Skyward Season 1 Episode 2 Review

After a heartbreaking end to Season 1 of Skyward, the show returns with a bang in Episode 2. Ironsides and his crew decide to flee the Krells’ ships, but not before Spensa’s shield is destroyed. The crew is left short of two members and must return to their base. Spensa must deal with her father’s betrayal, the loss of her ability to fly, and her reaction to Krell’s orders.

Spensa’s shield goes down

Spensa’s shield goes down in the second episode of Skyward, and we see the aftermath. The crew of the ship are trapped by the bomb, and Cobb watches the holograms of the battle. He congratulates Spensa on her bravery and skill, but he no longer fights because of old wounds. As a result, his limp is left behind, and the bomb blows up and destroys his ship.

As Spensa battles Krell ships, she has her father’s ability to predict Krell maneuvers. Her dad, Ironsides, says that she knows how Krell ships will act before they do. Later on, when Spensa is surrounded by the black ships that are circling the lifebuster, her shield is down. Spensa then has a mystical experience: she can hear the stars, just like her dad did.

While Spensa’s life dream was to be a pilot, she was shocked to learn that her father was a coward. Before his death, he deserted the team. She is not convinced that her father was guilty of treachery. As the secrets surrounding Spensa rise, she begins to question everything she believes. The next episode of the Skyward series will be much darker.

The end of Skyward is a satisfying conclusion. We learn that Spensa is not the first one to experience this life-changing experience. The character’s journey through the galaxy is a long one. The first episode is an emotional roller coaster. It has many surprises in store for fans. Don’t miss it! Get a copy of the first season now! You won’t regret it.

Spensa’s father betrays her

In Skyward season 1, episode 2, Spensa’s father betrays her, leaving her alone in an alien world to save humankind. She must survive the aliens and try to save humankind, but she must be brave to do it. As the series continues, Spensa must find out why her father betrayed her and fight for her. But first, she must understand her new destiny.

In this Skyward episode, Spensa’s father betrays her, leaving her alone in the jungle. She meets M-Bot, who is angry with her for leaving him behind at Starsight. After Spensa rescues him, M-Bot leads her to a mysterious space city called Starsight, where she steals a working hyperdrive. This episode explores the complicated nature of human relationships in the alien universe.

In Skyward season 1 episode 2, Spensa is put on a space ship called Skyward Flight, which is named after her recommendation. She soon makes friends with Kimmalyn, whom she does not trust. However, she cannot trust Jorgen, who she has nicknamed Jerkface. Her father betrays her after she’s found out she is a Cytonic. The episode then moves forward to Spensa’s life, as she finds out that she is one of the last humans to survive in her world.

Spensa’s journey continues in the upcoming Cytonic novel, Cytonic. It takes place after the events of Starsight, and continues Spensa’s storyline. The series has a strong cast of supporting characters that serve as a backdrop for Spensa’s journey. In the end, Spensa has to fight for inclusion throughout her life to achieve this goal.

Spensa’s resolve to fly

In Skyward season one episode two, Spensa learns that she is descended from the same species as her father, who died in a mutiny aboard the Defiant. She is the last remaining member of her father’s race, but she is displaying symptoms of that trait as well. After all, she claims to be able to hear the stars. The Captain of the Defiant also knows about Spensa’s mutiny aboard the Defiant, where half of the crew rebelled against the command staff. But it isn’t the only person who has heard of Spensa’s mutiny; Jorgen’s ancestors were scientists and engineers, and they do not need her special talent.

Spensa’s resolve to fly is shaken by Cobb’s remarks in the morning class. When they salute him, Cobb yells at them and rants about ejecting if the ship gets out of control. Spensa is furious and confronts Cobb. Cobb calls Hurl an idiot and a coward, and says that Hurl’s death is meaningless.

Her parents made Spensa into a traitor and she feels like she is a traitor. However, she doesn’t believe that label and she has fought her way through many trials to become a pilot. After all, her father was a pilot, and it’s in his genes. So why would she do anything that would endanger his life? This is the ultimate question that will determine the fate of humanity.

Cobb and Spensa argue over the radio as they try to find a common ground. She also notices that the M-Bot is tracking her through her personal radio. Spensa takes off and helps Kimmalyn. Then she notices an IMP target. The two men manage to shoot it down, but not before Spensa takes a hit. Afterwards, Cobb chastises Spensa for taking damage.

Spensa’s reaction to Krell’s orders

In Skyward season one episode two, Spensa’s reaction to Krell is quite poignant. The Defiant leader calls Spensa a coward, but the sailor says that he’ll be grateful to know her someday. He then heads to Spensa’s neighborhood, passing the statue of the First Citizens. After she arrives at her house, Spensa finds her grandmother preparing algae rolls.

The scene of Spensa’s descent is quite dramatic. The young girl thinks that she can hear the stars calling to her, but she dismisses the idea of going any higher, figuring that the defense system in the rubble belt would start targeting her. She then tries to persuade the M-Bot to fight during the descent, but it refuses to obey her orders.

At this moment, Spensa’s acclivity ring stops functioning. She decides to use her cytonic powers to send two people away from the explosion. The acclivity ring is broken, and she drops into a deep, out-of-control dive. However, her father has a different plan in mind. He wants Spensa to take up the fight, and so does her father.

Spensa is initially hesitant to go with the order from Krell. She blames herself for being afraid to learn who she really is. She also thinks about using the M-Bot to do it, but she decides not to. In the end, Spensa convinces the ground crew to use Arturo’s broken-down ship for their mission. However, the power matrix is still intact and the ship’s systems are back up and running.

Spensa is a smart and determined fighter. As she watches the battle hologram, she worries about the other pilots. Ironsides, meanwhile, braces himself for the worst. He tries to tell Spensa to keep her focus on the battle and not get distracted by Krell’s other ships. Spensa also notices that one of the Krell ships is diverting Spensa.

Spensa’s relationship with Hurl

Spensa’s relationship with Hurl is complicated in Skyward. She had dreamed of becoming a pilot but learned that her father was a coward, who deserted his starship during a battle against the Krell. She hears the stars outside her planet and learns that everything she thought she knew about her world is a lie. This revelation causes her to question everything she’s ever known about the human race.

Although Spensa has struggled with her feelings since the first book, her fear of rejection hasn’t faded. Even though she is determined to overcome her fears, she has a tendency to overcompensate. In Skyward, she becomes more mature, and she has a deeper connection with Hurl. She has a deep connection with Hurl, and he is an important part of her life.

In this episode, Spensa learns how to control her anger. She begins by becoming an ally of Hurl, who is a highly intelligent sentient ship. She also learns to work with a crew, called Skyward Flight, to help fight the Krell invasion. She is not the only cadet on the crew, as she also has friends named Rodge and Kimmalyn. In her spare time, she helps repair a sentient ship, the M-Bot. The ship, a giant yellow and blue slug, is a huge source of pain for Spensa.

Spensa’s relationship with Hurl is complicated, but surprisingly deep. While her father is a DDF pilot, he was killed during the war against the Krells. Because of this, his daughter was discriminated against and viewed as a coward. However, Spensa longed to join the DDF. This grew into a strong and close bond.

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