Dragon Age: Inquisition Class Hero – Ilynav


The Ilynav is a new Fire Elemental Knight class hero. She is a warmonger who relies heavily on RNG. She is a utility hero with some great skills. Here are some things to consider about her. She is also a Gemini star, making her a warmonger in spirit, too. In addition to being a utility hero, she also has the ability to deal injury.

Ilynav is a new Fire Elemental Knight class hero

Ilynav is a new Fire Elelemental Knight class hero who attacks enemies mercilessly. She grants increased Critical Hit Damage to all her allies, granting immunity to herself and her caster. Moreover, Ilynav’s epic Artifact, Wings of Light and Shadow, increases the damage of her next attack by ten or twenty percent. You can upgrade her weapon to level Max, the same as any other Fire Elemental Knight.

Like Charles, Ilynav relies on RNG to make her skills work. Her s1 is similar to Charles’s and combos into her s2, but it can be replaced with s2 when the latter is not used. Although Ilynav’s base s1 doesn’t have any special features, her s2 is her strongest skill. Ilynav also has one of the first units to use Injury.

Ilynav is a new Fire Elelemental Knight class hero introduced in Patch 3.3. She has been teased through social media, and the release of Episode 3 has not yet been confirmed. Ilynav will be the queen of Wintenberge after Cecilia. Her beliefs are based on her belief that working with Dragons is a disgrace to all those who died fighting them. She is displeased with the brave soldier Rose, who has been a strong support for her, despite being her queen.

She is a utility hero

Compared to hard support heroes, utility heroes scale much better than the others and are gold-dependent. Their main role is to help out other heroes, particularly offlaners, with mid-game roaming and lane ganking. They are also a good fit with a hard carry, provided he has a high escape skill. But he’s far from a one-trick pony.

Ilynav’s utility skills include Automatic Fire, which grants an extra attack regardless of the buffs that the enemy has, Shock Arrow, which increases the speed of all allies for two turns, and Spirit’s Protection, which grants a barrier around all allies. Finally, her main spell, Wave of Force, allows her to stun an enemy for two turns while increasing her allies’ attack for two. This makes her a versatile utility hero, who can even be built very easily.

She is a warmonger

Ilynav is a warmonger and is a dragon knight in the game Dragon Age: Inquisition. She became queen of Wintenberg after Cecilia’s death and is known for her aggressiveness. She was adopted by a soldier who had suffered heavy injuries during the war and became a knight to take care of him. After he died in the valley, Ilynav went on to be a warmonger and become the queen of Wintenberg.

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