Mediator Kawerik in Dota 2


The mediator kawerik is a powerful and versatile weapon in Dota 2. He is capable of influencing other kaweriks to work for his side. In this article, we will examine his abilities and what makes him a strong ally. You’ll also learn how the War Horn affects his abilities. This article is a must-read for any Dota 2 player. It will make you a better kawerik.

ML Kawerik

ML Kawerik is one of the rarest 5* ML heros in the game. Not many people pulled him out of the meta, and even fewer have put him in their damage bruiser build. This makes him the perfect choice for PvP against Angel of Light Angelica, as he doesn’t need Effect Resistance to deal damage to them. If you’re planning to use him in your damage bruiser build, make sure you use a Maid Chloe to protect you from mood loss.


The Retribution of Mediator Kawerik is a powerful skill that is useful for re-establishing balance. It scales with Max HP, and increases combat readiness by 10% of your highest ally. It can be used to punish enemies for taking damage. Kawerik has three levels. This skill is recommended for mid-level players who are looking to play a tanky hero. There are a few things you should know before you use it, though.

As a 5* Fire Mage, Kawerik has good attack and defense penetration, and can serve as an excellent cleaver. He also has a base speed advantage of 11, which helps him push back the skill cooldown. This makes him a good damage dealer, though his role as an initiator remains important. Kawerik has good off-turns, but Basar remains the best initiator. His S1 can silence opponents for 75% of their health, which makes it a great choice against healers.

War Horn

The Mediator Kawerik has been around for a long time, and is a great team player, but it is important to note that his role is not limited to simply cleansing debuffs. He can also apply important buffs, such as increasing the combat readiness of the highest ally on the timeline, as well as providing team attack imprints. The War Horn is his most popular ability, and he is an excellent choice if you are looking for a versatile support character.

The Mediator Kawerik’s third skill is a great choice when debuffs can become a problem, as it reduces their duration by one turn. This is a great answer to single-turn debuffs, and his buffs also cleanse teammates for two turns, providing increased attack and defense. The Mediator Kawerik also has an increased attack stat, which is important for team play.

War Horn’s effect on a kawerik

The War Horn’s effect on a Mediator Kawerik is an incredibly useful tool. Previously, the effect was limited to just one turn, but now it can be reduced to zero for two turns. This buff can be used to greatly increase the power of your Mediator Kawerik, making him an excellent solution to single-turn debuffs. This new ability will also cleanse your teammates and increase their attack for two turns.

The War Horn can reduce the duration of debuffs, but it can also shorten their duration, and can be used to ensure that your ML Kawerik can cast abilities before his teammates do. This effect isn’t a true heal, however. Instead, it’s a speed bump and extra attack that can make a huge difference in a teamfight. It also reduces the duration of debuffs by one turn when available at the start of your turn.

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