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The new Episode 2 of Epic Seven was released yesterday, and it includes two chapters of Episode 2. This update introduces a new continent, Cidonia, and several new characters. The new characters include Luluca and Khawazu, as well as Fallen Cecilia, a new Moonlight Hero. This episode also contains a new story, and there are a few new features and enhancements. For more information, check out our article!

Episode 2: Godkiller

Epic Seven is a turn-based mobile role-playing game developed by Super Creative and published by Smilegate Megaport. Its first major update, Godkiller, will be available on 9 June, as part of the Epic Seven Festa 2019 in Seoul. The update will also include a 5 Star Hero Summon Ticket, allowing players to summon Godkiller during the event. There are some important details about the new Godkiller that we need to know before we jump into this new chapter.

The game’s second episode has been released, and a new region has been added to the game. The City of Starlight Constella is a new area that contains ten main stages and six optional stages. Once you’ve cleared Episode 2, you’ll be able to access this region. It is also home to new characters, and has a brand-new Waiting Room feature. The Waiting Room is an optional feature that will appear in Episode 2 and can be unlocked by completing the first two episodes.

New content

Epic Seven, the turn-based mobile RPG that combines action and strategy, has announced new content for its next major update. Godkiller is the game’s first major update, and will be released during the Epic Seven Festa in Seoul on June 9. The game will also introduce three new characters – Luluca, Khawazu, and Fallen Cecilia – as well as an all-new continent, Cidonia.

In the latest update, players will be able to play as the Fire elemental Warrior, Khawazu. He’s the main character of the chapter “Crimson City Meldrec,” and boasts a high utility rating. He can also inflict debuffs on allies and make them unhealable. Another new character in the game is the Moonlight Hero Fallen Cecilia. She’s capable of providing continuous barriers to all allies, which will greatly increase the stability of the Epic Seven.


The first major update to Epic Seven Godkiller will be released in Seoul during the Epic 7 Festa 2019. The game has been a hit in Asia and has recently received great reviews for its anime-styled art and engrossing storyline. The new characters and continent will surely excite fans of this popular mobile RPG. Listed below are some of the main characters. Read on to find out which character is right for you!

A fire elemental Warrior who first appears in the chapter ‘Crimson City Meldrec’ has a high utility, as he can inflict unhealing and debuffs to enemies. A new Moonlight Hero, Fallen Cecilia, is another new addition to the game. She can help you protect your allies by providing continuous barriers, which can greatly improve the stability of your Epic Seven.

In order to determine the best character for your Epic Seven team, first consider the tier system. Characters in the S tier can deal massive damage during combat and are protected by invincibility frames. They are usually considered the best heroes in Epic Seven. In the A tier, powerful characters with good skills can easily defeat other players through a well-timed combo. They are not as strong as the S tier heroes, but they can deal massive damage to the enemy.

The game’s tier system is based on a number of factors, including the number of characters, difficulty, and the number of levels. As a result, you can play the game solo or against a human opponent. This is a fun way to play the game, but it can be repetitive if played against the AI. Luckily, the game has been designed with player skill in mind. While most players start at S tier, others have trouble competing with those at higher levels.


The epic seven godkiller soundtrack is a must-listen for fans of the game. With a unique style and design, this video game combines classic elements with modern innovations. The game includes a variety of game modes, including arena battles and boss battles. It also includes five elemental boss fights known as Hunts. The dungeons are floored, and the game can be played in a variety of ways.

The music is unique and memorable, and will make you feel like you’re playing the game for the first time. Epic Seven is a popular turn-based mobile RPG developed by Super Creative and published by Smilegate Megaport. Episode two, Godkiller, is the first major update since the game’s launch, and will feature new characters and storylines. The game also has a new festival, the Epic Seven Fest, which will be held in Seoul, South Korea, from 3 to 9 June 2019.

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