Song of Stars Epic 7 – How to Farm the Skull Stage

Epic Seven

If you want to farm the event currency and gain more experience, you should farm the boss stages in Song of Stars Epic 7. Each stage has a skull, which means that it is worth farming the stage for its event currency and experience. Heroic characters with skulls also have enhanced stats: their attack and health are increased by 30%. However, if you don’t want to farm the stage, you can skip it and farm other stages for their event currency and experience.

Patch preview

If you are interested in getting the latest updates for the free-to-play mobile RPG, Song of Stars, you should know that the game’s official website has released a preview of the upcoming Patch 7. The game has received several recent updates since it first launched, including new quality of life fixes and a more interesting adventure mode. It is now available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, and Korean.


There are a ton of different artifacts in Song of Stars Epic 7. Each one increases your character’s skill and grants you new abilities. You can find almost 170 artifacts in the game and choose one that best suits your character. Artifacts will affect your stats and boost your attack, but they take a long time to upgrade. Keep an eye out for the best ones to equip!

Abyssal Crown 5-stars: This is an RNG artifact that can be used by AoE characters. The proc rate is 1224%. If you’re using an AoE character, this artifact can be quite useful. It’s also a good choice for a thief as it provides a high chance of success, even if it doesn’t heal your target.

Daydream Joker: Continuing to be the top choice for DPS units, this artifact can provide a significant boost to DPS. The artifact is highly effective against Wyvern 13, which has a huge health pool. Several artifacts can also increase your team’s survivability. In this article, we’ve summarized three of the most useful ones.

Water’s Origin 4-stars: This artifact is ideal for tanks or pvp players, as it provides 10% action boost and 40% damage reduction. This buff will give you a chance to throw a buff at unexpected timing. You’ll also be able to use it to deal more damage to enemies with a single attack. You can learn more about artifacts in the game by visiting the Hero profile page or reading reviews from other players.

Adamant Shield: The infamous Adamant Shield used to be OP, but a recent patch has fixed this. It now reduces 40% of your crit damage, but it does not stack with other damage reduction effects. We’ve got some of the most useful artifacts for the RTA and the epic 7 game mode! So, let’s take a look at how they affect your character!


In addition to the current roster of units, the game is getting new additions as well. ML 4-star unit Bad Cat Armin is being added. Though he doesn’t deal damage by himself, he can help DPS units get additional turns. He’s also useful in a team. In addition, the game is also adding a new enemy called the Black Cat. However, this new unit will have a limited amount of damage.

While a new unit is added every week, there are several units that players can choose to use. In order to make the most of these new units, it’s necessary to manage resources effectively. This means balancing the resources of your unit and the enemies that are attacking. As for the new skins for your units, you can choose to make use of the Epic Pass. A new skin for your hero will also be available during the Spring 2022 season.

If you’re looking for a 5-star unit, you’ll find it in the Hwayoung. This unit is available through covenant bookmarks and summons after 24th February 2022. It has an average speed of 109 and a high base Attack of 1510. It also has Imprint Concentration, which increases the Effectiveness of all its allies and its own Attack. This unit is extremely profitable to summon, so it’s worth taking the time to get it as soon as you can.

The Ice unit pool is short on reliable defense breakers. Furious and Taranor Guard are two old Wyvern 11 favorites, both of which have great critical chance buffs and two-turn Defense Break. Furious also has a low S1 burn. Taranor Guard requires no molas and is a 3* unit. This unit has a 25% CR push on his Dual Attack passive, and its skills can be run without a skill.

Wyvern 13 team

When building a Wyvern 13 team, you will need at least two debuffs at all times. This champion is known for his high damage output and random targeting. Defense Break is an absolute must as it helps increase damage output and debuffs the enemy while reducing his HP pool. Other debuffs to consider are Attack Down and Hit Down, which both provide a significant amount of damage reduction. Other debuffs to add to your team are Dizzy, Sigret, and Mistychain, which provide a consistent level of damage. If you’re playing a Mono Ice team, make sure to avoid passives like Attack Down, but rather choose those with a 20% CR.

The Wyvern 13 is a DPS-oriented champion with 233578 HP, 1941 defense, and 80% Effect Resist. It can be used by any team to support your DPS and is considered one of the most powerful units available. It has four special abilities, and each one has its own unique skills. These spells can be used to improve your DPS and prevent your opponent from destroying your team.

Several of the best DPS-oriented Wyvern heroes can also double as tanking options. Angelica can help your team stay alive by bringing a barrier to the enemy. Her S2 can heal a substantial amount of damage. Her low price makes her an excellent choice. A good team should also be able to afford two or three of her exclusive equipments to supplement her tanking.

The standard Wyvern 13 team composition consists of four core members. It prioritizes consistency over speed. Crozet is a high-tier tank that everyone can access in Hero Connections. He can also increase the survivability of your team because of his S1’s attack down debuff. The other core member is Mistychain, who provides decent damage, but a lack of resisted buffs.

Daydream Joker

Daydream Joker is one of the best damage artifacts in the game, and if you’re looking to kill high-health bosses, this is the artifact for you. Despite its low level, Daydream Joker can dish out a lot of damage, and can be run with or without skills. If you play this hero in a team, you can stack bleeds with her Torn Sleeve and her S3 to deal massive damage.

You can use this new class as a warrior, ranger, or mage. Then, use your daydream Joker to gain a high level of defense and attack damage. The artifact’s damage increases with your level. You’ll also gain an additional skill point each time you kill an enemy. If you’re a mage, you can choose a stance, which focuses on healing and damage. For a warrior, you can use a different artifact like the Daydream Joker.

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