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Hopeless Symaqus is an ice element monster located in the Black Shroud forest. Using earth element weapons deals 50% more damage to this monster than ice element weapons. You should also avoid the Devil’s Arm because it will damage your frontline units, especially knights. Instead, use your DPS character to defend the frontline, especially when fighting this monster. Another monster to watch out for is Brutal Pherus, a fire element monster located in the Regret Wilds. Lastly, you should avoid the Hopeless Symaqus as it is vulnerable to ice elemental damage.

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Choosing the best gear for your DPS Heroes can be tricky, but there are several options available. The most accessible option is the Defense Breaker F. Kluri, who brings Defense Break and extra healing to the team. Charles is another great option, as he can stay alive with his self-defense buff and still output damage comparable to a dedicated DPS Hero. For pure healers, there are a number of options available, including Destina, who brings a strong defense break and additional mitigation. Other options include the Chaos Inquisitor, Krau, and Crozet, who are all solid single target DPS, but lack a defensive buff like the Armin or the Chaos Inquisitor.

To help you choose the best Hero for your team, it’s important to understand the basics of how the game works. Hopeless Symaqus is an Ice-Element Expedition Boss, which is accessed from the Hunt menu or from Garo in the Lobby. It can be approached by guilds or friends. Expeditions have 3 bosses, including the Hopeless Symaqus, and each one will reward you with Expedition Depot Reward Points. For each one of the three, the player must earn around 2,100 RP for the reward. It’s recommended to clear the boss at least 40 times to reach this goal.

Combat with Hopeless Symaqus

The Hopeless Symaqus is a powerful ice element monster found in the Black Shroud forest. He deals 50% more damage with earth element weapons. He also suffers from the Devil’s Arm, which deals damage scaling on his HP. It is better to play a knight or DPS character to defend the front lines against this monster. However, if you must fight a fire element monster, you can use your DPS character to protect yourself.

Effects of its Standardized Destruction> skill

Hopeless Symaqus’ main mechanic is its Standardized Destruction skill. This AoE attack reduces the highest attacking hero’s CR by 80% and inflicts three one-turn bleeds on the highest attacker. In addition, Fatigue slows down the Hero and increases damage taken by 30%. Fortunately, speed buffs and CR Increases can counter this condition.

Drop Rate Up event features

The Drop Rate Up event in Symaqus Epic Seven lets you get more rare drops, which will be useful in the battle against Hopeless, an Ice-Element Expedition Boss. Symaqus is one of the three Expedition bosses, and the rewards are based on the amount of points you collect from each encounter. Every time you defeat the Hopeless Symaqus, you will earn an Expedition Depot Reward Point. These points will increase in value over time. You can collect as many as you can, but it will take a while, as you will need to clear the entire dungeon as often as possible.

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