic Seven team. They can provide heals, debuff removal, barriers, and revive. While they aren’t as tanky as Fast Healers, they have great ‘best in slot’ equipment. Fortunately, Destina was a prime reroll target for this class! Read on to learn how to get Tamarinne’s fire soul weaver in Epic 7!

A.Momo: Another Soul Weaver that is a staple of any PvP team is Angelica. It’s the only Soul Weaver that can negate revives and carries a huge health bonus! Angelica is a great addition to most teams, and you can get her for free in the connections tab! In addition, you can also get her S1 and S2, which can help you dispel Immunity buffs and boost your Health. Getting this unit is important for Arena/Guild Wars, but it also can be used in PvP too.

Clarissa’s farmer

In a game where farming is key, Clarissa is an excellent choice. She has a great AOE reset, bleed, and bleeding + defense breaks. As a bonus, she gains a 10% increase in speed and attack. She cannot be dispelled and has a 10% bonus to her attack speed. While not the best farmer in the game, she is a good option if you’re in a team that has very little survivability.

Clarissa’s AoE reset

Clarissa is a great farmable hero due to her AoE reset, bleeding + defense break on her 1st skill, and 10% bonus speed and attack when she kills an enemy. Although her passive is a little risky and backfires if she fails to kill an enemy, she is still a strong choice for epic seven. AoE damage is the most important aspect to consider when choosing a farmable hero.


There are many ways to get MolaGorago in the Epic 7 game. These rare materials can be obtained from special events or by using Molagoras. MolaGora is an extremely powerful material that improves the skills of your character and helps them level up faster. It can also boost your character’s power spikes. So, how do you get MolaGora?

In the game, MolaGoraGora is a rare material that players can acquire by performing certain quests and collecting items. These rare materials can also be found on the Abyss Tower. Phantasmas are the primary source of fodder for heroes in the game. There are Mega-Phantasmas, Giga-Phantasmas, and Tera-Phantasmas. They can be sold using the Arrange button in the inventory.

In order to obtain the rare molagorago, players must first earn the required amount of Ancient Coins and Conquest Points. You can use this item to purchase Epic catalysts, but you should be careful not to spend too much gold. Moreover, you need 4 molagoras to make a MolaGoraGo, which costs 4 molagoras. These rare resources are the most time gated and will take a long time to level up one hero.

You can also obtain Stigma by using drops. Obtaining Stigma from the Adventurer’s Path, Quest, and Reputation can help you level up your Hero. Imprintsma are used for Hero promotion, and they are also EXP fodder. You can also use them for other purposes, such as Hero Transmission and the Enhance function. You can also use them for leveling up your heroes in PvP.

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