Phantasma Epic Seven Guide

Getting started with phantasma is very easy, especially when you know what you are doing. There are many different ways to progress in the game. There are materials, XP, and character skills. Once you get started, you will be surprised by how much you can do! There are also many different missions that you can do. These missions will give you new challenges and let you see what kind of character you are capable of – or not.


In Phantasma Epic Seven, the heroes are the most important part of a team. The game’s adventurer’s path allows you to speed up your progress by accomplishing certain goals. You’ll earn Gold, Molagoras, Stigma, Equipment sets, and Phantasmas. You can also use the Giga-Phantasma to promote your main hero. While this isn’t necessary for PVP or solo farming, it’s helpful for farming. You’ll earn more stars by levelling up your hero.

The characters are well animated, with the Epic Seven team going a step further than other games in the genre. Each character has their own hair, clothing, and face expressions. The transition from animation to movement is seamless. While this might not be enough for fans, the characters are well-developed and fun to play with. If you’ve been wondering what to expect, the game has plenty of content to keep you entertained.

The game’s heroes are a mixture of new and familiar faces. You can play them in PVP or adventure mode, and level up your heroes as you progress. In the PvP mode, you can compete against other players with a team of heroes, including those with higher rank. You can even use a mix of heroes to create a new team! You can also get Phantasmas from events or the Forest of Souls to use in another promotion.


There are several methods of getting XP in PhantasmA Epic Seven. One of these methods is to promote heroes. You can promote heroes by using the bad units. You can promote a hero twice by using penguins. Another way of getting XP is by promoting phantasms. Once you have a 6-star hero, you can promote it to another star.

Another way to get XP in PhantasmA Epic Seven is to use Hero Transmission. This is a skill that turns your extra Phantasmas and Hero Units into Gold Coins and Silver Transmit Stones. This method will save you time and increase your gold production. However, it is not recommended if you already have the level 50 hero. You can use Hero Transmission to promote other heroes to a higher level.

Another way of getting XP in PhantasmA Epic Seven is by using the game’s quest system. This feature allows you to earn XP by completing quests and sending missions. The quests in this game allow you to collect ingredients and complete missions. You also earn EXP by killing monsters and sending missions to other players. This will help you build a large roster of heroes without spending money.


In Phantasma Epic Seven, you can upgrade various team buildings with the help of different Materials. Buildings in this game range from passive gold generation to Phantasma farming. These buildings can also be upgraded with Breath of Orbis. In this guide, we’ll talk about these materials and their uses in the game. However, keep in mind that Breath of Orbis is a limited item, so you’ll have to hunt it down and purchase it.

Obtaining phantasmas is the main method of promoting your heroes. You’ll need five 5-star phantasmas to be able to promote your hero. You can get multiple phantasmas at once, but they should never be wasted on fodder. Instead, they should be used to enhance your heroes’ skills and boost their stats. This will allow you to increase your overall level, and even promote some 5-star heroes!

Mission objectives

The game’s mission objective board is a great way to stay on task while exploring a new location. It displays your objective board and the ghost name. The Van also houses the Sanity Monitor, Sound Sensor Screen, Site Activity Monitor, and Surveillance Computer, all of which are permanently positioned in the game’s environment. This equipment is used to track the status of players, and was completely overhauled with the June 2022 update. Players will have to return to the Van in order to move on to the next level.

One of the best ways to level up your Hero is to acquire Tera-Phantasma or Giga-Phantasma, two of the highest levels you can reach with two materials. Eventually, you will reach level 40 and can use them for a number of purposes, including Hero Transmission and EXP hitch. However, you may want to keep an eye on your progress because some missions require you to use your Hero to kill more enemies.


This latest update will feature new skins and a change to the way that you gain Skill Points. You will also be able to customize the skill trees of each Hero. You will also be able to use the new Hero Promotion system and Steel Workshop, which makes it easier than ever to upgrade your Heroes. Here are some of the new features in Heroes of Phantom Epic Seven:

The first thing you’ll need to promote a hero is phantasma. These are special monsters used for promotion. The higher the phantasma, the higher the promotion of a hero. You will be able to feed up to five heroes at once to make them six. In the same way, you can promote four heroes to become five. You can also use the phantasmas to promote Fodder, which will help you boost a hero’s memory.

Violet Harrison: One of the more fashionable characters in the Epic Seven is Violet Harrison. Violet wears purple hair and boots, with a touch of gold and black. Her high-class attire makes her one of the most stylish males in the game. She also has a high level of confidence. This makes her an excellent choice for any party member. She is the leader of Phantom CIC and has connections throughout the world. However, she was stabbed in the back while trying to escape from the Choas Gate.


You can farm for items and artifacts in Rarity of Phantasms: Epic Seven. The game features a variety of heroes and equipment. Unlike most hero collector games, you can divide equipment into levels. Each level has its own main stats and substats, and you can add or remove substats as you please. There are also daily tasks to complete.

You can get a different Phantasm in each stage. Each of these heroes has a different level. You can use Phantasmas to promote other heroes. If you have more than one of each type, you can use them to level up the main hero. It will cost you some of your other heroes but it will raise the level of the main hero. Obtaining a higher level Hero will give you an advantage over the other heroes.

If you want a higher level Monster, you can buy one of the rarest ones. If you do not have a pet with that rarity, you should save it for Sigret’s 6 star promotion. In addition, Mega Phantasmas and Giga Phantasmas are easy to get. However, Tera-Phantasmas are extremely rare and should be reserved for Sigret’s 6 star promotion.


You can farm in Phantasma Epic Seven by promoting your heroes. You will be able to promote your heroes to 3 stars by using bad units, and you can also level them twice. However, this will put a lot of pressure on the hero that you are using for farming. Alternatively, you can use penguins to level up your heroes. After levelling them up, you can use them in the team as regular members.

In order to get the most out of Farming in Phantasma, you must know which hero to use. There are many types of heroes, but if you’re new to the game, Sez is the most reliable one for farming. Her best skill is a massive AoE damage dealer, and she can also be an effective farmer. Other hero choices include Ravi and Vildred.

In order to farm in Phantasma Epic Seven, you need to focus on upgrading key Heroes. To do this, you need to promote your key Hero to level 6. This will give him a bonus of 10% or 25% on his stats. If you can do this, it will make farming easier for you. A six-star Hero will help you advance in GvG and Arena. It will also allow you to farm more fodder.

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